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Wawatam Must Be Saved

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A pencil sketch of the Chief Wawatam by Ron van den Bos.

through the ice by riding up on the floes and crushing them. The three tripleexpansion engines each developed 1,500ihp, and one was positioned in the bows. This unusual plan not only added weight in the bows, but improved the Chiefs maneuverability, especially in evacuating broken ice from the docking slip so that the Chief could align herself with the railroad tracks on the apron. Four tracks permitted 26 rail cars of the 36ft (16 of the modem size) to be transported on the main deck. From an engineering point of view, the Chief is a

paradise for those who wish to study and experience tum-of-the-century marine steam technology. Everything is original. Three reciprocating (2 l -33 -52x40") engines, jet condensing, rotative engines for electricity, duplex engines tor pumps, six Scotch boilers ( 14x 12) at l 85psig, all hand-fired, burning 40 tons per day, communications apparatus, and everything else right down to the washing machine make up her complement. She is still under certificate and has a twentyfour hour watchman. Many people of the upper peninsula remember working and riding on the Chief Wawatam. She was a major employer in the region and as many as four generations of some families worked aboard her. She is undeniably a part of our regional and our national heritage and the last "hand-bomber" of any great size in the western hemisphere.The State of Michigan is interested in seeing her preserved somewhere in Michigan and is willing to negotiate with an interested party . But if no one steps forward, the ChiefWawatam is destined for the scrapyard on 30 September. Here is a treasure that must be saved. Contact Ms. Susan G. Brook, Administrator of the Freight Division UPTRAN, Michigan DOT, PO Box 30050, Lansing, MI 48909; 517 335-2584. J,

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