Sea History 125 - Winter 2008-2009

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online exhibits. The first to be posted will be entitled, "Prescott Collection: Small Region, W ide World," featuring more than 500 Prescott Collection images, drawn from approximately 8,5 00 photographs and 1,3 00 negatives, and spanning the years 1892 to 1945 . The exhibit will also include social netwo rking links and a comments section. (NBWM, 8 Johnny Cake Hill, New Bedford, MA 02740; Ph. 508 997-0046; . . . After announcing in July its intention to build a tall ship for Rhode Island, the non-profit organization Tall Ships Rhode Island, Inc. (TSRI), purchased a steel hull and towed it to Newport, RI, last month. By starring with an already launched hull, the organization already has a substantial leg up on its mission to complete the building of the Oliver Hazard Perry, a Tall Ships Rhode Island had this hull towed to Newport this fall to begin conversion and cons uction of the Olive r H azar Perry, a 2 0 - . tall ship for RI.

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three- mas ted, square-rigged 19th century warship replica with ties to Rhode Island's famous naval war hero of the same name. TSRI, a non-profit organization that has brought several Tall Ships events to the state over the pas t 15 years, will then operate the Oliver Hazard Perry as a working sail training vessel out of historic Newport. (TSRI, 49B Bowen's W harf, Newport, RI 02840; Ph. 401 84 10080; NMHS will join with the North American Society for Oceanic History (NASOH) and the Steamship Historical Society of America for the 14-17 May 2009 annual meeting/ conference in Vallejo, CA. There's still rime to submi t proposals for rhe CALL FOR PAPERS . Conference theme is: "Ports, Forts and Sports: Maritime Economy, D efense and Recreation through Time and across Space," and the program committee invites proposals fo r papers and sessions exploring all fields of study related to saltwater or navigable freshwater environments. Suggested areas of research include, but are nor restricted to, archaeology and anth ropology, arts and sciences, history, and museum exhibitions. Pro posals that focus on Pacific topics are especially welcomed. SEA HISTORY 125, WINTER 2008-09

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