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Lincoln Electric's custom training programs are designed to help welders develop more specialized skills that are aligned with your organization's needs and can be held on-site at your workplace or job-site.


ou can spend a lot of time (and a lot of money) searching for skilled welders. The truth is, it’s becoming harder and harder for contractors to find welders with an in-depth understanding of AWS D1.1 or D1.5 code provisions plus the ability to apply those skills, without significant supplementary training or oversight. According to a USG Corporation and U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey, 80 percent of contractors say skilled labor shortages are impacting jobsite safety. The number one contributing factor? A lack of workers with sufficient skills. As our more experienced welders retire in larger numbers, the knowledge gap continues to expand at a staggering rate. Welding education programs at trade schools and community colleges do a good job of preparing new welders to weld on the core welding processes. The problem is, these new welders Jason Scales, Ph.D., is the Business Manager for Lincoln Electric’s Education products and services. His background includes teaching as a former welding instructor, high school agriculture teacher and college professor. In his current role, Scales oversees Lincoln Electric’s Welding Technology & Training Center in Euclid, Ohio, and the development of advanced training products, curriculum books, technical documents and specialized training programs for customers and welding education groups.

Jason Scales, Ph.D.

Redefining Welding Training Modern tools for upskilling welder abilities

won’t check off all the boxes for employers in the steel erecting industry. Many new welders bring the necessary welding skills but lack industry specific skills. And employers may have few options to prepare them, as supplementary on-the-job training can be infeasible and cost-prohibitive for some operations. It can also take years for entry-level welders to fully develop the types of skills that many employers in the construction industry say they need now.

Supporting employers with custom training In many cases, contractors simply do not have the time, space or resources to deliver their own training programs. Here at Lincoln Electric’s Education division, we’ve developed a robust custom-training program to help employers quickly and affordably get workers up to speed on the specific welding skills they need to know. Our dedicated team of expert instructors have an extensive background in manufacturing, materials science and other welding-related disciplines. They can provide training remotely on-site at your workplace or job-site, or at our world-class Welding Technology & Training Center in Cleveland. The goal is to provide contractors with a solution that addresses welding deficiencies without negatively impacting productivity


through missed job opportunities or requiring more experienced workers to lead trainings. We can design specialized courses built around an organization’s specific production needs and processes with training on welds unique to an organization’s objectives and specifications. Examples include: •  Welding certification exams (AWS, ASME, API, ABS and more) •  Mastering a new welding process •  Industry or plant-specific materials and applications •  Enhancing the knowledge of the skill and science of welding •  Advanced equipment, application waveforms or production monitoring

Using simulators for efficient practical experience Another way Lincoln Electric is helping employers improve the welding skills of their workforce is by blending traditional welding training programs with the use of simulators. The VRTEX 360+ is both cost-efficient and effective for advancing critical welding skills. With the VRTEX 360+, two welders can practice welding on all the core welding processes simultaneously, including GTAW. This machine includes a GTAW TIG torch, filler metal and adaptive foot pedal devices that realistically simulate the look, feel and action of actual guns and torches.

Profile for The SEAA Connector

Connector - Summer 2019  

In the Summer 2019 issue of Connector: Product Focus: Trade Show Demos; Rent the Right Equipment for your Job; Redefining Welding Training

Connector - Summer 2019  

In the Summer 2019 issue of Connector: Product Focus: Trade Show Demos; Rent the Right Equipment for your Job; Redefining Welding Training