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From SEA HISTORY PRESS International Register of Historic Ships, by Norman J.Brouwer. More than 700 vessels are included in this authoritative historical and photographic guide with essential data. lndispensible for reference, it also makes excellent reading. 368pp. 233 x 270mm. 400 illustrations.$28.95 Shipping: $3.00 in USA, $4.25 outside USA. The Maritime History of the World (2 vols.}, by Duncan Haws & Alex A. Hurst. Nearly 7000 years of all aspects of maritime history in chronological order, with commentaries setting the various periods in the fi~~ll!~~~~~~~I~ perspective of world history, richly illustrated. Comprehensive index . A superb book. 960pp, 304 x 222mm, 31 maps, over 200 illus. (62 in color). $159.41 Shipping: $3.00 in USA, $4.25 outside USA. Thomas Somerscales - Marine Artist, by Alex A. Hurst. A square-rig veteran and marine art critic of note tells the life story of the much-admired marine artist who died in 1927 in Chile. Printed on acid-free art paper in large size with 108 color plates. 303pp, 172 illus., 285 x 224mm, $89.45 Shipping: $3.00 in USA, $4.25 outside USA. Anton Otto Fischer, Marine Artist, by Katrina Si gs bee Fischer and Alex A. Hurst. A comprehensive and loving look at the artist's life and work as seen by his daughter. Beautifully produced on art paper with many personal photos, the artist's preliminary sketches, and 200 of his fini shed work, 103 in full color. 259pp. 230 x 290mm. 235 illus . $50.00 Shipping: $3 .00 in USA, $4.00 outside USA. Stobart, by John Stobart with Robert P. Davis. The lead ing marine artist of our day sets forth his life and achievements in his own words and pictures. Presented in full color, fine art reproductions with extensive notes. 208pp. 232 x 388mm. 60 full-page illus., 50 sketches and drawings. $95.00 Shipping: $3.00 in USA, $4.00 outside USA. Peking Battles Cape Horn, by Capt. Irving Johnson. A spirited account of a young man 's voyage round Cape Hom in the Peking with a thoughtful after-word written 48 years later. Foreword by Peter Stanford and a brief history of the Peking by Norman Brouwer. l 82pp. 130 x I90mm. Photos by the author. Hardcover $15.95. Shipping: $2.00 in USA, $3 .25 outside USA. The Medley of Mast and Sail, 2, ed. Alex A. Hurst. Fascinating ondeck accounts and photography of the closing decades of commerc ial sail from Cape Hom windjammers to Indonesian prahus , topsail schooners in the Bristol Channel and the big American coasters. 460pp. 244 x l 90mm, 52 photos, $32.30 Shipping: $3.00 in USA, $4.25 ouside USA. The Passage Makers, by Michael Stammers. The legendary Liverpool Black Ball Line of cl ippers. 530pp. 244 x I 90mm. , 120 plates. $42.94 Shipping: $3.00 in USA, $4.25 outside USA. Ships and Memories, by Bill Adams. Memorable account of four years in the 4-m bark Silberhorn . She was similar to many of the vessels painted by Somerscales. (S tocks limited). 490pp. 193 illus. 244 x I90mm, $28.12 Shipping: $3.00 in USA, $4.25 outside USA. Damned by Destiny, by David L. Williams and Richard P. de Kerbrech. Complete account of projects for great ocean liners that never made it to sea-a must for liner buffs. 350pp.244 x I90mm. 197

photos, $35.75 Shipping: $2.00 in USA,$3.25 outside USA. Shipwrecks and Archaeology: The Unharvested Sea, early underwater archaeology by a pioneer of the field, Peter Throckmorton. Hardcover, illus. , index, 260 pp. $24.75 Shipping: $3.00 in USA, $4.25 outside USA. The Captain from Connecticut: The Life and Naval Times of Isaac Hull, by Linda M. Maloney. Lively study of Isaac Hull and the early American Navy in which he so ably served, written by a consummate scholar. Illus. 549pp. 160 x 254mm. $45.00 Shipping: $3.00 in USA, $4.25 outside USA . Directory of Sail Trailling Ships and Programs, by Nancy Hughes Richardson, American Sail Training Association, includes 125 sail training organ~zations , 135 US and Canadian ships, and a 1987-92 international tall ships race schedule. Many illustrations. I 00 pp. 215 x 280mm. $10.00 (shipping included). Operation Sail 1986/Salute to Liberty . The official commemorative book publi shed by OpSail '86, includes descriptions of more than I 00 of the official participants and a list of more than 125 maritime museums and collections around the country. 64 pp. full color. $10.00 (shipping included). Heralds of Their Age, the clippers and the American spirit, by Melvin Conant, soft cover, illus., index, 24 pp. $7.50 (shipping included). The Ship's Bell: Its History and Romance, by Karl Wede. Illus. index , 62 pp. $6.50 (shipping included). NMHS Cloth Patch. True gold braid on black background, ship and sea embroidered in white and blue, 3". $4.50 (shipping included). NMHS Member's Decal. Bright metallic gold and white on royal blue, 3". $1.00 (shipping included). NMHS Lapel pin. Attractive enamel gold braid and white on royal blue, 3/4". $5.00 (shipping included).

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Sea History 051 - Autumn 1989  

Sea History 051 - Autumn 1989  

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