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is not only about how to sail, but how to live, seeking out what matters whether past, present or future . And it is mainly for that reason, I believe, that the book written by a former New Yorker writer who has hedged and ditched himself a pleasant life on both sides of the AtlanPS tic, makes excellent reading. Ferries of Sydney, by Graeme Andrews (Oxford University Press, third Edition, 253 Norman by Road , South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3205 , 1993, 264pp, illus, appendices, index; A$29.95sb) and The Wheels Still Turn; A History of Australian Paddleboats, by Peter Plowman (Kangaroo Press, KenthurstNSWavai lab le from Seven Hills Books Distributers, 49 Central Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45202, 1992, 160pp, illus, biblio, index; $27 .95hc) Two recent books highlight significant chapters in the maritime development of Australia. The first is a loving look at Sydney ferries, written by their greatest fan, Graeme Andrews. A former tugmaster and the current editor of Australian Sea Heritage , Andrews not only provides all the factual information on the hundreds of ferries that have plied Sydney harbor, beginning with the first steam- and horse-powered vessels and leading up to modem, computer-operated catamarans, he also presents a form of illustrated social hi story. Under the spotlight are the people who owned, operated and used Sydney ferries as Andrews discusses the role of the ferry service and its social significance to the life of Sydney. This edition has been greatly expanded since the book 's second printing in 1975 and is embellished by over 180 photographs from the author's collection. Peter Plowman 's history of Australian paddleboats is also the rewarding result of one man's deep fasci nation. Plowman is one of Australia's most noted maritime historians and the author of several books on Australian maritime history. In this large format, beautifully illustrated book he offers a study of the role of paddlers in each of the early Australian colonies, in intercolonial and overseas trading, as tugs and even church mission boats and particularly along the Murray River system. It is a story of ingenuity and adaptibility that produced a great assortment of vessels, a surprising number of which survive today and are here captured in color by Plowman's roving camera. KH SEA HISTORY 70, SUMMER 1994

Sea History 070 - Summer 1994  

11 The Cape Horn Road by Peter Stanford • 16 Returning to Normandy by Walter Cronkite and Walter Jaffee • 17 Britain Looks Back by Kevin Hay...

Sea History 070 - Summer 1994  

11 The Cape Horn Road by Peter Stanford • 16 Returning to Normandy by Walter Cronkite and Walter Jaffee • 17 Britain Looks Back by Kevin Hay...

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