Sea History 008 - Summer 1977

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Exhibits T he East Hampton Ma rine M use um in Amaga nsett, New Yo rk , has two new exhibits this summe r, on spo rt fi shing o n Long Island , and a wate r safe ty prese ntation sponsored by the local US Powe r Squad ro n. The Philadelphia Ma ritime Museum is sponsoring a n a nnual ship model contest a nd exhibition, do ne by the membe rs of the Philadelphia Shi p Model Society. Another good exam ple of using the in te rests-and skills-that a re the re fo r muse ums to draw upon. T he Marine rs Museum in New po rt News, Virginia o pe ned a Sea Power Gallery this yea r, a nd is a lso do ing a special exhibit o n whaling. T he New Bed fo rd Whaling Museum has a new show o n whaling in Arctic waters. T he Sa n Franc isco Maritim e Muse um is replacing its indoor displays in stages with new, highly arti fact ual displays th at refl ect the thinking of the fo under s, Scott Newhall , preside nt, a nd Karl Ko rtum , directo r. "I could say th at we wo uld have do ne it this way the first time," says Ko rtum of the new displays. "Bu t the fac t is we 're do ing it diffe re ntly tha n we would have twenty years ago .. . maybe the delay taught us so mething. " O ne thing evide nt to the visitor is that the new displays, foc used o n pa rtic ula r themes, wi th models, photographs, pieces of old ships and gea r, are tra nsfor ming the indoo r halls of this o utdoor, ship-saving museum . T he San Diego M aritim e Museum , mea ntime, is improving and ex te nding their display aboard the fer ry B erkeley. Fleet Captain Ke n Reyna rd's sure to uc h with wo rkin g gear and machine ry pro mises well for the ul tima te in stallation, in a ship th at has already become a cente r of inte rest and commu nity activities, as repo rted elsewhere in this issue. Th e Afro-A merican Institute, across the street fro m the UN in New Yo rk , has o pe ned a display on the Ca pe Yerdean Heritage which cente rs o n the immigrant packet trade repo rted in this issue of SEA HISTORY , a nd upo n the sailings of the E rnestine ex-Effie M. Mo rrissey, the last survivor of this trade, which it is a prin c ipal object of the National Socie ty to prese rve. T his display, which will be o pe n thro ugh Septe mber, illustrates again the power of an histo ri c ship to summo n resources and people-and to move o ur message beyo nd museum walls. w


"HIGH SEAS AND SAFE HARBORS " A Summer Exh ibiti on of O ri gin al O il Pain tings by O ld a nd Mo dern Ma sters I mportant Early Engravin gs , Curri er & I ves P rints of Cli pper Shi ps, Merchantmen , Harbor Sce nes, R iver Boats by F.J. vVa ugh , Montague Dawson , Thomas Birch , the Butte rsworths , Robert Sa lmon, Edward Moran, Anton ion J acobsen , Ch arles Patterson , and John Sto bart , Willi am B. M ull er , John Mecray, Gordo n Elli s, amongst oth ers . Li sting ava il abl e . Ju ly 1 through Augu st 19

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Drying Sail off Ten Pound Island, Gloucester Harbor, Mass., c. 1850. by FITZ HUGH LANE Oil on panel, 9 % x 14 % inches, signed on reverse. One of four Lane pJlintings now in stock.



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