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WINTER 1997-98

CONTENTS 2 DECK LOG & LETTERS 6 NMHS NEWS 8 THE AMERICAN FLAG AT SEA: Early Activities of the US Merchant Marine in Latin America by Roberta M . Delson , PhD 11 THE CAPE HORN R OAD, PART XIII: Captain Cook Offers the World a New Picture of Itself by Peter Stanford 19 USS Constitution: 200 Years of the Battle and the Breeze 20 USS Constitution Sails Again! 21 Forging a C rew to Sail " Old Ironsides" aboard " HMS" Bounty by Carl Herzog 25 SHIP OF THE ISSUE: The James Craig Returns to Her Element by the Staff of the Sydney Maritime Mu seum 29 NMHS/OPERATION SAIL EDUCATION PROGRAM & The Operation Sail 2000 Official Ports, Part I by Peter Stanford & Kathryn Shelton 35 MARINE ART: New York Harbor a Century Ago: Alice Austen 's Photographs by Justine Ahlstrom 40 Annals of the Pacific Steam Schooners compiled by Karl Kortum 43 MARINE ART NEWS 44 MODELMAKER'S CORNER: HMS Beagle Revisited by Karl Heinz Marquardt 48 SHIP NOTES, SEAPORT & MUSEUM NEWS: Kalmar Nyckel-American Merchant Marine Museum News-Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Races Report-World Ship Trust Roundup-The American Navy at Whitehall- Inveni Portam-Calendar 56 R EVIEWS 64 P ATRONS COVER: "Old Ironsides" reef ed down in an Atlantic gale . Painting by William G. Muller, oil on canvas,20" x 14". To inquire about the original painting, whose sale will benefit NNHS , call 914 737-7878. For the complete painting and other stories on Constitution, see pages 19-22.

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