Sea History 106 - Winter 2003-2004

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Seventh Maritime Heritage Conference October 27-30, 2004, Norfolk, Virginia NATIONAL MARITIME HISTORICAL SOCIETY OFFI CE RS & T RUSTEES : Chairman, H oward Slo tni ck; Vice Chairmen, Ri chardo R. Lopes, Edward G. Zelinsky; Executive Vice President, Bu rchenal G ree n; Treasurer, Wi lliam H. Wh ire; Secretary, Marshall Srre iberr; Trustees, Do nald M . Birney, Walrer R. Brown, Sabaro C arucc i, T ho mas F. Daly, Ri chard T. d u Mo ulin, D avid S. Fowler, Jack Gaffney, V irgi ni a Sreele G ru bb, Rodn ey N . Ho ugh ton, Sreve n W. Jones, Richard M. Larrabee, Warren G. Leback, G uy E. C. Mairl an d, Karen E. Markoe, M ichael R. M cKay, James J. McNam ara, Ro nald L. O swald, D avid Planner, Brad fo rd D . Smirh ; Chairmen Emeriti, Alan G . C hoate, G uy E. C. Mairl and , C raig A. C. Reynolds; Pres ident Emeritus, Perer Sta nford FO UNDER: Karl Ko rru m (19 17- 1996) OVERSEE RS: Chairman, RADM David C. Brown; Walter C ronkite, Alan D . Hutchiso n, Jakob lsbrandrsen, Joh n Leh man , Warren Ma rr, 11 , Brian A. McAllister, D avid A. O 'Neil, VADM Joh n R. Ryan, Joh n Stobarr, Wi ll iam G . W interer ADVISORS: Co-Chairmen, Frank 0 . Braynard, Mel bourne Smith ; D .K. Ahhass, Geo rge F. Bass, Francis E. Bowker, O swald L. Bren , No rman J. Brouwer, RADM Joseph F. Call o, Fra ncis ]. D uffy, John W. Ewald, Joseph E. Farr, Tim othy Foore, W illi am G il kerson, T homas C. G illmer, Wal rer J. H andelman, Sreven A. H yman, H ajo Knurrel , G unnar Lundeberg, Josep h A. Maggio, Co nrad Mi lster, W ill iam G. Muller, D avid E. Perkins, Nancy Hughes Richardson , T im orhy J. Runya n, Shann on J. Wall , T ho mas Well s NMH S STAF F: Executive Director, Bu rchenal G reen; Director of Education , David B. Al len; Membership Director, Na ncy Schn aars; Accounting, Jill Ro meo; Director ofAdvertising and Merchandise, Lisa D iBenederro SEA HISTO RY Editor : D eirdre O ' Regan To ger in to uch with us: Add ress: 5 John Walsh Bou leva rd PO Box 68 Peekskill NY 10566 Ph o ne: 9 14 737-7878; 800 22 1-NM H S Fax: 9 14 737-7 8 16 Web sire: www.seahisto ry.o rg nmhs@seahisrory. o rg E-mai l: MEMBERS HIP is invi ted. Afrerguard $ 10 ,000; Benefactor $5,000; Pl ankowner $2,500; Sponso r $ 1,000; Do no r $ 500; Parro n $25 0; Fri end $ 100; Co nrribu to r $75; Fam ily $50; Regular $35. AJI members outside rhe USA please add $ 10 for posrage. SEA HI STORY is se nr to all mem bers. Ind ivid ual copi es case $3 .75. Adverrisin : I 800 221-NM H S (6647), x235



he leading mari time heritage organizations in the H amp to n Roads, Virgini a region are pleased to announce that they will be hosting rhe next Mari tim e H eritage Co nference in histo ric No rfo lk. T hese institutions in clude th e H ampton Roads N aval Museum with th e battleship USS Wisconsin, T he Marin ers' Museum, Nauticus- The Na tional Maritim e Center, th e O ld Coast G uard Stati on Museum , th e O ld Cape H enry Lighthouse, rh e Porrs mouth Naval Shipya rd Museum , and the Virginia Maritime H eritage Foundation. An impress ive list of national and international mari time organizations will co-host the event: Ameri can Lighth ouse Coordinating C ommittee, Am eri can Sail Training Association, Co uncil of Am erican M aritime Museums, Historic Naval Ships Association , M useum Small C raft Associati on, National Mari time Alliance, National Maritime Historical Society, National Park Service, Na uti cal Research G uild , Naval Histori cal Center, Naval Historical Fo undation, N orth American Society for Oceani c History, US Life-Saving Service H eritage Association, and th e US Lighthouse Society. T he 5th International Ship Preservation Co nference will be included within the meeting program. T he Co nfere nce Program Committee is inviting abstracts fo r individual papers (1 5-30 minutes in length) and sess ion pro posals (three or fo ur papers in 1- 1/2 hours) on subj ects related to any aspect of maritime or naval history. T he deadline for submissions is March 1, 2004. Papers may address a N specific subj ect or as pects of th e broader themes such as lifesaving stations, lighthouses, marine art, maritime and naval _I , _ . , museums, mari time education, mercantile port operations, oceanic trade, admiralty courts, sa il ors' life ashore, shipbuilding, ship preserva ti on, small craft, tall ships, and underwater archaeology. Co ntact Program Chair Joseph C. Mosier for submission specifi cs . I le may be reached al: Maritime Heritage Conference, Chrysler Museum of Art, 245 West Olney Road, Norfolk, VA 23510-1587 , telephone 7 57 664-6205, fax 757 664-6201, e-mail: T he conference will open with a reception on Wednesday, O ctober 27 at Nauticus and aboard the USS Wisconsin. Prog ram sessions s will be conducted from T hursday, October 28 thro ugh Satu rday, O ctober 30. O n Friday, October 29 , attendees will board the Spirit ofNorfolk fo r lunch and enj oy a narrated cruise of H ampton Roads. T he ship will pass by local naval install ati ons and then proceed to the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia barrl es ire. Naval histo rian D r. Alan Flanders will describe the naval facilities and Jeff Johnsto n of the Monitor Nati onal Marin e Sancruary will narrate the battle of th e ironclads as the Spirit circles the location of the skirmish. Histo ri c Newport News M iddle Ground Ligh t will also be viewed and described . T he ship will th en proceed to the Newport N ews Marine Te rminal where co nferees and their compani ons will board busses for T he M arin ers' M useum in Newport News. T he museum galleries will be open for tours. Tours will be fo llowed by a reception. Gro ups wishing to conduct business meetin gs or hold gatherings of their atte ndees can be acco mmodated. Sunday, October 3 1 will be set as ide for this purpose, though such meetin gs can also be fit in during the regular conference days. Co nfe rence chair Captain Channing M . Zucker should be contacted for makin g these arrangements. H e can be reached at th e Historic Naval Ships Association, 5245 C leveland Street #207, Virginia Beach, VA 234 62-6505 ; telephone: 757 499-1044, fax: 757 4 99-6378, e-mail: hnsaOl Conference information can be found on the Nauticus Web site at Fro m rhe home page, cli ck on T he National Mariti me Ce nter and scro ll down to "Seventh Mari time H eritage Co nference." T he conference brochure will include the meeting agenda, program session descrip tions, to ur sign-up derails, registration fo rm , and hotel reserva tio n instru cti ons, and is pl ann ed fo r issue in Jun e 2004. Ir will be avail able via US Postal Service mail and on th e we b site.

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