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SEA HISTORY is published quarterl y by the National Maritime Historical Society, 5 John Walsh Boulevard , PO Box 68, Peekskill NY I 0566. Second class postage paid at Peekskill NY I 0566 and additional mailing offices. COPYRIGHT Š 1994 by the National Maritime Hi storical Society. Tel: 9 14 737-7878. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Sea History, Charles Point, PO Box 68 , Peekskill NY 10566.

FEATURES 11 The Cape Horn Road Part/: The Ships and Men Who Made the World's Most Difficult Sea Passage by Peter Stanford 16 Returning to Normandy Two veterans return to Normandy; Walter Cronkite and the SS Jeremiah O'Brien by Walter Cronkite and Walter Jaffee

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17 Britain Looks Back Britain remembers the final years of WWII- from D-Day to VE-Day by Kevin Haydon and Peter Stanford 20 Sail Training: The Next Century What shapes the sail training ships and their programs by Capt . David V. V. Wood

OFFICERS & TRUSTEES: Chairman, Alan G. Choate; Vice Chairmen, Richardo Lopes, Edward G. Ze linsky; President, Peter Stanford; Vice President , Norma Stanford; Treasurer, Bradford Smith; Secretary, Donald Derr; Tru stees, Wa lter R. Brown, W. Grove Conrad , George Lowery , Warren Marr II, Brian A. McA lli ster, James J. Moore, Dou g las Mu ster, Na ncy Pouc h, Ri c hard W. Scheuing, Marshall Stre ibert , David B. Vietor, Jean Wort; Chairman Emeritus, Karl Kortum

24 The Ships of James Edward Buttersworth Th e curator of the new Buttersworth retrospective , "Ship, Sea and Sky ," looks at the work of the 19th-century master by Richard Grassby 30 Hawaiian Voyaging Ha waiian voyaging canoes revive an astonishing seafaring tradition by Kevin Haydon

OVERSEERS: Charles F. Adams, Walter Cronkite, Townsend Hornor, George Lamb, John Lehman, SchuylerM . Meyer, Jr. , J. Willi am Middendorf, 11 , Graham H. Phillips, John Stobart , William G. Winterer ADV ISORS: Co-Chairmen , Frank 0. Braynard , Me lbourn e Smith ; D.K. Abbass, Raymond Aker, George F. Bass, Franc is E. Bowke r, Os wald L. Brett , David Brink , No rm a n J. Brou wer, William M. Doerflinge r, Fran c is J. Duffy, John S. Ewa ld , Joseph L. Fa rr, Timot hy G. Foote, Thomas Gi ll me r, Ri chard Goo ld Adam s, Wa ll e r J. H and e lm a n , C harle s E. He rdendorf, Steven A. Hyman , Haj o Knutte l, Conrad Mil ste r, Edwa rd D. Muh lfe ld , Willi a m G. Mu ll er, Dav id E. Perkins, Ri chard Rath , Nancy Hughes Ri chard so n, Timothy J. Run yan , George Sa ll ey , Ra lph L. Snow, John Stobart , Albert Swanso n, Shannon J. Wa ll , Ray mond E. Wallace, Robert A. Wein stein , Thom as We ll s AMERICAN S HIP TRUST: International Chairman, Karl Kortum ; Chairman , Peter Stanfo rd; Trustees, F. Briggs Dalzell , Willi am G. Muller, Ri chard Rath , Me lbou rn e Sm ith , Edward G. Zelinsky SEA HISTORY STAFF: Editor, Peter Stanford; Executive Editor, Norma Stanford; Mana ging Editor, Kevin Haydon; Assistant Editors, Justine Ahlstrom, Blair Benjamin ; Accounting, Joseph Cacciola; Membership Secretary, Patri cia Anstett; Membership Assistant, Erika Kurtenbach; Merchandising, Kim Parisi; Advertising , Carmen McCall um; Secretary to the Presidem, Karen Ritell


34 The Folk Art of the Ship-in-Bottle What collectors look for in this popular art form by Louis Arthur Norton


Deck Log & Letters NMHS News Marine Art News Traffiques & Discoveries

38 Shipnotes, Seaport & Museum News 42 Reviews 48 Patrons

CO VER: Jam es Bullersworth' s '"Clipper Eag le in a Storm " captures the tension and storm-threatened grace of a fast ship shortening down in the face of a rising gale --a common sight on the road that led ships round that stormy corn er of the ocean world, Cape Horn.

Our seafaring heritage comes alive in Sea History SEA HISTORY brings to li fe America's seafarin g pas t. It is the quarte rl y journal of the Nationa l Maritime Historical Society , a n a ti onal non-profit members hip organiza-

tion , establi s hed in 1963 , that works to increase maritime awareness and educa te the public in our nation's maritime he ritage .

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Sea History 070 - Summer 1994  

11 The Cape Horn Road by Peter Stanford • 16 Returning to Normandy by Walter Cronkite and Walter Jaffee • 17 Britain Looks Back by Kevin Hay...

Sea History 070 - Summer 1994  

11 The Cape Horn Road by Peter Stanford • 16 Returning to Normandy by Walter Cronkite and Walter Jaffee • 17 Britain Looks Back by Kevin Hay...

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