Sea History 089 - Summer 1999

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NMHS Teacher Training Institutes T he N MHS Edu cari o n D eparrmem has inaugurared a seri es of reacher rraining insrirures rhis spring. T he series, supporred by a grant from rhe D avid M . M il ro n Chari rable T rusr, foc uses o n rhe development of New Yo rk C iry from irs infancy as a riny po rr rown ro rhe fin ancial capiral ir is roday, largely due ro maririme rrade and rhe goods, capiral, and hum an resources conveyed rhro ugh New Yo rk H arbor. These Sarurday sess io ns are held in hisroric locarions rh ro ug ho ur rh e Adirondack lowe r M anh arran fin ancial disrricr includ ing rhe Sea men's C hurch In srirure, rhe Frau nces T avern M useum, and rhe M useum ofAmeri can Financial H isro ry. T he insrirures have bee n we ll a rr e nd ed ; reachers ea rn in g co nrinuin g educari o n credir rh ro ugh rhe New Yo rk C iry Board ofEducario n we re joined by N MHS

mem bers and ochers. T he educarion deparrmenr bro ughr in no red speakers from rhe area, includin g Richard Buel, aurhor of In Irons: The Royal Navy and Port Towns during the Revolution; Ke nnerh Myers, of rhe New Jersey Hisrorical Sociery; and No rman]. Bro uwe r, hisrorian and aurhor of The International Register of Historic Ships. T he parricipams were parricularly emhusias ric abo ur rhe opporruni ry ro meer aurhors, professors and o rher hisro rians acri ve in resea rching rhe mari rime hisrory of New Yo r k. On e reacher commem ed : "I rhoughr I hared eco nomic hi srory, bur yo u fo lks have m ade i r com e alive." T he insrirures will resum e Ill rhe aurumn . N MHS plans ro iniriare insrirures in rhe porr cities of OpSail 2000, focusing on the role of the seafaring h eri rage and m annme comm erce in rhe pon s' developmenr. - S H ELLEY RErn

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Annual Awards Dinner Wednesday, 3 November 1999

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Celebrating the Danmark-rhe D anish sail rraining ship rhar helped rrain Am erican sailors in Wo rld War II at the

New Yo rk Yachr C lub 37 Wes r 44 rh Srreer New Yo rk, New York Receprion ar 5:3 0 foll owed by dinner ar 7:00 $25 0 per person

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Fo r rese rva rio ns and information • co ntact: NMHS PO Box 68, Peekskill NY 10566 914 7 37 -7878 (P laces are limi red . Pl ease reserve ea rly.)

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WORLD MARINE MILLENNIAL CONFERENCE 29 March-1 April 2000 in Salem, Massachusetts Co-sponsored by the National Maritime Historical Society and the Peabody Essex Museum r


Please note date change!



The committee in vites abstracts for indi vidual papers (15-30 minutes in length) and session proposals (three to four papers in 11/2 hours) on subjects related to all aspects of salt and fre sh water maritime hi story. Abstracts and proposals may address particular aspects of broader themes of the conference or a specific subj ect of interest to the committee :

China Trade, 1799-1999 The Seagoing Experience The Slave Trade Fishing & Whaling Laws of the Sea

The Shore Establishments Ship Models and Modeling Piracy and Priva teering Underwater Archaeology Women at Sea

Pax Britannica Navigation Navies & Warfare Historic Interpretation Adventure and Recreation

Restorations and Replicas Marine Art & Artifacts Ma n & the Environment The American Flag at Sea T he Sea in Literature

Abstracts of indi vidual papers should be typed on no more than one page, accompanied by a Curri c ulum Vitae. Session proposals should provide a brief summ ary of each pape r and include a CV for each of three or four presenters. A bstracts and proposals are due by Jul y 1, 1999, addressed to: Publi sher, The American Neptune, Peabod y E ssex Museum , East Indi a Square, Sale m M A 01 970. Individual and exte rna l gro up initiati ves are welcome. Thi s is a prime oppo rtunity to propose creati ve approaches to the stud y of maritime hi sto ry. Questions may be addressed to Do n Marshall or Jack Bishop at 978-745 -95 00, x 3172; fax at 978 -744-6776. Or you may e-m ail NMHS at co nfe re nce@seahi s tor y.o rg SEA HISTORY 89, SUMMER 1999