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Following SEA 2015-2016 Annual Report Issue, Winter/Spring 2017

Students, Ships, and the World



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2015-2016 Report to Donors From Board Chair Dick Cost and President Peg Brandon........................................ 5 Annual Report ....................................................................................................................... 6-14

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FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017 Editor: Design: Cover photo: Photography:

Jan Wagner MBDesign, Jan Witting Victoria Smith; SEA faculty, students, and friends

Students, Ships, and the World A roundtable discussion on how SEA Semester creates real global impact through our students, alumni, and collaborations. Following SEA brought together five of SEA’s leaders to discuss the organization’s educational philosophy, the important role of scholarships, and why philanthropy is essential to SEA’s work.

Roundtable participants pictured left to right: Katharine Enos, Dean of Admissions and Marketing; Peg Brandon, W-48, President; Jan Wagner, moderator and Director of Development; Paul Joyce, Academic Dean; David Bank, W-82, Director of Marine Operations. By Tresca Weinstein

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017


Students,Ships, Jan: Let’s begin by talking about why it’s important that a wide range of students have access to SEA Semester—in terms of both diverse backgrounds and different areas of study. Peg: My answer is the same whether we’re talking about economic, racial, cultural, geographic, or gender diversity, or about English, journalism, science, or economics majors. The bottom line is that we’re trying to change the world through ocean exploration and study—and that is not done only by scientists, nor is it done only by people from the Northeast, nor only by economists. It’s an interdisciplinary challenge and, to chart a course, we need to get all the voices involved in the conversation, research, and exploration. Everybody has to be in the discussion in order to create change. Paul: The big questions we’re increasingly trying to take on are global ocean questions. We need everyone to contribute to the solution, including international students who come to the program and rise to positions of leadership in their countries. If we broaden the scope of SEA students from various backgrounds, we also broaden awareness in more communities about what SEA does, and, when other students look into the program, they will see an inclusive place. Jan: Absolutely. Diversity among our student body is so important to what we do, and scholarships play a vital role in assuring that diversity. Katharine: That’s right. Philanthropy is the essential bridge between the true cost of delivering SEA Semester programs and the ability of many families to pay for it. More than 60 percent of our students receive some form of financial assistance to attend. Without philanthropic support, we limit our student body and therefore our broader impact. Philanthropy also helps us grow an alumni base that is more representative of today’s undergraduates in terms of socioeconomic diversity. Affordability and accessibility are critical to our enrollment and therefore critical to our mission of educating and inspiring all ocean scholars, stewards, and leaders—not just those who can pay in full. Paul: On the academic front, students may come from different disciplines, but what they share is that they come to SEA Semester wanting to make a difference. They want to work on meaningful ocean and human topics, whether they’re going on to a career in education or science or business or art. David: Looking at the ship as a classroom, as a laboratory, as a learning community, it is an environment where everybody on board plays a role and has a voice. When you have people from a diversity of backgrounds and with different perspectives, it strengthens the experience and the relationships. Katharine: I see a lot of colleges and universities working now to break down academic barriers between departments. We’ve been doing that for 45 years—taking students who are studying different topics and have different backgrounds and putting them all together in the same room, and then on the same ship, to share a common purpose and mission, but to come at it from their unique perspectives. That’s one of the greatest values that SEA Semester can offer: to unite students through a common purpose. Peg: And they are engaged not only with each other in a SEA Semester program but also with communities around the world. Whether it’s our collaboration with the Sargasso Sea Commission, or working with communities in the South Pacific in our


FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017

and the World SPICE [Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures & Ecosystems] program, there is interaction and collaboration that’s even bigger than the shipboard and campus community. Together with these organizations, SEA is addressing real-world environmental concerns. Jan: Tell us more about why that’s important. How do partnerships like these support our mission and provide a more expansive educational experience for students? Paul: We’re going to new places, taking on new questions, and working in areas that are of interest not only to the scientific community but also to foundations, organizations, and private donors who support our work. I believe that is the future of our programs—working in collaborations to address significant ocean issues and questions. Peg: A good example is how funding from the PIPA [Phoenix Islands Protected Area] Trust supported SEA’s collaboration with the Republic of Kiribati and with other researchers. Our work in that program is a very clear demonstration of how we’re operating together with partners around the world. Paul: Increasingly, it is our responsibility to let people know what we’re doing, using the traditional tools of science and also current methods of communication. Last year, our SPICE class produced a shipboard radio story hour describing their experiences, which is just great stuff. Data-driven purity of science is necessary, but there are also non-traditional ways that our work is being shared with the public. Peg: Telling the story in many different venues helps ensure that our work is broadly shared and keeps it from being an overlooked research experiment. Jan: Let’s discuss our educational philosophy and how that guides our students toward the strongest possible outcomes.

