Sea History 018 - Autumn 1980

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BOOKS rom the hollowed-out tree trunk to the nuclear powered sub ... from before Columbus to after Cousteau - this panoramic hook covers every dimension of life :::::.:...__"' at sea: exploration, navi1 _ gation, warfare, types ~ ~---_l . of ships, great men of --- "f· the sea, and much ~ • .j more . Authoritative ,;-·--,,,...-.- · and complete. More =J.'. __ ,'--- than 200 stirring -...-r::-:--.-,,."'lll':'TW'""-~T-~ photographs and . '' --:..,... 50 original drawings, 80 of them in color, complement the text.



Encyclopedia of

Ships andedited Seafaring by PETER KEMP Size 8 1/2" x 11 ". A Crown / Herbert Mich elman Book. $15. 95, now at your bookstore, or send check or money order to Crown Publishers, One Park Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10016. Please add Sl.50 postage and handling charge . N.Y. and N .J. residents. add sales tax . CQO*N

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A Sea Workshop Weekend will be held at Camp Freedman, Falls Village CT, Oct. 10·13, featuring sea chanties, macrame, tall tales of tall ships and much more, led by X Seamens Institute and England's David Jones. Apply Sea Heritage Foundation, 254-26 75 Ave., Glen Oaks NY 11004.

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ORIGINS, ORIENT AND ORIANA by Charles F. Morris A rare event in maritime publishing ; a unique blend of the development of passenger ships, the history of the Orient Line and the design and construction of the last great liner. "An e legantly presented and eminently readable book .... Everything about it is excellent. " Th e Seafarer Over 500 pages; 7 1/2x9 1/2"; 220 illus. including 9 color plates and 30 diagrams. Price $56 .00 (includes postage).

THE PASSAGE MAKERS Michael K. Stammers This story of the famous Black Ball Line , including the service to Australia and the development of the clipper ships. "This is a magnificent achievement on behalf of both author and publisher. " Topsa il Over 500 pages; 7 1/2x 9 1/2"; 120 illus. including 22 color plates. Price $50.00 (includes postage). Enclose check or money order to:

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McCARTAN & ROOT PUBLISHERS Dept. L, 325 E. 57th Street New York , NY 10022


ting a flying school for naval aviators at the time and the success of the Curtiss "F" boat did much to lay the foundations of the naval flying boat service. TheAmerica, Curtiss's next design, was to have transatlantic capabilities. An era had begun . Chapter by chapter Captain Knott tells of the war boats, the postwar passenger and freight lines, and the establishment of Pan American. Participants in the historic NC-4 flight were interviewed to add a very human quality to this story. The "Golden Age of Aviation" ( 1928-1941) is covered in detail. The expansion of the Navy's flying boat service, where Capt. Knott began his military flying, is in some contrast to the great clippers which offered the airborn equivalent of luxury ocean liner travel. The exploits of the flying boat aviators of World War II are told in detail. Many now almost forgotten aircraft are described and one chapter is devoted (deservedly) to the Consolidated Catalinas. Sadly, the wartime developments of large long-range land planes and airports were to spell the end of the flying boat for all but a few special uses. Captain Knott tells of this with the respect and eloquence possible only for one of the participants in this era. ln a time when much aviation history is blurred by cheap nostalgia, this book is most welcome. While not every flying boat is covered, the more significant ones are described in detail. The text is complemented by a fine selection of photos, renderings, and 3-view drawings as well as a complete bibliography. The book is also the story of 60 years of dedicated people involved in what is now history. One of them, 86 years young and still active as a consultant, returned the book, smiled and said: "I knew quite a few of the people he mentions. At the time it was all fun for most of us." One hopes Captain Knott will turn his perceptive talents to the . flying boats as the Europeans and British developed them. DON MEISNER The Mariners Catalogue Volume 7, edited by David Getchell and George Spectre (Camden ME, International Marine Publishing, 1980, 188 pp., illus ., $8.95). These grand compendia of marine lore and information need no introduction to those who've encountered one of them . This seventh effort is, the editors confess, the last for a while. So go ahead and enjoy this latest collection of nautical trivia, hard-to-find yachting and boating hardware, and bits of learning and advice from such masters at the late R. D. (Pete) Culler, or the very-much-alive John Gardiner of Mystic's Small Boat Workshop. This volume also carries reports on books, magazines and other printed sources of inSEA HISTORY, FALL 1980