Sea History 015 - Autumn 1979

Page 66

A SPECIAL SELECTION OF BOOKS for the Readers of Sea WHALING AND THE ART OF SCRIMSHAW by Charles Meyer. Encyclopedic history of a bygone era and gripping true drama-the perilous past of square-rigged whalers and a vanishing folk art. Lavishly illustrated with photos, prints, drawings; large 7" x 10" format; glossary & bibliography. No. 839245/$17.95

RIDDLE OF THE SANDS by Erskine Childers. A true classic first published in 1903. "The most famous seagoing spy story ever written, now reissued in a new edition .... Beautifully cadenced suspense and superb descriptions of sea [and] tide."-Smithsonian. No. 507728/$12.50

CHINA TEA CLIPPERS by George Campbell. Lavishly illustrated account of squareriggers in all their glory. Delightful for historians and model builders. 8'12' x 11" format. No. 202919/$12.95

THE MARLINSPIKE SAILOR by Hervey Garrett Smith. An artist and curator of the Suffolk Marine Museum presents this classic account of old-time seafaring skillstime-honored skills that have never changed. Fully illustrated; 8 1/ 2" x 11" format. No. 600449/$7.95

DESIGNING SMALL CRAFT by John Tea le. Detailed, stepby-step instructions for building small sailboats and cruisers. Also includes practical solutions to problems encountered in creating almost any type of boat. Fully illustrated. No. 506942/$9.95

FODOR'S SEASIDE AMERICA. America's shores-maritime history, ship preservation and maritime museums, historic ships and much more. Everything about America's seaside. 536 pages; Softbound. No. 002839/$9.95





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