Sea History 099 - Winter 2001-2002

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Historic New York Har6or Comes to Life

An 8-page bi-monthly digest of maritime heritage news

in notecards illustrated by

Wi[iam G. Muller

For regul ar updates o n ship saves, mu seum news, maritime arc haeo logy, sa il tra inin g events a nd other maritime act iv iti es.



I Th e t11g John T. Welch (blank o r Holiday greeting: " With eve1)' good ivishfor the Holidays and the coming year ") 2 Th e Wavertree of 1885 (blank) 3 Th e Lav inia Campbell (Holiday) 4 Th e night boat Massachusetts (blank)

To: M HS , PO Box 68, Peekski 11 NY I 0566 Please send me Sea H istory Gazette, 6 issues per year, for $ 18. 75. (+$ I 0 if o uts ide USA) . My check is e nclosed . From: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

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These handsome paintings by Willi am G. Muller are beautifully reproduced on notecards pri nted by NMHS. Cards measure 6 1/4 x 4 112 inches. Box of ten with white envelopes: $13.95 (or $ 12.55 for NMHS me mbers). All orders add $3.50 s&h. (NYS residents add app li cable sales tax .) Each box contains one type of card; yo u may request an assortment.

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National Maritime Historical Society, PO Box 68, Peekskill NY 10566. SEA HISTORY 99, WINTER 2001-02