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enriching Europe with shiploads of silver. This portrayal of Spain's men of the sea is indeed bleak. Conditions aboard a ship of this time would shock contemporary sensibilities. Cramped quarters, spoiled food, little or no medical care, brutal discipline, vermin, and possibly death awaited those choosing the sea as a means of earning their daily bread. Yet there were many reasons why men sought this employment. Many came from a worse poverry on land, hoping to achieve quick riches. Others sought relief from monotony and isolation at home. Some followed a fam ily tradition of the sea while the chance of upward social mobiliry drove others to the ships. Many signed on as an illegal means of immigration, hoping ro desert upon reaching the New World. Perez-Mallaina examines many of these voyages beginning with a description of the port of Seville and the ships that made up these fleets . The emphasis remains, however, on the human element in all its variery. No aspect of the life of a Spanish seaman of the 1500s is left untouched. The social structure of the crews beginning with pages, apprentices and seamen and ending with pilot, master and captain is dealt with in detail. Fascinating information on topics such as the men's food, clothing, games, reading habits and pay is given to the reader. Issues such as sexualiry, religion and other social concerns of the men are treated as far as the historical evidence permits. This excellent social history uses case studies and available statistics to reconstruct an important element in the rise of Spanish power in the sixteenth century. The notes contain many primary Spanishlanguage sources with a few well-known English-language secondary sources. Period plates and illustrations bring the text to life. An important aspect of this highly recommended work is the fact that it brings a Spanish perspective to the English-language historiography of the Atlantic world. HAROLD N. BOYER

Aston, Pennsylvania Salt and Steel, by Edward L. Beach (Naval Institute Press, Annapolis MD , 1999, 299pp, illus, index, ISBN: 1-5575 0-054-1; $32.95 hc) This book, although subtitled "Reflections of a Submariner," which it clearly is,


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SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION SHIP PLANS CATALOGS 1) Ship Plans List: merchant sail, steam, small craft and fishing vessels from the 18th-20th centuries. 250 pp. 2) The Maritime Administration Collection of Ship Plans 1939-1970: Liberty and Victory Ships, SS United States, etc. 79 pp. 3) Warship Plans: early US sail and steam navy, ordnance, mid-18th century-1900, including Civil War. 125 pp. Send U.S. $10 per catalog (check/money order only) payable to SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION to: Ship Plans, NMAH-5010/MRC 628, Smithsonian Institution, Washin ton, DC 20560-0628 USA WINNER OF THE 1999 INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHERS AWARD-SCIENCE


Orig. Ed. 2000 294 pp. ISBN 1-57524-127-7 Cloth $29.50 In a series of 16 collected essays, John A."iD Hattendorf provides MARITIME STRATEGY , insight into the WiiiU<n '-'~" ' interrelationship between naval J..... . history and maritime strategy. The essays span a 25-year period of the author's association with the U.S. Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island.

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TAKING THE STARS: Celestial Navigation From Argonauts to Astronauts by Peter lfland Orig. Ed. 1998 240 pp. ISBN 1-57524-095-5 Cloth $59.00 Copublished with the Mariner's Museum Newport News, Virginia 'This book is a tremendous addition to nautical history. .. The experienced navigator will gain new insight and the novice will undoubtedly be awed by the beauty of the instruments and lf/and's lucid explanation of the process of navigating by the stars." - Twain Braden, Ocean Navigator.

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