Sea History 096 - Spring 2001

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SHIP NOTES, SEAPORT & MUSEUM NEWS fro m Wo rld War II rockers to modem guided missiles and an asso rrmenr of aircraft. (Ch in a Lake Museum Foundarion, PO Box 2 17, Ridgecres t CA 93556; 760 93 9-3 530 ; web sire: www. ridgen er.n er/ - clmf/ clmf/; www. nawcw - pao/museum/ dedi cario n .hrml) .. . The Charlest own N avy Yard, which closed in 197 4, celebra red irs Bicenrennial over Labo r D ay with a gathering of 150 form er Navy Yard wo rkers and their fami lies. One of six shipyards aurho rized by Cong ress in 1800 , the yard produced m ore than 2 00 vessels, fro m sailing sch oo ners to LSTs, a nd , in 1943, employed more than 50,000 workers, including 8,000 women and more rhan 2,000 African-Americans. T oday 30 acres of the 130-acre Navy Ya rd are pre-

served by rh e Nario nal Park Service. (Bosto n Na tio nal Hi storical Park, C h arlestown Navy Yard, Boston MA 02129-4543) . .. T h e tugbo a t Luna was rowed fr o m Boston in O ctober to Boothbay H arbo r, Mai ne, for m ajo r wo rk o n its wooden hull at Samples Shipya rd . T he 193 0 rug, d esigned by John Alden a nd built by M. M. D av id of Solo m o ns Islan d , Maryland , served in Boston Harbo r for m ore than 40 years and was th e first diesel-electric rug to provide commercial harbor service. T he $750 ,000 fo r rhe overha ul came fro m rhe Federal T EA-2 1 prog ram , rh e Co mm o nwealrh of Massachusetts Historic Commissio n and rh e L un a Preservati o n Society. T he work includes replacing upper fram es an d exre rn al planking, rebuilding rh e sh ee rsrrakes,


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NEW EXHIBITS ATTHE MUSEUM: T h e las r several m o nrhs have seen numero us ch anges ar rh e

Museum, including the opening of rwo exhibits, "Sailing the Sam as: Grace Line C ruises, 1932- 1972" and "Ships of State: T he SS America and SS United States," wh ich pro vide the visitor with an engaging look at rwo storied aspects o f o ur m aritime pas t. While "Ships of State" joins the Muse um perma..n endy, "Sailing the Santas" will cl ose on 1May2 001. Reaching back to a bygo ne era, "Sailing the Santas" explo res rhe world of Grace Line cruises before the ad ve nr of th e "super" -cruise shi p. Beginnin g with th e arri val of the Santa Rosa in 1932 , the exhibit details the rise of G race Li ne to prominence in the cruise industry and its resurgen ce after th e war. Fearured p rominently are fo ur fam ed liners, the Santa Rosas of 1932 and 1958 and th e Santa Paulas of 1932 a nd 1958, which set th e standard in Caribbean cruising fo r close to 4 0 years. W ith th eir all-fi rst-class accommod atio ns, private baths, an d spacio us public areas, th ese were the bes t know n of the Grace fl eet. N ot forgotten are the comboliners that carried passengers to the exotic po n s of So uth Am erica. T hese ships were fa vo rites amo ng vaca tio ne rs in th e posrwar years. Dubbed "casual cruises," the sailing schedules were subj ect to frequ ent alteration s as cargo demands changed . "Sailing the Sam as" evokes m emo ri es of a period wh en ships bearin g the trademark green , w hite and black stacks of Grace Line co uld be seen each Friday sailing out o f New Yo rk ha rbo r, fill ed w ith fu n-seeki n g passe nge rs. In stark contras t, "Ships of Sta te" takes visitors to th e cold harshness of the No rth Atlantic during a period when ships defin ed na ti o n al p res ri ge. The visito r is in troduced to rhe U nired Stares' rwo true ships of sta re, rhe SS America and SS United States. D esigned by W illi am Fran cis G ibbs, and sailing for US Lines, rhese rwo vessels were built as embodiments of Am eri can techn ology, style and power. Completed in 1940 , the America instantly becam e th e fl ags hip of the Ameri ca n m erchant m arin e. T ho ugh Wo rld W ar II prevented her from serving o n the No rth A tl antic run until 1946 , sh e was ren owned for her style a nd acco mmod atio ns until h er re tirem ent in 1964. Entering service in 19 52, rhe United States ass um ed flagship sta rus and swiftly proved to be th e fastes t liner afl oat, seizing th e Blue Rib band a nd the rransAtlanticspeed reco rd fro m the Queen Mary. H er sleek lines and contempo ra ry d eco r refl ected trends ar ho m e, while h er incred ible speed dem o nstrated the sup re m acy of American techn ology. Tho ugh d ecommissio ned in 1969, rh e United States rem ains the fas res r liner ever bui lt, a nd it seem s unlikely rh a r her reco rd will be broken a ny rim e soo n . "Ships of Srate" inves tiga tes th e history of rheAmerica and United States n o t m erely as vessels, bur as icon s of na ti o nal pres tige in a n era wh en symb olism was of rhe urmosr importa nce in interna tio n al affairs. -KENNEDY R. HICKMAN, C urator (AMMM, US M erch ant M arine Academ y, Kings Point N Y 11024; 5 16 773-55 15)