Sea History 015 - Autumn 1979

Page 34

Programs of instruction offered to qualified seafaring personnel seeking U.S. Merchant Marine Deck or Engineering and employment aboard District 2 MEBA-AMO (AFL-CIO) contracted tug boats, tow boats, Oceans or Great Lakes Ships. Qualifying seatime of three or more years in the deck or engineering department of Merchant Ships, Na val, Coast Guard or Army Vessels is required. The Schools of Marine Engineering and Navigation in Brooklyn, New York, and Toledo, Ohio-offer their students: • Free schooling with all course material supplied • Dormitory space • Upgrading courses for career advancement thru the rating of ships Master or Chief Engineer The Schools of Marine Engineering and Navigation are equal opportunity educational institutions available to all U.S. Citizens by birth or naturalization.

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The School of Marine Engineering and Navigation 672 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11232 Phone: (212) 965-6777