Paul: SEA Semester programs are designed to address the critical environmental issues of our time—climate change, sustainability, biodiversity, human impacts on the environment, and environmental justice. Interdisciplinary learning is how we create well-rounded, smart, informed citizens. We take students into an ocean environment where they are challenged, supported, and given the opportunity to grow in different ways—leadership, teamwork, personal growth, as well as academically. In recent years, we have expanded the range of questions we’re asking. For example, when we go into the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, we carry out scientific research, map new places, look at the environmental effects, and also look at the framework that created that environment—the policies and processes that went into creating that system. The ships provide access to new ideas in a way that nothing else does. Peg: That’s part of the magic of SEA Semester. We prepare our students to the best of our ability and then take them to the most fascinating parts of the ocean, where they don’t actually know what the answers are. They are truly entering the unknown— the vast mystery of ocean exploration that you can never fully prepare for. Katharine: Not knowing the answers is a very uncomfortable notion for students these days, and that makes what we’re offering them increasingly valuable. There’s no prescribed set of findings, and that challenges young people more now than ever. Our students today have never lived without the internet—they’re accustomed to having the answers literally at their fingertips. We’re offering them the opportunity to learn how to navigate through questions—big and small—without knowing what the solutions will be. David: When the ship sails away, we ask our students to put away their smartphones. They’re resistant at first but, after 10 days or six weeks, they find it so

refreshing to engage face to face. If you look at our alumni, you can see how their lives were changed through the relationships that were forged in the intense environment of the onboard community, and how that’s continued to affect how they engage with the world. They might not fully recognize the impact of their experience as soon as they step off the ship but, within a year or so, they start to make connections about what they learned and how they can apply that to their life and their pursuits going forward. Peg: The word “transformative” is not too strong for the impact that SEA Semester has on students, crew, and faculty alike. For some students, it may completely realign their thinking about what they want to study and what their career path will be. Our goal has always been to turn out young people who have strong critical thinking and leadership skills and can broaden the conversation, across a wide range of fields. We have alumni throughout the maritime industry, as well as those who have become entrepreneurs, financiers, educators… Katharine: When one student is motivated through their experience at SEA Semester to become an educator at any level, they multiply our impact through every student that they subsequently encounter. Peg: It’s the same with one student who goes into government or policymaking. There are countless examples among our alumni, from Andy Rosenberg, who is the director of the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists, to Cynthia Robinson at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which is providing a forum to launch fellows throughout government to be leaders in the federal system. Priscilla Brooks is vice president and Director of Ocean Conservation at the Conservation Law Foundation. Another SEA alum, Chris Lynch, is chief of staff to Maryland Senator Ben Cardin, continued

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017


Students, Ships, and the World continued

Paul: There’s a spark that happens during SEA Semester that ignites their passion. That’s the common thread I see among our alumni. Jan: Clearly, the onboard experience is the foundation of what we offer. Philanthropy comes into play here as well, because it enables us to maintain the health of our sailing vessels. David: That’s right. SEA is committed to sustaining our sailing school vessels in excellent condition, meeting or exceeding all standards for vessels of their class. That includes everything from hull and deck condition, to upgrades for navigation and oceanographic science equipment, to improvements to accommodations and livability. We take very seriously our responsibility to keep our ships in good repair for future generations of ocean scholars, stewards, and leaders. Peg: The technology has changed dramatically, from the old bucket thermometers and handheld calculators to today’s flow-through seawater systems and climate-controlled computer software in the lab, so our students and scientists can take their research that much further.

Following SEA 2015-2016 Annual Report, Winter/Spring 2017


the ranking Senator on the Foreign Relations Committee. Skye Morét is a designer who’s using graphic techniques to display complex data sets in a way that makes information about the human impact on the environment more accessible.

