Sea History 119 - Summer 2007

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DECK LOG Welcome Maritime Life and Traditions Readers The National Maritime Historical Society is honored to welcome the readers of Maritime Life and Traditions to our membership with this issue of Sea History. This fine magazine had its origins in France and was published for a number of years in partnership with WoodenBoat magazine. It was an impressive publication, replete with well-written articles and captivating photographs and illustrations. Sadly, while the magazine was received with enthusiasm by its readers and contributors, it did not receive enough support to keep the publication going. This unfortunate trend follows a line of some high-quality publications devoted to maritime heritage that have been forced to abandon ship, American Neptune and Nautical Quarterly among them. NMHS has worked hard for over forty years to develop national support for the heritage by encouraging membership in our organization that publishes Sea History, undertakes a diverse educational program, provides a voice for historic ship preservation, and encourages academic research, among its many projects. Maritime Life and Traditions has asked us to fulfill the subscriptions to their readers, and we heartily welcome these maritime enthusiasts to our membership. We know they will find the scope and depth of our articles fascinating and will help us to advance the cause of maritime history in the world at large. We ask these new readers and our long-term members to pause a moment to recognize how important it is to have a publication that provides a national voice for maritime preservation delivered to readers all across the country and the world. We ask you to please keep supporting Sea History so it can support the maritime community.

Join Us at the Maritime Heritage Conference, 9-12 October This fall, NMHS will be at the Maritime Museum of San Diego with 500 maritime enthusiasts to participate in the Eighth Maritime Heritage Conference. Information detailing the many activities scheduled appears on page 35 and upto-date information is always posted at You will be very rewarded if you make the effort to attend this get-together of the many and diverse components of our maritime community. The conference, held every three years, gathers preeminent historians, sail training professionals, nautical archaeologists, and a well-informed public to share the latest research, educational programming, and challenges. We are hosting a reception for you, our members, to meet with each other and the rest of the maritime community during the conference. Please join us aboard HMS Surprise (ex-HMS Rose) on Wednesday, 10 October, from 5-7PM (cash bar). Please consider registering for the full day of October 10th. Our Sea H istory Editorial Advisory Board member Carla Rahn Phillips will be moderating a panel on "Spain's Legacy in the Pacific" in the morning, and an afternoon reception on the flight deck of USS M idway, featuring a keynote address by Ian W Toll, author of Six Frigates: The Epic H istory of the Founding of the US Navy, officially starts the conference. Please do join us at the reception and call our office at 800-221-6647 ext 0 to let us know you will be attending. -Burchenal Green, NMHS President 4




OFFICERS & TRUST EES: Chairman, Walrer R. Brown; Vice Chairman, Richardo R. Lopes; President, Burchenal Green; Treasurer, Ronald L. O swald; Secretary, Thomas F. Daly; Trustees, Paul F. Balse r, David S. Fowler, Virginia Sreele Grubb, Rodn ey N . Houghron, Sreven W Jones, Robert Kamm, Richard M. Larrabee, Warren Leback, Guy E. C. Maitland, Karen Markoe, John R. M cDonald Jr., Jam es J. McNamara, Howa rd Slotn ick, Bradford D. Smith, H. C. Bowen Smith, Philip]. Webster, William H . White; Trustees Elect, Philip ]. Shapiro, Captain Cesare Sorio; Chairmen Emeriti, Alan G. C hoare, G uy E . C. Maitland, Craig A. C. Reynolds, Howard Slotnick; President Emeritus, Perer Sranfo rd FOUNDER: Karl Kortum (1 9 17-1 996) OVERSEERS: Chairman , RADM David C. Brown; Walter C ronkire, C live Cussler, Richard du Moul in, Al an D . Hutchison, Jakob Isbrandrsen , John Lehman, Warren Marr, II, Brian A. McAllister, John Srobart, Wi lliam G . Winterer NMHS ADVISORS: Co-Chairmen, Frank 0 . Braynard, Melbourne Smirh; D. K. Abbass, George F. Bass, Francis E. Bowker, O swald L. Brett, RADM Joseph F. Callo, Francis J. Duffy, John W Ewald, T imorhy Foote, W illiam Gilkerson, Thomas Gillmer, Walter J. H andelman, Sreven A. Hyman, H ajo Knunel, Gunnar Lundeberg, Joseph A. Maggio, Conrad Milsrer, Wi lli am G. Muller, Nancy Hughes Ri chardson SEA HIS TORY EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD: Chairman, Timorhy J . Runyan; Norm an ]. Brouwer, Roberr Browning, Wi lliam S. Dudley, Daniel Finamore, Kevin Foster, John 0. Jensen, Joseph F. Meany, Lisa Norling, Carla Rahn Phillips, Walte r Rybka, Quentin Snediker, William H. White

N MHS STAFF: Executive D irector, Burchenal G reen; M embership Director, Nancy Schnaars; Director of M arketing, Steve Lovass-Nagy; Marketing & Executive A ssistant, Jul ia Church; A ccounting, Jill Romeo; Sto re Sales & Volunteer Coordinator, Jane Maurice SEA HISTORY: Editor, D eirdre O 'Regan; A dvertising D irecto r, Wendy Paggiotta; Editor-at-Large, Peter Stanfo rd ; "Sea H istory fo r Kids" is edited by Deirdre O 'Rega n