Sea History 137 - Winter 2011-2012

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Berhel's grear age of wooden ship- and boarbuilding and, apart from rhe 1900 ram schooner Victory Chimes (formerly Edwin and Maud), may be rhe only survivor. For 70 years, rhe Delaware was a

Tug Delaware

co mmon sight around the Upper Eas tern Shore, engaged in building bulkheads and docks unril she was laid up in the late 1980s. Delaware hauled scows o n Broad C reek, often laden with lumber, and towed ram schoo ners to and from Laurel. O ccasionally, she carried passe ngers to Sandy Hill for day rrips on rb e Nami co ke Ri ver. Shipwrigh rs at the C BMM are replacing six bo rtom plan ks (yellow pine) on the port side, all the way forward. Thar will also allow the shipwri ghrs and apprentices to replace suuctural floors and fram e ends, as well as repair the keel. They are also replacing the 25-foot lower guards on the hull to the original configuration. Restoration work is being done over th e fa ll and winrer months, in full public view in the museum's harbo rside boatyard. (CBMM, 2 13 N. Talbot Street, POB 636, Sr. Mi chaels, MD 2 1663; Ph . 4 10 74 5-2916; www. ... The US Naval War College (NWC) presented British naval historian N. A. M. Rodger with the Hattendorf Prize for his contributions to maritime history on 20 October. During a ceremony at the 20th Imernational Seapowe r Symposium, US C hief of Naval Operations Ad-

miral Jonathan W. G reenen and rhe British Royal Navy's Firsr Sea Lo rd, Admiral Sir Mark Sranhope, joined rhe Naval War College's pres idem Rear Admiral Joh n N. Chri srenso n and Professor John B. Hatrendorf in recognizing Rodger as rhe inaugural H an endorf Prize Laureare. Rodger is a fellow of All Soul's College ar O xfo rd U niversity and of rhe Brirish Academy, rhe UK's London-based national organizarion fo r distinguished scholars in rhe humaniries and social sciences . In from of an audien ce of maririme leaders from more rhan 110 narions, Rodger sta red, "I've ofren rhoughr naval histo rians are able to do more service to navies rban navies realize. I like to take the opporruniries thar come my way to tell admirals rhis, bur I must say, I never dreamr I should find myself with the opportunity to say rhis ro all rh e admirals in the whole wo rld who man er." The prize is named fo r the Naval Wa r College's Professor John B. H attendorf who first joined the NWC facul ty as a lieurenant in 1972 and has been the college's Ernest ]. Kin g Professor of Maritime Hisrory si nce 1984. Since 2003, he has also been th e d irecror of th e Naval War College Museum . ( ... The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum has received a grant of $23,985 from the National Park Service's American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) to undertake an archeological survey to determine the precise location and established boundaries for MacDonough's War of 1812 shipyard in Vergennes, Vermont. This grant is one of 25 National Park Service grants ro raling $ 1.2 million ro preserve and protect significanr battle sires from all wars fo ught on American soil. Federal, stare, local, and tribal governments, non-profir organizations, and educarional insriruti ons are eligible fo r Nati onal Park Service bartlefield granrs, which are awarded annually. (LCMM, 4472 Basin H arbor Rd., Ve rgennes, VT 0549 1; Ph . 802 475202 2; www.lcmm .org. More informati on

(l-r) Chiefof Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert, Professor j ohn Hattendorj NA . M . Rodger, Royal Navy First Sea Lord Adm. Sir Mark Stanhope, and NWC president Rear Adm. j ohn Christenson .


on rh e N PS gram s is online at www.nps. gov/hisrory/hps /a bpp .) ... The Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum's 25-foot launch, Stella, is the winner of the Best Antique Launch category at this year's Antique and Classic Boat Society International Boat Show in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Stella is a restored 1907 Fay & Bowen launch, powered by a IO-horsepower, 2-cylind er Kerm ath engine. 1h e firm ini tially m anufac tured bicycle parts and vemured inro boatb uilding in th e earl y 1900s. From that time forward,

their vessels developed a loyal following as gentlemen's launches and Adirondack guideboars. The ACBS holds three juried sh ows each year featuring classic boats from the US and Can ada. The Minneso ta Lakes Maritime Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of antique an d classic watercraft, resort memorabili a, and sporting equipment used on the M innesota lakes. (MLMM, 205 3rd Ave. W, POB 12 16, Alexandria, M N 563 08; Ph. 320 759111 4; www.mnlakes maritime. org. ACBS, 422 James Street, C layton, N Y 13624; Ph. 3 15 68 6-2628; The Noble Maritime Collection on Staten Island opened its new Ship Model Gallery to the public in September. The gallery features builders' m odels-including half models, scrarch-builr models of famous sailing ships, fol k arr models, and ships in bottles. Some of rhe models are believed ro have been built by Sailors' Snug Harbor residents, called "Snugs," and represent vessels in which rhey sailed. Among rhe models on exhibit is a model of rh e C ivil War sloop-of-war, USS Hartford. Builr over a rwo-year period by W illi am G raham, a o ne-a rmed navy ve teran who served aboard her, the model's equipmem , rigging, and armament is mathemati cally accurate. Two models by Sailors' Snug H arbor res idem Fred Kaisch are also included: rhe 186 1