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The Internet Source for fine quality ship models and a collection of marine antiques and nautical treasures. Authentic helmets, sextants, cannons, ship plates, clocks and more. Visit our Online Catalog for details, pricing and ordering. 1320 Tidal Pointe Bvld. Jupiter, FL 33477 FIDDLERS GREEN MODEL SHIPS & YACHTS SHIP MODEL BROKER I w i ll he lp you Bu )', Sell , R e p a ir or Co mmi ss io n a mod el

www.Fiddler sGreenModelShip 201-342-1220 Fi dd le rs Green Mode l Ship s 24 5 Pros DCCl Ave nu e . S uit e 198, Ha c ke nsack, NJ 07601

Accents Lighthouses Remembering North American lighthouses, through the fine artwork of counted oros-s-stitch, and historical research. t

Two books by L. Peter Wren ..

Visit our website for mar, info:

We Were There

The USS Indianapolis Tragedy

Call for a free catalo

Thi s is the story of the rescue of the survivors, a com pilation of never before told oral hi stories as told by Wren and oth ers who were there. Soft Cover: $ 16.95 Hard Cover: $25. 95


World War II R evisited Compilation of ora l hi stories covering the At lant ic Ocea n opera tions from Casablanca to Nonnandy, fo ll owed by Paci fic operat ions from Singapore, Guadalcanal 10 Tokyo. Soft Cover: $ 17.95 Hard Cover: $25.95 Add $2.00 for S& H.

Great Lakes Maritime Ministries, Inc.

Make checks or money orders payable 10: WREN ENTE Rl'RI ZES 10 11 Ridgetop Road, Richmond , VA 23229-6733

Serving the Great Lakes 25 01 Ashrnun Street, Lot 28 Sault St. Marie, MI 49783 906-632-6264 Emai l: friar14 @ sa

Science, technology, history, sea lore, heroism, corruption and intrigue combine in 18 tales of underwater forensic investigations

Deep-Sea Detectives:

Maritime Mysteries and Forensic Science by Peter R. Limburg

"Ir's Sherlock Holmes with bubbles .... These fasc inating tales of sco undrels and submers ibles make for terri fi c adventures in the little-known wo rld of undersea forensics. " -


"If yo u are intrigued by the sea or wrecks, yo u will thoroughly enjoy this book .... Peter Limburg has put together, in one pleasant read , an excellent selection of challenges caused by the all-powerful waters of the wo rld and man's efforts to deal with them. - F. GREGG BEMIS, JR., MARINE TECHNOLOGY

ASJA Press, iUniverse • 229 pages • $17 .95 US Available from iUniverse at 1-800-AUTHORS (1-800-288-4677)

A Discovery Channel Book Club selection 48

story of the US Exploring Expedi tion of 1838-1842. In this tale, a half-Maori half-New Englander, Wiki Coffin, is abo ut to em bark on the ambitious "Ex.-Ex." as a translator when he is falsely accused of mu rder. Shordy convinced of his innocence, the authorities set Coffin back aboard ship with a secret mission to investigate their next suspect, the expedition's as tronomer. That's the set up, and Druett sends us on a journey where we learn much more than the plot of a gripping mystery. We learn abo ut the real expeditio n's difficulties under its commander, Lt. Charles Wilkes, and abo ut life aboard a long sea voyage on a sailing ship. We learn abo ut the discrimination Coffin experiences and about scientific research and discovery in that time period and in that environment. I must co nfess, I originally set out to review Shark Island, only to discover it is the second book in this series. Unable to do that book justice without reading the first, I dug into A Wtitery Grave, though it was published nearly two years ago. Druett, well known for her books on whaling and other aspects of maritime history, has made an easy transition to fiction writing. I look forward to tucking into Shark Island for my late summer reading. DEIRDRE O'REGAN Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The End ofthe Barbary Terror: America's 1815 "War Against the Pirates of North Africa by Frederick C. Leiner (Oxford U niversity Press, New York, 2006, 239pp, illus., sources, biblio, index, isbn 13 : 9780-19-51994-0, $28hc) The End ofthe Barbary Terror is a short scholarly text fo cused on a noteworthy, but largely neglecred, event in American maritime histo ry-the second phase of the Barbary Pirates War. Algeria employed a system of income based on the capture of C hristian slaves for ransom or extortio n by way of annual "protection." Leiner recounts Stephen Decatur's conquest of Algeria in detail. Decatur crossed the Atlantic, seized the Algerine navy's Aagship, directed the capture of ano ther warship by his squadron, negotiated a peace treaty with the Dey in a mere two days, freed the enslaved Americans, liberated other


Sea History 116 - Autumn 2006  

10 Heroes of the Sailing Navy: Stephen Decatur Jr., by William H. White • 16 "Black Hands, Blue Seas:" Sailmaker James Forten by Deirdre O'...

Sea History 116 - Autumn 2006  

10 Heroes of the Sailing Navy: Stephen Decatur Jr., by William H. White • 16 "Black Hands, Blue Seas:" Sailmaker James Forten by Deirdre O'...

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