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Firsr immersed in bar rle as a midshipman aboard rhe banleship Valiant in rhe Medirerranean , Terence Lewin's service in rhe Royal Navy in WWII earned him a Disringuished Service Cross and promorion ro rhe rank of lieurenanr. His posrwar service broughr him admiral's rank and

Lord Lewin at a recent meet- "' rh e rop posirion in rhe Royal ing ofthe Wo rld Ship Trust Navy, as Firsr Sea Lord and Ch ief of Naval Sraff in 1977 and, larer, C hief of D efence Sraff in rh e Falklands conA icr. Lewin was res pecred for his intellect, judgm e m and courtesy rowards all. Reriremenr from rhe Royal Navy broughr rhe end of one disringu ished career, bur rhe beginning of anorher, wh en Lewin , a naval hisro ry enrhus iasr, rook on res ponsibiliries in several hisrorical organizarions, mosr norably as a rrusree, and rhen chairman, of rhe Narional Maririme Museum in Greenwich umil 1995, where h e was revered by rhe staff. Lewin lobbied rirelessly for the museum , leading a successful bid for Herirage Lottery funding. H e also served as vice presidem of rhe World Ship Trusr. His fellow WST vice presidenr Perer Sranford remembers rwo oursranding qualiries of his service: "First, he was concerned wirh rh e whole seafaring herirage of m a nkind , while raking parricular pride in rhe Brirish herirage ro which he added some m emorabl e pages. Seco nd, he was devo red ro ge rring res ulrs, rarher rhan expl anarions for fai lure. H e was a perso n of deep caring and uner determinarion, serring us all an example which will live on." Lord Lewin is survived by his wife Jan e Branch-Evans, rheir rwo so ns and a daughrer. RAYMONDE. WALLACE

1917-1999 As a marine artist and hisrorian, naval architecr and prominent yachtsman, Honorary Trustee an d Parron of NMHS and board member of rhe Los Angeles Maririme Museum, Ray Wallace's profess ional and personal comm irm em ro seafaring was renown ed. Ar rhe age of fi.freen Ray jo in ed rhe Stranger expedirion for 3 yea rs as a Sea Scour explorin gAlas ka, Cemral and South America and the Sourh Pacific. H e becam e navigaror, quarrermasrer and ca rrograph er on rhar voyage, fi. nish ing high school on his rerurn. Afte r several years as a news paper staff ar tist, he entered rhe US Coast G uard in WWII. H e rhen opened Raymond E. W allace Special Producrions, an ad verrising and design firm. His des ign of rh e sa iling ship Columbia ar Disneyland began a career of in vo lve menr in rhe rhem e park business. T h ro ughour his life Ray conrribured his rime and ralem ro rrainin g and supporring yo un gs rers in rhe arr of seafa rin g. H e provided unique opporrun iri es in sa iling and in rhe arr profesSEA H!STORY 89 , SUMMER 1999

sion , inspiring and encouragin g his proreges. His contriburions ro rhe maririme herirage include recrearion of rh e brig Pilgrim, work on rhe sreel bark Moshulu and orher proj ecrs recorded in rhese pages. The Wallace fam ily enjoyed a li fe rime of sailing, including rransPacific races, rransAdantic voyages and co untless cross ings ro rhe C hannel Islands, parricularly ro his beloved Howland 's Cove ar Caralina. Ray leaves his wife and sailing com panion Barbara, brorher Bill Sreel, sisrer Marilynn Marisevich, so ns James and Roberr, who are co nrinuin g rheir farh er's design work, <laugher Mari and grandsons C hrisropher an d Evan. Mem o rials may be senr ro rh e Brig Pilgrim Sail Training Fund, 24200 D ana Poim Harbor Dri ve, D ana Point CA 92629 . -CAPT. F RED HAWK! S CAPTAIN CARL



1908-1999 Caprain Carl Gilberr Bowman, a leader in rhe developmem of rhe San Diego Maritim e Museum , was one of rhe las r grear deepwarer sailing ship captai ns and was revered on San Diego's warerfront as masrer of rh ewindjammer Star of India, wh ich he skippered for rhe firsr nine of her 12 modern voyages (1 976-96). Caprain Bowm an died on 8 April of complicarions from pneuCapt. Bowman aboard moni a, ar age 90, wirh his the Star oflndia wife Lydia and granddaughrers ar his side. Bowma n's long career in rhe Coasr G uard included dury as caprain of rhe USCG bark Eagle (1950-54). The lare Alan Vi lliers once described Bowm an aboard rhe Eagle as "a so lid, pariem figure, whose feer were as firml y pl am ed on rhe deck as if he had grown rhere and belonged as surely as rhe masrs rhemselves." In reriremenr he served as commanding offi cer of rhe Californi a tra ining ship Golden Bear and depury superintendenr of rhe Cali forn ia Maririme Academy. Because of his U nlimired License and no-nonsense repu rarion , Bowman was ofren in vired ro ass isr orher rradirional ship o rgani za rions in sailing rheir ships, incluing rhe bark Elissa and brig Niagara. In memory of Cap ra in Carl Bowman, rhe San Diego Maritime Museum scandalized rhe ya rds (the traditional salute of angling the ya rds o n a squareri gged ship) o n rhe Star ofIndia- in tribute ro a great man and his ship . - J OSEPH DITL ER

Sa n Di ego Maritime Museum