Sea History 009 - Autumn 1977

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BOOKS just enough to explain how different types evolved. The author's scholarly equipment, which is formidable, is turned to the resolution of fine points in design, rather than to the crash of broadsides and the demands of deepwater voyaging, which ousted the rowing galley from its dominant place in naval warfare long before its ultimate demise. PS The Book of Boats, William and John Atkin (Camden, Maine, International Marine Publishing, 1977. 220 pp ., illus., $8.95). There are few times when the reissue of a "how to do" book on yachting is very valuable. The change from natural materials to synthetic ones has been going on for 30 years. For this reason many of the older books have gotten out of date. This is not the case with The Boat Book. The Atkins are responsible for a large number of them still in active use and the designs are still being built. The most important aspect of this book is the art work. The drawings are superb. The Atkins, who specialize in putting "little boats" on paper have shown some very fine examples of their own work. They have also gathered designs from several other sources. The book is full of information, it is a delight to l9ok at. It is priced below $10., which is rare in an illustrated maritime book these days . DOD Ellerman's: A Wealth of Shipping, by James Taylor (London, Wilton House Gentry, 1976. 320 pp., illus., $12 .95). This chronicle of a prestigious english shipping line and the family behind it, a work for the serious maritime scholar, is written by a man wllo spent some 30 years in the employ of the line. Every ship owned by Ellerman's is listed, with her ultimate disposition, and many are shown in fine photographs, some in color. WILLIAM E. WANDER

Mr. Wander, who works at the National Society, is also a film-maker and publicist. Weather for the Mariner, by Rear Admiral William J. Kotsch, USN (ret.) (Annapolis, Naval Institute Press, 1977. 272 pp., illus., $13.95). Metric conversions and units are only one area in which welcomed additions and revisions appear in the second edition of Weather for the Mariner. Clear new photographs, 54 new or revised diagrams and five additional tables complement both original and new material that keep this basic work an up to date,


useful tool for everyone with more than a passing interest in the sea. Admiral Kotsch's authoritative work can be enjoyed by the armchair mariner as well as the serious student of marine meteorology. DOD The Revolutionary War Memoir and Selected Correspondence of Philip Van Cortlandt, ed. Jacob Judd (Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow Restorations, 1976. 181 pp., illus. $12.00). This invaluable memoir and letters by a scion of a famous Hudson River family was discussed in a joint review with Alan Keller's Life Along the Hudson in our last. Unhappily, while Life Along the Hudson was named at the head of the review, The Revolutionary War Memoir listing was accidentally dropped. Let us repeat here that Philip is a man worth knowing, and was at Yorktown and Washington's triumphal return to New York. His character shines in the pages of this notable work, first of a series on a family whose history is deeply imbedded in the history of New York.

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