Sea History 085 - Summer 1998

Page 40

Aboard HM Bark Endeavour on 26 August 1997, the artist presents to Capt. Chris Blake his pictures commemorating Captain Cook' s original sailing from Plymouth in 1768.


"We Fetched Furneaux f or Breakfast," 14 December 1772 (Oil on can vas, 40" x 20" ). This quotation is from the j ournal of Johann Reinhold Forster, 1772 -1 775, Vo l. 2 : "We brought to, hoisted a boat out and I went aboard the Adventure.fetched Capt. Furneaux & the new lieutenant Mr. Burney on our board, & we kept him fo r a couple of hours, after having breakfasted together we made sail again ." Forster was the chief scientist and naturalist aboard Resolution/or the second voyage . Resolution and Adventu re were stopped by a great f ield of ice, to which they could see no end. Ajier the incident portrayed they sailed along the edge of the ice that day and the day ajier. Below, detail of above.