Sea History 009 - Autumn 1977

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PACIFIC LINERS 1927-1972. Emmons, Frederick. Every ship engaged in tra n spaci fic passenger service during the past forty J ears, illustrated and describecf in a lavish an authoritative history of a vani shing fo rm of transport . LC 73 -86484; 250 illustrations; index; 7-1 14 " x 9-314"; 135 pages. 0~-03386-0 doth $8.95 NORTH ATLANTIC SEAWAY , VOLUME I. Bensor, N.R.P. The most comprehen sive account of the North Atlantic passenger service ever published- featuring 250 scale d rawi ngs of ships representative of the principal lines from 1883 to the present. LC 74-17422; over 200 photographs and drawings; bibliography; indexes; appendices; 7- 112" x 10··; 471 pages. G-668-03679-6 doth $19.95 OiRONOLOGY OF THE WAR AT SEA, VOL. I, 1939-1942. Rohwer, J.; Hummelchen, G . A new edition of the two- volume classic work on the conduct of World War U at sea in all the oceans of the world- here are all the events of war at sea placed in their tactical context and arranged in chronological form . LC 73-78526; photographs, charts, diagrams; index; 6" x 9"; 256 pages. G-668--03308-8 cloth $12.50 OiRONOLOGY OF THE WAR AT SEA, VOL. ll, 1943-1945. Rohwer, J.; Hummelchen, G . photographs , charts, diagrams; index; 6" x 9"; 256 pages. 0-668-03401-7 cloth $12.50 The set $25.00 THE SHIPS OF THE GERMAN FL EETS , 1848-1945. Hansen, Hans Jurgen . A richl y d etailed survey of the most important Germa n wdrships from the navy's earliest sailing vessel through the int roduction of U -boa ts durin g World War II- illustra ted with c;ver 250 superb reproduction s, more th an 40 of them in full color. LC 74-141 97; 260 illustra tions; 9-314" x 12"; 192 pages. 0-668-03648-6 cloth $25 .00 BRITISH WARSHIPS OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR. Ravan, Alan; Roberts, John . For modelmakers and naval enthu s ia s tsauthentic scale drawings and complete technical specifications for twelve British warships of World War II-presented in a lavish oversize format. LC 77- 186391; © 1972; twelve 29-114" x 10-114" triple fold-out scale drawings; 10-114" x 14-112"; 64 pages. 668-02607-3 cloth $14.95

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JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS, 1898. Jane, Fred T., editor. The first issue o f Jan e' s Fighting Ships-reproduced in a fully illustrated, technically complete facsimile edition . LC 69-14519; photographs, silhouettes and diagrams; 12-112" x 8-112"; 232 pages. G-668-01957-3 cloth $14. 95

JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS, 1906/07, Jane, Fred T. , editor. Here we see the steady growth that had been taking place in the world's navies, including that of the United States, as well as a dramatic closeup on actions in the RussianJapanese War. LC 69-14519; hundreds of illustrations; 12-112" x 8-112"; 484 pages. 0-668-02019-9 LR cloth $19.95 JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS, 1914~ Jane, Fred T ., editor. A magnificent facsimile edition of the historic 1914 /ane's, complete with photograph s, schematic drawings and full technical details of every type and kind of ship in use at that time. LC 69 -14519; 3,000 photographs, silhouettes and diagrams; 12-112" x-8-1 12"; 232 pages. 0-668-01873-9 cloth $19. 95 JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS, 1924. Jane, Fred T., editor. A beautifully reproduced, thoroughly illustrated facsimile reprint of one of the rarest issues of /ane's Ships, c<>mplctc with photographs, schematic d rawings and full technical details of every type and kind of ship in use at that time . LC 69- 14519; hundreds of photovaph s, silhouettes and diagram s; 12- 112" x 8-112"; 224 pages . 0-668-03379-7 cloth $22.50 JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS, 1931. Parkes, Oscar, editor. This historic issue of /an e's reveals the increasing sophistication and significant improvement in battle crui sers and destroyers under strict treaty condition s. Hundreds of photographs, silhouettes and diagram s; 12- 114 " x 8-118'·; 550 pages. G-668--02899-8 LR cloth $25.00 JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS, 1944145. McMurbie, Francis E., editor. This issue of Jane's shows the complete war losses of the world 's navies during World War U. LC 69- 145 19; hun drerls of photographs, silhouettes, and diagrams, 12-112 " x 8-112"; 784 pages. G-668-02491-7 LR cloth $29.95 JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS, 1950/51. Blackbum, Raymond V.B., editor. Thi s beautifully rep roduced facsimilie edition of Jane's gives an earl y indication of the pattern of develo pment of the world's navies foll owing World Wa r II. LC 6914519; hundreds of photographs, silhouettes and diagrams; 12-112" x 8-112"; 508 pages. G-668-03691-5 LR cloth $40.00

