Sea History 144 - Autumn 2013

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Weems & Plath Porthole Desk Clock Gift # 106- $97.99 + $15 s/h. This

Men's Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt Gear #020- S-XL$42 + $7.95 s/h, XXLadd $4.00, XXXL add $8.00. NMHS embroidered wash-and-wear button-down shirt. Wrinkle resistant, box back pleat, patch pocket, button-down collar. Butter, Crimson, Bark, Black, Burgundy, Navy, Clover Green, Coffee Bean, Dark Green, Eggplant, Steel Gray, Ultra Marine Blue, White.

nautical desk clock looks great from all angles. The Porthole Desk Clock is set in solid American hardwood with a mahogany finish and a scratch-resistant sole. The brass finish of the quatiz clock is ultra hard and will never tarnish . Dimensions: Dep: I 112" x Wid: 2 3/4" x Ht: 6 112"; Dial: 2 112".

17" Model of Shamrock V Gift #048-$89.00 + $13 .00 s/h. The Shamrock V was the last entry by Sir Thomas Lipton to challenge for the America's Cup. Model is hand-made with plank-on-bulkhead construction. Comes with easy assembly instructions and wooden stand to display it on. Model Size: 17" L x 23" H x 3.5" W.

Your choice Weems & Plath Brass Clock Chart Weight Gift #107 or Chart Weight Magnifier Gift #108-$61.99 + $13 s/h


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The brass Clock Chart Weight is a quartz clock set in a forged brass ring. It is brushed and lacquered so it will nottamish or show Gear #010-S-XL $25 + $7.95 s/h, XXL fingerprints. The bottom of the weight is add $4.00, XXXL add $8.00. NMHS felt lined. The chart weight comes in a embroidered sweatshirt. Unisex. 50% black velvet lined gift box suitable for cotton, 50% polyester. Low-pill, high- presentation purposes. 3" Diameter. stitch-density fleece. Ash, Black, Deep Forest, Deep Red, Lt. Blue, Navy, Pale Pink, White.

Hanes 50/50 Fleece Crew

The Chart Magnifier is the perfect aid in reading small print on charts, maps, and documents of any kind. The Brass Magnifier Chart Weight is a forged brass ring which encloses a 5x magnifying lens. The brass is brushed and lacquered so that it will nottamish or show fingerprints. The bottom of the weight is felt lined. It comes gift-boxed suitable for presentation. 3" Diameter.

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