Sea History 084 - Spring 1998

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Port of New York Historical Society Established After several years of "gams" the Port of New York Historical Soc iety has been fo rmally establi shed. The new organization is headquartered on the Hudson River, in lower Manhattan, at the North Cove Marina/World Financial Center. The society is headed by Patrick Harris, as director, and guided by a board of editorial adv isors. Mr. Harri s says the organization will be most active on a seasonal bas is, May through October. Activities include publishing a twice-monthly new sletter, "The Harbor Current," which focuses on historic events, peopl e and tales of New York Harbor. The Nat Herreshoff sloop Ventura, launched in 1921 as the private yacht of Citibank fo under George Baker, will be operated by the organization and will host educational and fund raising cruises. "Our mission is largely editorial , followed closely by hands-on boating activities in the Harbor, such as cruises on Ventura and a small boat handling course for children," said Harris. The editori al advisors include two profes ionals from fin ancial history and two lawyers-a mi x that sho uld yield diverse editorial fodder. The advisors include James Mercante, maritime lawyer and commissioner of pilots for New York Harbor, Charles DeStefano, an attorney and New York City historian , Meg Ventrudo, assoc iate director of the Museum of American Financial Hi story, and Steven Goldsmith, president of R. M. Smythe and a scripophilist. For more information- including what scripophily is-write or call The Port of New York Historical Society, Church Street Station, PO Box 978 , New York NY 10008; phone and FAX: 2 12 786-1 204. ,!,

(Continued ji"om page 54) repairs, including the rewelding of an 18-foot section of the tail shaft, on the Liberty ship Jeremiah O'Brien (National Liberty Ship Memorial, Building A, Fort Mason Center, San Franci sco CA 94123) ... Supporters of the restoration of the Yavari , a steamer prefabricated in England in 1862 and assembled on the shore of Lake Titicaca, are hoping to use Peru 's surge in tourism as a rallying point for the vessel. The cost of the restoration is estim ated at £1 million. (The Yavari Project, 6 1 Maxfi eld Road, LondonSW152RG ,UK; 18 1 874 0583) ... T he memories and mementos of WWII service men and women are being collected and maintained by the Institute on World War II & the Human Experience at Florida State University . For more information or to donate your mem orab ilia , co ntact Dr. William Oldson, Dept. of History , Florida State University, Tallahassee FL 32306-5402; 850 644-954 1; FAX: 850 644-6402; email: woldson@garnet. ac ns.fs ; web site: http :// .... The Waterfront Center has announced its 1997 Top Honor Awards. The winning project was "Riverfront Recapture" in Hartford and East Hartford CT and the winning plan was the " Mississippi Development Framework" in St. Paul MN. Other winners ranged from work in California, Washington , Oregon, Colorado, New York and Japan. (TWC, 1622 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20007; 202 337SEA HISTORY 84, SPRING 1998

0356) ... Mel Fisher 's salvage company, Salvors Inc., was assessed a $589,331 fine for damages in a precedent-setting federal court dec ision in July for destroying more than an acre of sea-grass beds in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in 1992 .... The 1758 Land Tortoise radeau shipwreck in New York's Lake George was denied National Hi storic Landmark status by the Department of the Interior in November despite its designation by the Smithsonian Institution as " the oldest intact war vessel in North America." T he nomination will be referred back to the advisory board , which will meet again in the spring. (Bateaux Below, Inc. , PO Box 2134, Wilton NY 1283 1; 518 587-7638 ; e- mail : zarc uws@ ,!,




The Guild's acclaimed quarterly N AUTICAL



covers the technical history of ships and boats, th eir uses, and th e li ves th ey touch . Its forum links builders of th e hi ghes t quality ship mo dels, marine artis ts, writers, and nautical collectors. The internatiunal G uild supports annual Conferences and provides specia l se rvices for members including ship model analysis and m odel building assistance by exper ts. US$30.00. NRJ-D, 1202 1 KERWOOD R OAD, SI LV ER S PRI NG, MD 20904 www.naut-res-guild. org

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The radeau Ligonier, painted by Thomas Davies in 1759, is typical of those used by British and provincial forces on the New York lakes. (Library of Congress)

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