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Eklof Marine Corp. Since 1926

A Review of Hist o ri c Sl1ips and Crafts

is a new bimon1l1ly publica1ion from 111e wes1 dircc1ed 10 1he model s l1ipwrigl11. boai builder. and marine l1is1orian. SE1\ll'A\S gives ample coverage 10 l1is1oric shipping bo1h sail and s 1cam. and fea1ures sh ip plans. full scale ship cons1ruc1ion de1ails. l1is1ories and 1horough rescarcl1 on ships and crafls from r\me rican mari1ime l1is1ory.


Feature A rtic l es Nautical Review- Tile plans. l1is1orics. and de1ails of l1is1oric sh ips and craf1s Shipwright-A full sca le s l1i p cons1 ruc 1io n series Model Shipwright- Tile p lans and resea rc h o f fin ely bu il1 sl1ip models

Marine transportation of petroleum and chemical products. New York harbor based tugs, barges, tankers. Shipside bunkering a specialty.

Seamanship-Tile wri1ings and in1crviews o f experiencccl mari1ime au1ilori1ies The westerlies-Fca1urcs various nau1ical l1is 1o ry organiza1ions-clubs. museums. e1c.

3245 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, NY 10303 Blllciler Boy- J 902

Subscriotio ns U.S.

Canada Off Silore 51 0 \1\0\)S.

I yea r 5 15 $22 538

Telephone : 718-720-7207 Shipyard tel: 718-273-8300

2 years 528 538 $74

TWX : 710-588-4152

P.O. Box 27593. Sall Lake Ci l y. UT 84 127-0593



New York and New Jersey Sandy Hook Pilots Serving the pilotage needs of New York Harbor since 1694

201 Edgewater St. , Staten Island , NY 10305 • 212-448-3900



Sea History 051 - Autumn 1989  

Sea History 051 - Autumn 1989  

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