Sea History 103 - Winter 2002-2003

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NMHS Recognizes Two Organizations Using Ships to Protect and Save Lives In the bes t tradition of the National M aritime H istorical Society- bringin g public recognition to ships, organizations and indi viduals in the maritime history fi eldwe recognized rwo organizations that are making maritim e histo ry in their dedi cation to savin g and protecting life, at our Annual Awa rds Dinner on 23 October 2002 at the New York Yacht C lub . M ercy Ships, with volunteer crew, uses ocea n-go ing ships to provide free medi cal care and other relief services to peo ple in developing co untries, funded by pri va te do nati ons. Since 1978, M ercy Ships has perfo rmed 8,000 operations on boa rd their three ships, treated more than 200,000 peo ple in village medical clinics, ca rried our 100,000 dental treatments, and co mFrom left: Mercy Ships chairman Mike Ullman, founder Donald Stephens, Lord Ian McColl D eyon Stephens, NMHS dinner chairman Clay M aitland and NMHS chairman H oward Slotnick (Photos by JeffA mram)

plered proj ects in more than 70 pons around the wo rld. M ercy Ships exemplifi es the histo ric tradition of using ships to care for th e sick. T he organization is run by a group of accomplished From left: NMH S chairman H oward Slotnick; RADM and dedicated people, from Richard Larrabee, USCG (Ret.); Clay Maitland; A DM founders Donald and Deyo n James M . Loy, USCG (Ret.), Acting Undersecretary of Stephens, to Brett C urtis, Transportation for Security; Petty Officer James Roddy, vice pres ident of operati ons, USCG; CDR MichaelMcAffister, USCG; L T D avid Cefell, and Mike Ullman, chairm an USCG; RADM D ouglas Teeson, USCG (Ret.), President, of the board. M ercy Ships Mystic Seaport; RADM Robert Papp, USCG volunteer and surgeo n Lord Ian M cColl accepted the NMH S Distin- more than one hundred public and priva te guished Service Award. A life peer since ferries, rugs and to ur boa rs that evacuated as 1989, Lord M cCo ll is a pro fesso r of surgery many as fi ve million people from M anhatat the U nited M edical Schools of G uy's and tan after New Yo rk C ity's bridges and tun Sr. Thomas H ospi tals, Lond on. H e is a nels we re closed . compelling spokesman fo r Mercy Ships, Op erati o n G uarding Lib erty was demonstrating how their program exem- launched al most immediately after th e atplifies the growing rol e of ships as a means tack. M ore than one thousand perso nn el of access to care throughout the world. fro m 95 Coast G uard units around th e NMHS trustee RADM Richard Larra- New York area reported . W ithin 72 hours bee, USCG (Rer. ), who was at his offi ce in they secured needed vessels, fac ilities and the Wo rld T rade Center when it was at- naval engineering logistical support includtacked on 11 September 2001 , paid hom- ing foo d service (serving up to rwo thouage to the men and wo men of US Coas t sand meals a day) , securi ty, transportati on, G uard Activities New York fo r their work medi cal aid, berthing, and supplies. T he in New Yo rk harbor afte r th e terrorist at- men and wo men of US C oast G uard Actack. Lr. D avid Gefell and Petty Officer tivities New Yo rk wo rked long and hard to p ro tect New Yo rk harbor and its citizens. James Roddy accepted the awa rd. The Coas t G uard supervised the fleet of - B URCH ENAL GREEN

NMHS Commemorates Naval Battles of the American Revolution On 5 October 2002, as part of the celebration of the US Mil itary Academy's bi ce ntenni al, th e N ational Maritime Historical Soc iety H MS Bounty, Providence and C learwater staged a commemoon the H udson River. (Photo: Joe Deutsch) ration of critical naval activities on the Hudson River 225 years ago. Broadside answe red broadside as the repli ca British frigate HMS Bounty met the Am eri ca n sloop Providence, a replica of ] ohn Paul] ones' s first command. ] oining in th e fray was rhe sloop Clearwater, commandeered by reenacto rs portraying Bri tish troo ps. Hundreds of re-enacto rs fro m th e Brigade of the American Revolution fired at the ships fro m the sho re. T he historic M /V Commander of 19 17 carried


N MHS observers imo th e midst of the cannon and musket fire. T he following day, Governor George Pataki of New York dedicated the Fon M ontgome1y Bartle Sire, where the American rebels established defensive works to prevent the Bri tish from navigating up the Hudson to join General Burgoyne, thereby splitting the colonies. T wo hundred and rwenry-five years earlier, the fort had been destroyed and, al though the Americans had been defeated, they delayed the British and Americans won a critical victo ry against Burgoyne's fo rces at Saratoga, New York. In commemoration, Providence, H MS Bounty and Clearwater fired on Fort Montgomery during the dedication. Clearwater and Prov idence before West Point (Photo: B. Green)