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1HE HISTORY OF THE SAILING SHIP. Mulhall Cavendl.ah Editorial Board. From the Ancient World and the early development of the sailing ship in the Mediterranean to the sailing ship in the nineteenth century-here is the fascinating lore of ships, their crews, and the adventure of the high seas. LC 74-32633; rolor illustrations; glosS11ry; 8-la" x 11 - 112"; 152 pages. 0-668-03780-6 cloth $12. 95 AMERICA'S HISTORIC SHIPS : REPLICAS AND RESTORATIONS. Haas, Irvin . The 54 preserved and restored ships in thi s profu sely illu stra ted g u id e on ce p ro udl y ca rri e d th e American flag on the ocean s o f the world- now they thrill visitors by the mill ion s w ho want to see and touch the historic vesse ls th at mad e Maritime America a great voyagi ng a nd trading nation . LC 74-30893; © 1975; hundreds of photographs; 7- 112·· x JO"; 128 pages. 0-668--03768-7 cloth $8.95 llfE IRON SHIP. Corlett, Ewan. The story of Brunel's Great Britain-the first vessel to embody all the elements of modem ship design in one hull . LC 74-27498; 150 engravings, photographs, and drawings , 5 pages in color; appendices, bibliography, and index; 8-112" x 11"; 260 pages. 0-668-03767-9 cloth $29.95 ATLAS OF MARITIME HISTORY. Lloyd, Christopher. This history of maritime trade and sea battles from the time of the Phoenicians through the Korean War is an essential guide to understanding the progress of Western civilization , written by a renowned historian . LC 7432634; © 1975; 75 rolor maps and 180 black and white illustrations; 8-3 14" x 13"; 144 pages. G-668-03779-2 cloth $35.00 THE WOODEN FIGHTING SHIP IN THE ROYAL NAVY, AD 897-1860 . Archibald, E.H.H. Covers the hi story of the w ooden battle fl eet-s h owing h ow d esign affected tactics while providing complete technica l information on dimensions, rating systems, hull decoration and appearance, steering, sheathing, signal systems, rigging and ~nn ery . LC 75-1 24422; © 1968; 71 illustrations; index; 9" x 12"; 174 pages. 0~-02369-4 cloth $19.95 SHIP MODELLING HINTS AND TIPS . Craine, J.H. (Jason), Lt. Comm. Rather than attempt to describe the making of any single model, this book explores and explains the variou s aspects of the art of ship mod ellingeverything from choosing a subject to making the glass case fo r the finisn ed article-in chapter after chapter packed with clearl y diagrammed practical info rmation . LC 73-8 1385; ph otograph s and drawings; 5-112" x 8-112"; 11 7 pages. G-668-03348-7 cloth $6.95 THE METAL FIGHTING SHIP IN THE ROYAL NAVY, 1860-1970. Archibald, E.H.H.; Woodward , Ray illustrator. H ere, in a ma sterful seque l to the monumental Th e Wooden Fighting Ship (Arco), is the author's continuing story of the development of the naval vessel, covering with precision and authority every category of service vessel, from the smallest corvette to th e gianr corvette carriers, with almost every single vessel built as a vessel shi£ for the Navy listed by name. LC 72-1 65210; \9 1971 ; 350 hoo-color illustratiun s; 20 pages in full color; index; 9" x 12-114"; 240 pages. G-668-02509-3 cloth $19. 95