Sea History 099 - Winter 2001-2002

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lections. W hil e th e Kendall W haling M useum, formerly located in Sharo n, Massachuestts, is closing its facilities, its mission and name live on in the new Ke ndall Institute, th e library, academic studies and publications division of the merged museum . (1 8 Johnny Cake Hill , New Bed fo rd MA 02740-6398; 50 8 997-0046; we b site: ... England's National Maritime Museum h as bee n awarded ÂŁ1 .64 million in Natio n al Lottery funds to create a new internet-based learning resource based on its collections. U nder the bann er "Port C ities," the museum will coordinate the production of a range of new, linked web sites by a consortium of maritime organizatio ns and archives in Southampto n, Bristol, Hartlepool, Liverpool, Portsmo uth and Lo ndon . T he project will make the m useums' vas t collecti ons access ible fo r viewingo nline. (G reenwich, Lond on SE lO 9NF, UK; web site: www. nmm .ac. uk) . .. Archaeologis ts resumed excavating the remains of the Confederate submarine Hunley in October after a summer break and expect to remove the rest of the arti facts fro m the bulkheads and from beneath the crew's ben ch . An X-

ray of Lt. Geo rge Dixon's clothin g shows what may be a metal clasp, perhaps part of a log or journal. (Friends of the Hunley, 255 King Street, Charleston SC 29401 ; 843 722-2333; e- mail : foth @hunley.o rg; web site: . .. A ship fr om the early 1500s, found near th e tow n of Po rtobelo , Panama, may be La Vizcaina, a ship in Columbus's fleet during his las t voyage to the New World.

INVENI PORTAM LudwigK. Rubinsky (1920- 200l)joined the U S Coast Guard as apprentice seaman in 1940 and retired 25 years later as lieutenant commander. H e then fo unded a marine electronics firm , Electronautical Equipmem . Joining N MHS with his great friend Schuyler M . M eyer, Jr. , then ch airman of the Society, Lud became a trustee and later honorary trustee. H e was a grand story-teller and valued counselor. Besides his wife Jean, he is survived by his daughters Jane and M elissa Rubinsky. Michael Katzev (1939-2001 ), the archaeologist who led the team that located and recovered the 2,300-year-old Kyrenia ship, died in September. After preserving the origi-

nal vessel, at the time the best preserved ship of that period, he directed the reconstruction of the ship, Kyrenia 11, fo r the G reek government, fo llowing traditional shipbuilding methods as closely as possible. Philip Chadwick Foster Smith ( 19402001 ) was a leading fo rce in maritime histo ry in this co untry. H e served as curato r of maritime history at the Peabody (now Peabody Essex) M useum, managing edi to r of The American Neptune, maritime curator at the museum of the Boston Society, curato r and historian at the Philadelphi a M aritime (now Independence Seapo rt) Museum, and was a founding member of the No rth American Society of O ceanic History. H e retired to Maine, where he joi ned an ac tive community of maritime historians, m useum directors and curato rs, and seamen. "Ch ad," recalls his friend C harles Burden, "was a natural fo r th e gro up and meetings at his house or co ttage we re the most elegantly provisioned ." H e was "an erstwhile humorist and publisher who produced a few fine ribtickling booklets under his Renfrew Press private brand" in addition to more than a 1, dozen scholarly books.

The Art of the Sea Calendar for 2002 T he Visolette Lo upe is a unique combin ation of condenser and 2. 7X m agnifier. Its ability to bundl e am bi ent light m akes the reading within the glass easier. T hi s 65mm (2.5") djam eter lens is precision ground and polished , mounted in a solid brass rin g wi th anti-slip bottom and enclosed in a solid walnut case. It m akes a stunning additio n to any chart table or desk and a bea utiful an d useful gift for any fl at piece collector. S69 .00 plu s $3. 00 shippin g per order.

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SEA HISTORY 99, WINTER 2001 - 02

Conte mporary arti sts brin g our maritime heritage to glorious life in images of hi stori c vessels ran ging from full-ri gged ships and gaff-rigged fi shing schooners, to America's Cup yachts, grand ocean liners, and working tugs. Royalties from sa les of this calendar benefit the National Maritime Hi storical Society. Wall hanging, full color calendar, 11" x 14" is $11.95 ($ 10.75 fo r NMHS members) + $3 .50 s/h (NYS residents add applicable sales tax). Send check or money order to:

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