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EAST COAST Maine State Museum now has o n di splay

128 pages, Wo oden Kit s,_ Fitting s, Too ls, Boo ks, Plan s, Wood, Acc. $3 .00 . SHIPS UNLIMITED Box 32S, Morton Grove , Illinois 60053; U.S.A.

LEARN SEA SONGS IN ONE EVENING! with the SONGBOOK & RECORD by the X SEAMENS INSTITUTE Record is 7 " LP with sample verse & chorus of 1 3 chanteys Send $3 to : Tapinta 254-26 75th Ave . Glen Oaks , NY 11004 Bargemusic Ltd . in vites you to att end its chamber music concerts Sundays, April th rough Jul y at 4:00 p.m. on the Barge- Fult on Ferry, Broo kl yn, NY $5.00 per concert -for reserva11 ons

call (212) 624-4061 Different progra ms arc presented by a quin tet o f Juillia rd g rad uate mu sic ia ns.

Olga Bloom, Director . . Bargemusic is a no1-fo r-pro f1t fo unda 11 on.

findin gs from th e three year recovery of a rtifacts fro m th e Defence, sunk to avoid capture in th e ill - fa ted Peno bscot Ex pedition o f 1779 . A furth e r a rchaeo logical exhibit sc heduled to o pen la ter thi s yea r will present a secti o n o f th e Dow n Easter Sr. Mary, recovered by th e Na ti o na l Society's Fa lkland Isla nds expediti o n, repo rt ed elsew here in this iss ue.

Bath Marine Museum has ann o unced the dona tion o f hith erto-sec ret pl a ns o f th e fa stest J -class rac in g yac ht eve r built , the Ranger. Above , Direc to r Ra lph L. Snow loo ks o ver a sheet o f plan s with La wrence A . Co uture (a t left) who work ed o n the boat when she was built a t Ba th Ir.o n Work s in 1937. Strawberry Banke, in P o rtsmouth , New H a mpshire, p roposes to build a Pi scata qua gunda lo w o ver th e nex t two summ ers. th e 69 ' cra ft, to be built o f tra dition a l ma terial s in th e Ba nke' s resto ration yard , would ply the ex tensive ri ver trade rout es se rved by her predecessors, to edu cate th e public in Piscataqu a Ri ver Hi s to ry.

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South Street Seapo(l Museum is where the tides of past and present meet in lively confrontation on the historic waterfront of lower Manhattan. The quarterly journal, the Reporter, carries features and news of South Street's challenging history and life today . Join us!


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INTERNATIONAL TUG LOVERS CLUB Regular meetings are held in The . Netherlands and Belgium . Our magazine Lekko is published 50 per cent in Dutch and 50 per cent in English. Write for further details a nd a free copy o f Lekko to :

P.O . Box 400 ljmuiden

The Netherlands

Hudson river stea mer Peter Stuyvesant, vi ctim of the Februa ry 6 storm th a t cost li ves a nd boats in New Engla nd, was swept o ff her cradle, ha lf ro lled over a nd sunk a t her Boston H a rbo r berth. Own er Antho ny At ha nas pla ns to resto re her to her success ful caree r as sta ti ona ry a dj unct to hi s Pi er 4 restau rant. American Shipcarvers' Guild has fo rmed a new cha pt er in Pl ymo uth , Massachusett s, ca lled th e Nath a ni el Winso r C ha pt er a ft er a n impo rt a nt loca l ca rver. Masterca rver Pa ul Sa les heads th e cha pt er a nd ca n be reae hed a t 7 H ow la nd St ., Plymo uth , MA 02630 (Te l. (61 7) 746-8503). Int e rest is deve lo ping in a New Yo rk c hapt er to meet a t th e Na ti o na l Society's Broo kl yn head q ua rt ers-ca ll or writ e Beth Ha s kell. The Wareham Historical Society (M assac husetts) re po rt s t ha t the I 8th-centu ry ho me o f Ca pta in J o hn Kendric k, sea hero of the Revolut io n a nd leader o f the fa mo us voyage of th e Columbia to the P ac ific No rthwest in 1787-90, is to be o pened to th e publi c thi s summer a ft e r a four-year res to ra tion proj ec t. Built in 1745 , th e house will becom e a maritime mu seum . Mystic Seaport's new Directo r, J. Revell Ca rr , repo rt s o n th e new co mprehensive exhibit , " New E ngla nd a nd th e Sea ," in th e la test M ys ti c Log. In th e ea rl y 1970s th e Mu seum bega n to rea li ze th a t visit o rs " were hav ing a n int eres tin g time, a nd were learning ma ny th ings a bo ut o ur ma ritime herit age," he says, but : "we were no t fulfillin g o ur ob li ga tio n to help peo ple understa nd the bas ic story o f the rela ti o nship of th e peo ple o f New Engla nd with th e sea." Accompli shed during Mr. Ca rr' s seve n-year tenure as cura to r, th e ex hibit seems to us to li ve up well to th a t o bli gati o n ." U.S. Merchant Marine Academy a t King's P o int , New York , has a ppo inted Dr. Melvin H . Jackson , fo rm er cu rator o f Ma rin e Hi story fo r th e Smith so ni a n, as direct o r.o f it s new maritim e museum , whi ch is ex pected to o pen la ter thi s yea r. Dr. J ackso n, a n Advisor o f the Na ti o nal Soc iety, is we ll known for hi s work with mu seums a nd resto ration effort s a round th e country.

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater proudl y a nno un ces th e ar rival o f two small sisters of their pa rent sloop. Do ne to designs by Cy rus H a mlin , des ig ner o f Clearwater, they are th e 32' fe rry s lo ops Woody Guthrie, la unched April 23 a t Rondo ut C reek, Kingston , New Yo rk , as shown a bove, a nd Sojourner Truth,


Sea History 011 - Summer 1978  

7 IN CLIO'S CAUSE, by RADM Joseph M. Wylie, USN (ret.) • 10 TALL SHIPS IN THE PACIFIC, by Peter Stanford • 12 CAPTAIN JAMES COOK, by Oswald...

Sea History 011 - Summer 1978  

7 IN CLIO'S CAUSE, by RADM Joseph M. Wylie, USN (ret.) • 10 TALL SHIPS IN THE PACIFIC, by Peter Stanford • 12 CAPTAIN JAMES COOK, by Oswald...

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