Sea History 045 - Autumn 1987

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SAIL TRAINING NEWS The 88ft schooner Bowdoin has a long history of sailing to educational purposes. Designed as an Arctic research vessel by Admiral Donald B. McMillan and William Hand , she was built in Maine in 1921. Over the next thirty-two years, the Bowdoin sai led to the Arctic on more than thirty-two research expeditions. Carefully restored in 1980-84 and certified under the Sailing Schools Vessel Act, the Bowdoin has recently been leased to the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School foreighteen months . Bowdoin's itinerary this fall will take her to the Chesapeake under the command of Cate Cronin who has skippered the Hudson River sloop Clearwater and served as course instructor for Outward Bound . (Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, PO Box 429, Rockland, ME 04841; 207 594-5548) Australia's bicentennial ce lebrati ons next year mark the two-hundredth anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet, a squadron of eleven ships (including six convict transports) sent out from England under the command of Captain Arthur Philip. In keeping with the maritime significance of this occasion , Great Britain is presenting her former colony with the 115ft-long sai l training brigantine , Young Endeavour. Designed by Colin Mudie and built in Lowestoft , the Young Endeavour carries twenty-four cadets and eight permanent crew and instructors. She sailed from Cowes on 3 August with twelve Australian and twelve English trainees. After participating in the events of Tall Ships Australia '88 (see p34) she will be given to Australia to be operated by the Royal Australian Navy in sail training and marine biological work. Colin Mudie also designed the STS Lord Nelson (launched in 1986), the first ship built to afford ha ndicapped youth and ad ults the opportunity to participate in sai l training programs off soundings. (Colin Mudie, FRINA, Bywater Lodge, Pierside, Lymington , Hants., SO 14 5SB England; 0590 72047) The American Sail Training Association's annual meeting is scheduled for 12-14 November in Newport , Rhode Island. Among the topics under consideration are new directions for AST A and the work being undertaken in preparation for Ocean State Maritime Week scheduled for next fall. The Providence Waterfront Festival has already agreed to lend administrative and other support to the effort, and funding is being sought. (ASTA , 365 Thames St. , Newport, RI 02840; 401 846- 1775) SEA HISTORY , AUTUMN 1987

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