Sea History 015 - Autumn 1979

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Come sail with us SEA HISTORY is the journal ot' the National Maritime Historical Society. The Society is dedicated to advancing the sea heritage as it lives today in a young person learning to hew tough oak into the delicate shapes of a seagoing hull, as it lives in sail training programs, and above all, as it lives in the historic ships themselves and all the activities of enjoyment and learning that cluster around those ships. SEA HISTORY is how we all stay in touch. It is a forum for news of all that is hoped-for or happening in the heritage ... it is a log of what we learn and achieve together, and of the individual discoveries that each of us makes, sharing the experience of man as seafarer. Come sail with us! Sign on for a voyage that may take you round the world, or down to a nearby waterfront: out on the royal yard to crack on sail, or into a seaport tavern where there is singing of old songs and telling of new tales. Sign on for the voyage! It can be your voyage. Your membership contribution helps us to make the voyage and will enroll you in the company of people who cherish the sea heritage and share in its hard-won learning, its joys and deep rewards. To: National Maritime Historical Society 2 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

on a voyage into history. . •

Yes, I'll sign on for the voyage. I understand that my contribution goes to forward the work of the Society, and that I'll be kept informed by receiving the quarterly journal SEA HISTORY. Enclosed is my contribution as: D Regular Member $10 D Patron $100 D Student or Retired $5 D Sponsor $1,000 NAME _


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