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SHIPNOTES, Cont. building in Maryland. Guthrie is built of traditional Catskill oak, Truth of 5/ 8" fer rocement. " Th e ferry sloops are c hunkier, to give stability and sa fet y," says Pet e Seeger, a t whose lead the boat s were built , "but they'll be sturdy, friendl y looking craft, a nd we believe they will know their way with the winds and waves of rivers and bays as well as the Clearwater does."


South Street Seaport Museum's Wavertree was hauled on May 2, beginnin g a major restoration effort supported by a grant of $160,000 in Operation Sail funds, transmitt ed throu gh the National Tru st. Thi s dr ydoc king, the fir st si nce she was hauled in Bue nos Aires ten years ago prior to her trip north, revea led hull plating in excellent condition. Calvert Marine Museum, at Solomons, Maryland, ce lebrated its third anniversary by dedicating the Drum Point Lighthou se on June 24, a notable beacon to add to it s growing co ll ec ti o n which now includes local sma ll craft. The Maryland Dove, whose keel was laid in St. Mary's C ity, Maryland, in Jun e 1977 , is completing for fall com mi ss ioning. The 65 ' vessel is of the sa me type as Lord Baltimore's Dove, which helped found the colon y of Maryland in 1634. She'll be the first major exhibit of a new outdoor museum a nd colonial settlem ent at St. Mary' s City . Jamestown Park is hauling it s ships thi s year for rebuilding and refit on a s pecially constructed railway, which will become part of the publi c di splay at the Park, six miles outside Co lonial William sburg in Virginia. They are, from left to right a bove, the 100-ton Susan Constant, 40-ton Godspeed, and 20-ton Discovery, built 20 yea rs ago as active sa iling replicas of the ships that founded Jamestown in 1607. The Mariners Museum of Newport News, Virginia, has announced an International Model Ship C raft sman Competition-open to both professionals and amateurs, that closes Jun e 1980. Write th e Mu seum, Newport News, VA 23606 for in formation.

WEST COAST San Francisco Historic Ships Park, now part of the Golden Gate National Recreat ion Area, report s that volunteers at work on th e 1907 ocean steam tug Hercules are forming a society of stea m engine enthusiasts-who wi ll also work on the giant walking-beam engine of the ferry Eureka, and the triple-ex pan sion engine of the 1915 sc hooner Wapama of the era of Cappy Ricks. With Friends of the Alma covering the sailing side, we s hould see new citizen energies flowing into the ships at th e Hyde Street Pier. The Cape Horn square ri gger Balc/utha should soon be amalgamated with thi s fl eet, bringing her own volunteer crew and th e energies also of the Friends of th e Eppleton Ha ll , under direct ion of th e trustees of th e private San Fra nci sco Maritim e Mu seu m. Encouraging beginnings for what may become a National Maritime Museum (West Coast ), under the National Park Service! Volunteers apply Historic Ships GGNRA, Fort Maso n, San Francisco CA 94123.


Friends of Eppleton Hall (see SH8) steamed their 1914 Tyne paddle tug out to meet the liner QE 2 on the liner' s first visit to San Francisco on April I, leadin g a fl eet of welcoming craft which in clud ed the Ha fen polizei steam launch Burmah Queen. Crews of the two British steamers exc hanged visits and engineering information, a nd th e Eppie saw her younger compatriot sa fely out of harbor again as the day's fes tivities ended. "After a six-month layup for boiler overhaul." report s Bill Burgess, "we kept our promi se to ma ke thi s date a t the very last minute. It was worth it! " The eve nt inaugurates another summer' s stea ming for the famous old tug, which will include visits to the river port of Petalum a a nd other ventures in the Bay. Virgina V, built in 1922 and last survivor of the Mosquito Fleet, the steamboats that once thronged Puget Sound, is being restored to operating condition by the Virgina V. Foundation, Inc., in Seattle. Also in Seattle, a Maritime Heritage Task Force is working with Northwest Seaport and Hi storic Seattle Authority to es tabli sh a regional hi storic sea port. Virginia V may join th e coasting schooner Wawona and other vessels in thi s long-planned , mu ch-needed facility.

From our own workshop: finest quality wood ship kits-clippers. schooners, fr igates, Iankers. freighters-30 in all. Beautiful fittings; no lead or plastic . Also plans. books. Iools, materials. fittings and marine prinls. At better dealers or sen d Sl. 00 (refundable) for big illustr-ated catalog .


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MARINE ANTIQUES & SEA SHELLS 10 Fu lton Street. New York . N.Y. 10038 South St reet Seaport & Fulton Fi sh Market (212) 344-2262


Schooner St. Peter, which sa nk on Lake Ontario in 1898 , is being investigated by the Wayne County and Putneyville Historica l Societies and the Rochester Mu seum. Artifact s recovered will be carefully handled; no hasty recovery is planned. Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen, an organization that has been sav ing and preserving artifacts from American riverboats for 15 years, has co mpleted restoration of the pilot house from th e steamer Tell City at the Ohio Ri ver Museum in Marietta Ohio . Their excellent j ournal The Reflector also report s the restorat ion of the Trillium, a stea m sidew heeler that takes charters out of Toronto, Canada. Mary Elizabeth, a stea mer known at "Proud Mary" from a so ng by Credence Clearwater Revival, has been docked at a pier in Memphis for two years now. She is rusty and her deckhou se is fire- damaged but her owner still wants to restore and run her for c ha rter in the Memphi s area if money can be found. The Mary Elizabeth was built in Newburgh, NY in 1905 and originally used to ferry prisoners to Sing Sing pri so n. You can help keep us a nd our readers informed of maritime news in your area by sending clippings or a short note to Beth Haskell , NMHS, 2 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY 11201.

1-;.~ S-;;amship H~~al Societ~;;;m~i~ I~. l [ Please send me further information.

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Sea History 011 - Summer 1978  

7 IN CLIO'S CAUSE, by RADM Joseph M. Wylie, USN (ret.) • 10 TALL SHIPS IN THE PACIFIC, by Peter Stanford • 12 CAPTAIN JAMES COOK, by Oswald...

Sea History 011 - Summer 1978  

7 IN CLIO'S CAUSE, by RADM Joseph M. Wylie, USN (ret.) • 10 TALL SHIPS IN THE PACIFIC, by Peter Stanford • 12 CAPTAIN JAMES COOK, by Oswald...

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