Sea History 041 - Autumn 1986

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SCOW is Launched on NY State Waterways by Alexander Aldrich After the National Maritime Historical Soc iety and the New York State Museum he ld the ir Rensselaerville conference in January of this year on New York State Waterways, a small group of particularly interested participants got together and started planning for the future . The result of this process turned out to be the incorporation , on June 19th , of the State Conference on Waterways, Inc . (SCOW) , a not-for-profit corporation whose purposes are to culti vate " the appreciation , understanding and appropriate use and treatment of the waterways of the State of New York. " SCOW ' s interest is both environmental and developmental. It will be concerned with the scenic, historic , cultural , recreational and natural resources , as well as the appropriate development of the commercial , industrial, transportational , residential and other useful potential of the State' s waterways and their banks. The officers of the newly formed corporation are Peter S tanford , Chairma n , Martin E. Sullivan , Secretary/Treasurer , Alexander Aldrich, President , and Frank Zammiello , Vice President. The other two members of the board at the present time are Kent Barwick a nd Schuyler M . Meyer, Jr. The first major event pla nned for the conference is a proposed meeting on November 18th at the Leg islat ive Office Building in Albany. Thi s meeting wi ll be co-sponsored by State Senator James Donovan of Utica and State Assemb lyman Maurice Hinc hey of Sa ugerties. This wi ll be a most important meeting , since it is desi g ned to he lp us define the future activities of SCOW , and especially to develop a c lose re lat ionship with the public sector in exploring the bes t uses of our waterways. SCOW is a not-for-profit membership corporation. Contributions and memberships are tax deductible. SEA HISTORY readers are invited to become me mbers and to participate in SCOW's deliberations . We warmly welcome inquiries , both about



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Assoc iate

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Sustaining Sponsor

600 1,250 2,500

Patron Golden Patron Director's Cl ub

500 1,250 2 ,500 5,000


Chairman's Club

10 ,000

I00 200 300

SCOW itself and also its November 18th meeting. Please address your inquiries to Alexander Aldrich, President, 493 Broadway , Saratoga Springs , New York. 12866 , or call me at 51 8-587-5300 . .ti SEA HISTORY , AUTUMN 1986


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SCOW: Membership Structure Indi viduals


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