Sea Education Association, Inc. Fiscal Year 2016 Operating Revenue Sources

23% Contributions $1,656,967 7% Grants $533,447 6% Endowment Income $430,412 5% Short Program and other fees, net $390,112 3% Other Income $245,318 1% Investment Income $31,645

55% SEA Semester tuition and fees net $4,042,003

Sea Education Association, Inc. Fiscal Year 2016 Operating Expenditures

20% Administration $1,464,869 5% Fundraising $411,363

David: We’re looking for a balance between traditional and state of the art. We want to be up to date, but also to make sure that the equipment and operation involves the entire community—students as well as professional mariners and scientists. That’s where a sailing school vessel is a good fit—there is a role and a need for many human elements and human interactions on board, which makes this such a dynamic learning environment. Peg: We are providing an experience that’s very difficult to find anywhere else. An extended ocean voyage is something most people won’t have the opportunity to do in a lifetime, and it’s such a powerful experience—as anyone who has ever seen bioluminescence at night under the bowsprit knows. n 4

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017

75% Program services $5,580,496


Dick Cost, Chair Board of Trustees, February 2017

Peg Brandon, W-48, President

In this new issue of Following SEA we want to share how donor generosity is making a difference in the quality of our SEA Semester programs as well as our students’ experiences. We also want to highlight how our alumni take all they have learned about the oceans, themselves and each other into the world. We remain committed to the idea that the foundation of SEA Semester is our ability to build strong and inspired relationships. With this in mind, we share stories about the relationships our students build with each other while at sea and during their shore component, and how our programs, such as Protecting the Phoenix Islands, are helping to build relationships between SEA and the world around us. The power of experiential learning aboard an SEA sailing school vessel, paired with our excellent faculty and one-of-a-kind curriculum combine to provide an extraordinary experience for our students—one that results in a future richer in ocean scholars, stewards, and leaders. In this issue, we share with you a conversation between key SEA staff leaders about how our programs are thoughtfully designed and executed. From a number of diverse but interconnected perspectives, this article explains how our Educational Philosophy, ships, students, and donor generosity combine to serve as the foundation for real global impact. We also will tell you how our ships’ health is particularly important as we begin a major maintenance period for the SSV Corwith Cramer. As always, we hope to help you better understand our complex organization, and the many ways we are putting donor dollars to work. With your ongoing support, we will continue to work with our incredible staff, faculty, and crew to deliver quality programs, and thereby contribute in ways that only SEA can to a greater understanding and stewardship of our world’s oceans. Thank you for investing in our important work.

2016-2017 Officers, Trustees, and Overseers Officers Richard Cost, Chair Susan Humphris, Vice Chair Linda Cox Maguire, Vice Chair Robert Knapp, W-99, Treasurer Richard Chandler, W-7, Clerk Margaret Brandon, W-48, ex-officio

Trustees Emeriti James Humphreys John Kingsbury Peter Willauer

Presidents Emeriti John Bullard Rafe Parker

Trustees Jacob Brown Richard Burnes Lee Campbell, W-60 Peter Ellis John Gerngross, W-20 Lauren Gilbert, S-190 Richard Hawkins

Jerome Heller Morris Kellogg Jian Lin Philip McKnight Jessica McWade Lauren Morgens, C-158 Christopher Penn, W-6 Willis Wang Anthony Whittemore John Wigglesworth, W-5 Charles Willauer, W-40

Overseers Katrina Abbott Richard Armstrong, W-13 Susan Avery Cynthia Badan, W-95 Ronald Baird Amy Bower, W-47 Emily Bramhall, W-27 David Brown Jane Brown Walter Brown John Cahill, W-98 Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Ellen Cost

William Cramer John Damon Sarah Das, W-129 Jamie Deming, W-14 William Dennison, W-33 Scott Doney, W-76 William Duggan, W-35 Sylvia Earle Stephen Fantone Susan Farady, W-83 John Farrington David Ford, W-113 Robert Foulke Lloyd French, W-130 Robert Gagosian Robert Giegengack Douglas Goldhirsch, W-48 Sarah Gould, W-66 Samuel Gray Benjamin Gutierrez Gwendolyn Hancock, C-166 David Higgins Nigella Hillgarth Charles Holloway, W-58 Meghann Horner-Smith, C-163 Michael Hudner

Gordon Hughes David Jackson Ambrose Jearld Robert Johnson Royal Joslin Patricia Keoughan, W-53 Stephen Laster, W-83 Kenneth Legg Clifford Low, W-22 Ivan Luke Katherine Lund, C-121 Martin Madden Edward Madeira Caleb McClennan, W-144 Bart McGuire Jim Millinger Walter Mitchell, W-16 Sarah Murdock, W-66 Elizabeth Nicholson Leonard Pace, W-178 Leroy Parker Margaret Parker Cheryl Peach William Pinkney Kenneth Potter, W-43 George Putnam

Christopher Reddy Dwight Reese, W-41 Ralph Richardson Cynthia Robinson, W-64 Hal Rose, W-38 Andrew Rosenberg, W-7 Paul Rosenzweig, W-43 Carl Safina Robert Seamans Carolyn Sheild, W-77 Rebeccah Sparkes, C-183 Michael Taylor Walter Thompson Ashley Tobin Deborah Warner Henley Webb Gale Willauer, W-30 Richard Wilson Eric Wolman George Woodwell G. Stewart Young

We gratefully acknowledge the many alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends who generously contributed their money, time and effort to Sea Education Association during the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Every effort has been made to list all contributions accurately from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. If, however, an error has been made, please accept our apologies and notify us.

