Sea History 073 - Spring 1995

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Americas' Sail Race will start on Monday, 26 June, reaching Long Is land 's Montauk Point by Wednesday, 28 June. For the next several days, many of the vessel s will visit Long Island ports, including Greenport, Sag Harbor a nd Oyster Bay. They will then head out to Ne w Haven for the Grand Parade of Sai I pl anned as part of the 1995 Spec ia l O lympics World Games Harbor Festiv al o n 2 Jul y 1995 . (Americas' Sail , Box 462, 0 yster Bay NY 11 77 1; 5 16 671 -0534)

ASTA Ships to Rally in Mystic, Race to Newport A race from Block Island to New port will be the hi ghli ght of the A me ri can Sail Training Association's summer 1995 Sail Tra ining Rally. AST A w ill draw member vessels to Mysti c Seapo rt on 18 Jul y to begin the Rall y. Crews fro m such vessels as the schooners Pride of Baltimore II , Spirit of Massachusetts and the Lettie G. Howard will compete in a variety of shores ide competiti ons emphas iz ing sea m a nship skill s , safety- and speed! Trainees will engage in row ing races, tugs of war and knot-tying re lays. Ship captain s will not escape scru tiny either; they ' ll be pitched against each other in a dinghy race. Spectator craft are invited to view the fl eet in action in a "crui se in company" to B lock Island on Thursday , 20 Jul y, where ASTA ' s Bl ock Island to New port Tall Ships Race will start the nex t day . T he R a ll y w ill c los e w it h a dockside A wards Reception in New po rt o n Sa tu rday evening, 22 Jul y. ASTA is inv iting the public to attend the Newport fes tivities and volunteers are also needed to staff va ri o us events . Con tact ASTA , 47 Bowen' s W harf, Newport RI 02840; 40 I 846- 1775 for info rmation.

American Crew Enters Cutty Sark Race An Ameri can tall shi p crew w ill also compete on the other side of the A tl antic thi s summer. The Tall Shi ps Foundation has put together an amateur A merican crew to he lp man the 358-ft Poli sh full ri gged ship Dar Mlodziezy on the firs t leg of the Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Race fro m Edinbu rgh to Bremerhaven. The SEA HI STORY 73 , SPRING 1995

Foundati on has selected seven crew members fro m a pool of hundreds who applied fo r the berths and is providing them round-trip transportation to Euro pe fo r the 15-26 July passage. By sponsoring the American crew, fo undation chairman Capt. Pete Hall believes the the Foundation is fulfilling its mi ssion to he lp preserve the seafarin g heritage and provide sea experience. Th e 39-year-old C utty Sark Ta ll Ships' Race is the world 's largest international annual sailing event, attracting up to I 00 vesse ls of all types fo r a series of races organi zed by the Sail Trai ning Assoc iation of Britain. This year's schedule calls for a race from Edinburgh to Bremerhaven, foll owed by a crui se to Frederik shav n, Denm ark, a race to Amsterdam , and a furth er crui se to Zeebrugge, Belgium . A highli ght of the race will be Sail Amsterdam, 11 - 13 August, a sea festiv al last held in 1990 that draws over one million vi sitors to the old seaport. (Tall Ships Foundati on, PO Box I 023 1, Stamford CT 069 11 )

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Other Events A special ex hibit, entitled "T he Sa iling Traditions of Cape Verde," will be on di spl ay at the 1995 Festi va l of Ameri can Fo lklife, 23-27 June and 30 June--4 Jul y, on the Natio nal Mall in Washington DC. The ex hibit will ce lebrate the fo lkways of the Cape Yerdean cul ture with a foc us on the 19th- and 20th -century Cape Yerdean schooner " packet trade" and tra nsatl antic immi gration ro ute. Of course , one well -preserved example of a schooner that parti cipated in thi s trade still sail s, the Ernestina, and a 16-foot workin g mode l of the 101 -yearold vessel will be dockside at an artifi-

cial harbor constructed in the Mall. In Lake Michigan, sa il training vessels will gather in T rave rse City, Michigan, fo rthe Fifth Annual Northern Michigan Ta ll Ship Rall y, Sunday, 11 June. T wo regul ars at the event are the twomasted, gaff-rigged topsail schooners Malabar and Man itou. (Traverse Tall Ship Company, 13390 SW Bay Shore Drive, T raverse City MI 49684; 6 16 94 1-2000) Other events include the fo llowing: • 13- 14 May , Olympia Wooden Boat Fair at Perci val Pa rk Landing, Olympia. For info rm ati on call: 206 493-2049 or 206 943-5404. • 24-3 1 May, " Fleet Week" events will commemorate 50th anniversary of WWII vi ctory in Europe (In trepid Museum , W . 46th St. and 12th Ave., New York NY I 0036; 2 12 95 7-7055 ) • 1--4 June, International Wooden Boat Show (Nati o na l Maritime Mu se um , Greenwich, London ENG SE 10 9NF; 8 1-858-4422) • 3 June, Tugboat Day (Hudson Ri ver Maritime Museum , One RoundoutLanding, Kingston NY 12401 ; 914 338-007 1) • 3--4 June, 12th Annual Classic Mariners' Regatta (Wooden Boat Foundation, #2 Po int Hudson, Port Townsend W A 98368; 360 385-3628) • 8- 1 I June, 16th Annual Sea Music Festival (Mys ti c Seaport Museum , 75 Greenmanville Ave., PO Box 6000, Mys tic CT 06355-0990; 203 572-5 3 17) • 16- 18 June, Antique & C lassic Boat Show (Chesapeake Bay Maritime Muse um , PO Box 636, St. Mi chae ls MD 2 1663; 410 745-29 16) • 16- 18 June, Harborfest '95 in South Haven with 14th Heritage Boat Gathering on 18 June (Michi gan Maritime Museum , PO Box 534 , South Have n Ml 49090; 61 6 637 -8078) • 7 Jul y, Great Schooner Race in Penobscot Bay (Contact Capt. John Foss, PO Box 482, Rockland ME 04841 ; 207 594-8007) • 14- 16 Jul y, The WoodenBoa t Show, Southwest Harbor, Maine. (WB , PO Box 78 , Brooklin ME 046 16; 207 359-465 1) • 5--6 August, Mayor 's C up Schooner Race, Port Townsend BayWA (Wooden Boat Foundation, #2 Point Hudson, Port Townsend W A 98368; 360 385-3628. • 19-20 August, 4th Annual Antique Marine E ngine E xposition (Mys ti c Seaport Muse um , 75 Greenmanvill e Ave., PO Box 6000, Mysti c CT 063 550990; 203 572-53 17)



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