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a lumber schooner from 1895 to 1912. After suffering heavy damage in a storm, she retired from hauling lumber and then worked in the fisheries. Like many sailing vessels, she was purchased and used by the military in World War II. The Army removed her masts and used her as an ammunition barge. She returned to fishing after the war. When she returned from her final voyage in 1950, she was the last commercial sailing ship operating on the west coast. The state of California purchased her in 1957; she was repaired and refitted and opened to the public in 1963. The National Park Service assumed ownership of the schooner in 1978, and she was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1984. (SFMNHP, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA 94123; Ph. 4 15 4475000; • . • The MIT Museum in Cambridge, MA, offers free admission on the third Sunday of each month; this includes the Hart Nautical Gallery, which is always free to the public. (55 Massachusetts Ave., MIT Bldg 5, Cambridge, MA 02139) ... The Mariners' Museum's USS Monitor Center project in Newport News, VA, has received a $1 million donation from the Segerstrom family of California. This gift is the largest committed by a family outside of Hampton Roads since Archer Huntington established the original endowment for the Museum in 1932. Currently under construction , the 63,500 sq. fr. USS Monitor Center will open in March 2007. (100 Museum Dr., Newport News, VA 23606; Ph. 757 596-2222; ... The Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, ME, has decided to begin construction of the full-sized sculpture of the schooner Wyoming in phases. Only half-way through their fundraising effort, the museum plans to start construction of Phase I, which will include the bow and jibboom and th e stern section. More of the ship will be built as funds become available. In the meantime, the educational goal of the project will begin; with the bow and stern in their respective locations across the lawn of the museum grounds, visitors will most assuredly get a perspective of the ship's massive size. (243 Washington St., Bath, ME 045 30;

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Sea History 113 - Winter 2005-2006  

10 Dangerous Voyage, by Roger Tilton • 16A French Spoliation Case: Not-Quite Justice after Never-Was War, by Jock Yellott • 26 Samuel Elio...

Sea History 113 - Winter 2005-2006  

10 Dangerous Voyage, by Roger Tilton • 16A French Spoliation Case: Not-Quite Justice after Never-Was War, by Jock Yellott • 26 Samuel Elio...