Sea History 041 - Autumn 1986

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NEWS ve nue o f thi s year' s National Trus t for Historic Preservation Conference , October 15- 19. Of spec ial interest will be reports on the eva luati ve in ventory of maritime resources be ing undertake n by the National Trust, the Nationa l Park Serv ice and members of the maritime preservation community. For in fo rm ation , contac t the Trust' s Maritime Division, 1785 Massac husetts Ave nue, NW , Washington, DC 20036; 202 673 -400 0 . Nove mber 7 and 8 , M ystic Seaport will hold its sixth annual Symposium o n Southern New E ngland Marit ime H istory , inc ludin g talks on "Shipping of the Port o f Prov ide nce " and " Ri c ha rd Henry Dana: Seamen' s Lawyer" amo ng others . Reservation s can be made through the Curatorial Department , Mystic Seaport Museum , Mys tic , CT 0635 50990; 203 572-07 1 I . SPECIAL EXHIBITS The Mary Rose exh ibition curre ntly tourin g the US (see SH37) , will be at the Florid a State Museum in Gainesv ill e , FL 326 11 from mid-November to midJanuary. Call or write for exact dates and location (tel: 904 392- 172 1). The S mithsoni an' s exhibit , " Magnificent Voyagers: The U.S. Exploring Ex pedition , 1838-1842" (see SH 38) contin ues at the Na tional Mu seum of Natu ra l Hi sto ry through November 9 , then moves to the Ind iana State Museum (202 North A lbama St. , Indi anapolis , IN 46204 ; 3 17 232- 1637) February 7 - May 3, 1987. A co llection of Winslow Homer 's wate rco lors (see SH39) will be at the Ya le Uni versity Art Gallery ( 1111 Chape l St. , Ne w Haven, CT ; 203 436-0574) September I I-November 4 .

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l NVENI POR TAM William 0. Benson Captain Bill , as he was widely known up and down the New York waterways w hich he loved and nav igated virtuall y a ll his li fe , departed th is life at age 74 on February 13 this year. He had served in Hudson Ri ver steamboats from his teens onward , and had become a pilot and captain by the age of 2 1. His fri end Roger Mabie ' s e ulogy , published in the Summer issue of Steamboat Bill, journal of the Steam ship Hi storical Society, noted that Captain Benson, " a great raconteur, possessed a photographic memory. " To hi s vast store of river knowledge he added a warm ly generous spirit , and he encouraged many , including Marita Lopez-Mena, directo r of the Hudson Ri ver Maritime Center, into deeper interest and full er participatio n in SEA HI STORY , AUTU MN 1986

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