Sea History 073 - Spring 1995

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Exhibitions • Through 30 June, Etched in Idle Hours, a scrimshaw exhibit of 100 pieces. Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Mu seum, Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor NY 11 724; Sl6 367-3418. • Through 2S June l 99S (held over) , Anton io Jacobsen's Painted Ships on Painted Oceans. The Mariners' Museum , lOOMuseumDri ve,NewportNews VA 23606; 804 S96-2222. •Through Labor Day I 99S, A Window Back: Photography in a Whaling Port. New Bedford Whaling Mu seum , 18 Johnny Cake Hill , New Bedford MA 02740; S08 997 -0046. • 19 January- 2 1 May , Ram Bows & Ironclads: Warship Paintings of Ian Marshall at the Maine Maritime Museum , 243 Washington Street, Bath M E 04S30; 207 443- 13 16. • 7 April- 14 January 1996, The Evolution of Marine Painting 1800-1940 at Maine Maritime Museum, 243 Washington Street, Bath ME 04S30; 207 443- 13 16. • 9 April- IO September, Modern Marine Masters. Mystic Maritime Gal lery, Mystic CT; 203 S72-8S24. • I May- 3 1 October, Southwestern Regional ASMA Exhibition , held on The Star of India at the San Diego Maritime Mu seum . American Society of Ma rine Arti sts, 1461 Cathy's Lane, North Wal es PA I94S4; 2 1S 283-0888. • 17 June- 28 October, Scale Ship Model Co mpetition and Exhibition . The Mariners ' Museum , 100 Mu seum Drive, New port News YA 23606; 804 S9S0368. • 2S J une- 3 September, Northwest Marine Exhibition , featuring the wo rk of SS arti sts. Kirsten Gallery , Inc. , S320 Roosevelt Way, NE, Seattle WA 98 l OS. • 11- 31 Jul y, William G. Muller Exhibition, at the Union League Club, 38 East 37th Street, New York NY. Sponsored by the National Maritime Hi storical Society. SEA HISTORY 73 , SPRING 199S

A Match Race between "Xara" and "Babboon" in 1888 In a limited edition of3SO Image Size 22" x 14"

RICHARD K. LOUD A.S.M.A. Highly acclaimed maritime artist Richard Loud has earned numerous awards and special mentions for his dramatic paintings. For additional information, a color brochure, or the name of a dealer in your area, please contact: Maritime Heritage Prints • Townhouse 23 • Union Wharf Boston, MA 02109 (617) 227-0112 Fax (617) 227-3899