Sea History 142 - Spring 2013

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Marit1e Art News Patrick O'Jriett's Paitttittg of the Revettue Cutter rhomas Jefferson ott Uisplay at the Virgittia State Capitol Ar a ceremony in rhe O ld House Chamber of rhe Virginia Srare Capitol on 14 December, Rear Admiral Kevin S. Cook, USCG, delivered ro Virginia House Majority Leader, Delegate M. Ki rkland "Kirk" Cox, a reproduction of renowned marine arrisr Patrick O 'Brien's painting of rhe US Revenue Currer Thomas Jefferson engaging British barges on rhe James River during rhe War of 1812. Cox serves as rhe chairman of rhe Virginia Bicentennial of rhe American War of 1812 Commission. The prinr will hang in Cox's office through 20 13. Launched in No rfolk, VA, in 1802, rhe USRC Thomas Jefferson patrolled coastal waters in rhe Adantic. In May 1812, just a month before war was declared, rhe Jefferson sailed rhe Ham pron Roads area wirh US Navy captain Stephen Decatur on board ro survey existing lighthouses and propose signal rowers for a military "telegraph" system, which would use flags during rhe day and fires ar night. In rhe War of 1812, rhe currer was responsible for rhe first maritime vicrory of rhe war, after irs crew sported a British schooner sailing from G uadeloupe ro Halifax wirh a cargo of sugar and gave chase. The cargoburdened schooner was no march for rhe swift curter and was quickly captured and escorted ro Norfolk. The Jefferson was decommissioned and sold in 18 17, rhen vanished into obscuri ty. The Members of the Coast Guard Historical Ships' Company present a painting of the Coast Guard brought rhe Jefferson back ro life Revenue Cutter Thomas Jefferson to Delegate Kirk Cox (right ofpainting) at the Vir- by commissioning rhe painting for rhe bicentenginia State Capitol building in Richmond on 14 D ecember 2012. The Norfolk-based nial commemoration of rhe War of 181 2. (Del. Thomas Jefferson, supported by a local pilot boat and state militia, captured three Cox,; Patrick O'Brien, www. Royal Navy barges, including sixty British officers and enlisted men on 11April1813.

150 Years ott Mittttesota's Waters The Minnesota Marine Arr Museum (MMAM), in Winona, and rhe Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) recendy opened a new exhibit, 150 Years on Minnesota's ~ters. The exhibition will be on display ar rhe museum through 23 May and highlights rhe influence rhar Minnesota's waterways have had in artistic production rhroughour rhe region's history. Visitors will experience rbe descriptive approach of Serh Eastman's work from rhe 1840s, rhe emotive modern absrracr work of Elof Wedin, and rhe variety of creative approaches utilized by regional landscape painrers today. (MMAM, 800 Riverview Drive, Winona, MN 55987; Ph. 507 474-6626;

View on the Mississippi River oil on canvas, 1857, by Ferdinand Reichardt

Wild Jloe Art-The Santa

Barbara Maritime Museum is opening a new marine arr exh ibition by local arrisr Kim Snyder in March. Wild Blue Art will feature coastal wildlife paintings and orher maritime scenes by Kim Snyder. The show will open on 28 March wirh an arrisr's reception and run through 30 June. In addition to marine wildlife scenes, rhe exhibit includes Snyder's paintings of seascapes and of rhe wooden schooner Bill ofRights. "I am moved by the abundance of wildli fe rhar surrounds us in our coastal environment in Sama Barbara County. My 35-year painting career has taken my arr in different directions bur always comes back around to wi ldlife . I love to capture their movement and personality and spirit in paintings fo r 01thers to see, remember, enjoy and bring this peaceful and joyful imagery inrco rheir homes."-Kirn Snyder. (SBMM, 113 Harbor Way, Sam a Barbara, CA;; RSVP for arrisr reception by phone ar 805 962-8404x l15 or onlin e ar WW\ 44