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begun in childhood with the first daguerreotypes that led to a lifetime of research and writing about river craft. He was a steamboat pilot himself for a time. Towboats, showboats and most modem-day excursion boats have been omitted from the list. Steam ferries and several Civil War gunboats, however, do find their way into the accounts. At minimum, each entry indicates the steamer's shipyard, rig and class, dimensions, and engine and boiler specification. Much more than just a register of steamboats ' details , however, the book gives what is known of their employment and careers, and of the men who owned and manned them. One discovers that: the first vessel listed had Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) as pilot and he served in a dozen others; that casualties among the boats from fires, boiler explosions, collisions, ice and sinking by snags were very high and so was the loss of life, human and animal , in Civil War engagements; and that cargoes varied tremendously--<:otton, iron ore, crude oil from the early wells, iron and steel, grain, livestock, and motor cars. And there are hundreds of stories from the kaleidoscope of American steamboating history. One only wishes there were a map of the navigation to help one follow the text. BRIAN WAINWRIGHT

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The Classic Windjammer Vocation SCHOONER MARY DAY O/lfstanding Sailing Good Friends. Grear Food S1111g fl arbors Every Night Wild Islands. Whales . Eagles Cape. Steve & Chris Cobb


Minia ture waterline metal models of the great ocean liners of yesterday & today: Beautifully hand-pa inted

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a nd assembled: Exact scale l "=200': The Cun ard,

Queens. Titanic, Lu s itan ia . Normandie. United States , Andrea Doria, Nonvay, Sovereign of the Seas ... over 75 available! Great colleclibles & mementos: Also Cunard a dvertis ing: pos ters. liner books, prints, j ewelry. etc .


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'I(,crc's n slo1y bc'1i11d evCJy piece of i11diuid11nlly hrlllrlcrnfterl f11mil11re made hy Jesse Wnre. From '1is cxq11isilc sen clicsl, Jo '1is s'1i/>yard desk. admiml's la/1/c, sn ilmnker's bwc/1 and nwrc. Each ns unique ns i!JCsm '1islo1yll1nl


~~="""'===d inspired J/n m

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Handc raflccl naulical antique reprodu c ti ons

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Out-of-Print and Rare Books about the Sea, Ship & Sailor


Catalogue Upon Request

Circles of Hell: The War in Italy, 19431945, by Eric Morris (Crown, New York NY & Random House, London, England, 1993 , 498pp, illus, appen , index, ISBN 0-517-57810-7; $25 hc) Carefully documented, with plentiful photographs, maps, tables and appendices, this work gives a close-in, accurate account of the painful and costly campaign of the Allied armies to fight their way up the long, rugged Italian peninsula in World War IL A full picture is given offront-line conditions for American, British, Polish, French, North African and other Allied troops, as well as the determined and very able German troops who occupied the country, making the Allies pay dearly for every mile they gained. portraits are provided of the Allied leaders Eisenhower and Alexander as well as their subordinates in operational command, the coldly egotistical English Montgomery and wildly flamboyant American Mark Clark. The decision to invade Italy is examined by Morris with the careful documentation of arguments for and against the campaign. The author's anger at mis-



·J-800-2 29-9 8 19 or ( 207) 363-2 J 38

PO Box


\Iark Hnrlior, /vlni11e 039 11


LORD J\DDlSON il;f.i!JjlH18

The International Festival of the Sea BRISTOL'96

May 21-30, 1996

BILL BLACK AGENCY GROUP INC. independent ship agents spec ializi ng in dry and liquid bulk cargoes, parcel shipments, and LPG/LNG BBA USA Division: covering all U.S. ports

Join Lord Addison's unique itinerary to this world's fair of the sea in the historic port city of Bristol. Britain's largest maritime exposition ever. The Tall Ships, pavilions of sea-faring nations, competitions in sailing arts, the largest-ever collection of classic leisure craft and an international regatta of ship models. And the launching of the reconstruction of "The Matthew," in which John Cabot sailed to America in 1496. Our tour includes 4 star hotel accommodation in the heart of Bristol and London, and a trip to Greenwich.

BBA OVERSEAS Di v is ion: Canada . Caribbean . Mexico Poland . Philippines . Singapore

"Specialists in British Travel That is More Than Just a Holiday"

for further information: BBA Group Marketing phone 508 540 6899 telex 413701 fax 508 540 4956

Lord Addison Travel P.O. Box 3307 Peterborough , NH 03458

... yours to count on

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Sea History 075 - Autumn 1995  

6 World War II Is Over-What Did Victory Mean? by Peter Stanford • 8 A Captain from Cape Cod by Louis A. Norton • 12 The Cape Horn Road, Part...

Sea History 075 - Autumn 1995  

6 World War II Is Over-What Did Victory Mean? by Peter Stanford • 8 A Captain from Cape Cod by Louis A. Norton • 12 The Cape Horn Road, Part...

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