On the following pages, bold type indicates donors who have contributed for at least 10 consecutive years. † Indicates donors who have contributed for at least 5 consecutive years.

* Deceased

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017


Anchor Watch Established in 1991, the Anchor Watch society honors those who provide gifts to Sea Education Association through their estates or life-income plans. We are pleased to recognize these special donors during their lifetime and to celebrate the important role that the Anchor Watch society has in the future of SEA.

Don and Sandy Abt Emily Bramhall, W-27 Barbara Brown Jacob Brown Richard Burnes Levin Campbell, W-60 Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Norris Claytor John Damon E. Peter Elsaesser Edwin Fischer

David Ford, W-113 Samuel Gray Richard Hawkins Grace Hinkley Patricia Keoughan, W-53 Robert Knapp, W-99 Fred Larson Katherine Lund, C-121 Mary Madden Bartlett McGuire Philip McKnight

Don McLucas Jim Millinger Margaret Parker Paul Rosenzweig, W-43 David Ross Carolyn Sheild, W-77 Galen and Anne Stone Deborah Warner Richard Wilson Eric Wolman

Major Donors Club MASTERS ($10,000 AND ABOVE)

HELMSMEN, ($5,000 TO $9,999)

MATES ($2,500 TO $4,999)

Anonymous Jacob and Barbara Brown Walter and Kiyoko Brown Richard and Nonnie Burnes Levin Campbell, W-60 Edith Corning* Anna Fisher, S-231 John Gerngross, W-20, and Cheryl Doty Gordon and Elizabeth Hughes Morris and Elizabeth Kellogg Robert Knapp, W-99, and Kristin Collins Elizabeth Martin, W-28, and Kenneth Fabert Geraldine Martin Edwin and Linda Morgens Lauren Morgens, C-158, and Matthew Sarver Margaret Parker Christopher, W-6, and Diane, W-16, Penn Mary Pigott Manning and Virginia Smith Rowan Smith, S-183, Thomas Watson † Brooks, W-36, and Marie-Catherine Wallin Steuart Walton, W-158B Eric and Sandra Wolman

Anonymous Timothy, W-54, and Sandy Armour Elizabeth Cabot Charlotte Goddard, W-143, and Carl Swanson Kathleen Joseph, W-58 † Kenneth and Ardelle Legg Harold and Marguerite Lenfest Philip and Kathleen McKnight Susan, W-10, and Robert Nalewajk Clare Parker, C-138, and Nick Damner Leroy and Winifred Parker George and Kathy Putnam Thomas Rafferty and Dian Pickoff Jeremy, W-75, and Dianne Salesin Robert and Stella Mae Seamans † Stephan, C-142, and Bonnie Tompsett Gale, W-30, and Charles, W-40, Willauer Bonnie Wood, W-36, and Janet Wheeler

Anonymous John, W-98, and Rachel Cahill † Richard, W-7, and Cynthia Chandler Judith Cook David Drinkwater, C-113 Peter and Cynthia Ellis Samuel and Margaret Gray Richard Hawkins and Marian Ferguson Adam, C-145, and Nadia Heffernan Hirce Family Meghann Horner-Smith, C-163, and Andy Smith Barbara Woll Jones Stephen, W-83, and Debra Laster Christopher Lovelock * Mason Family Bartlett and Cynthia McGuire Amy, C-151, and Daniel McMorrow Bonnie Fry Rothman, W-103, and Michael Rothman G. West and Victoria Saltonstall Alma Scully Holbrook Smith, C-105 Robert and Cynthia Spencer Robert Szafranski, W-98, and Nguyet Vo Mary Warden

Annual Fund Donors Clubs SEAFARERS ($1,000 TO $2,499) Anonymous Donald and Barbara Abt Peter Appleby and Stephanie Raia Richard Armstrong, W-13 Susan and James Avery † George and Barbara Beal Emily Bramhall, W-27 Margaret Brandon, W-48 Seth, W-132, and Kirtley Cameron Levin and Eleanor Campbell Sarah Chandler, C-159, and Matthew Theobald Jocelyn, W-46, and Douglas Childs Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Richard and Ellen Cost William Cramer and Beth Weiser † Jamie, W-14, and David Deming Nicholas and Birgitte Dill David and Susan Egloff Ford and Jean Elsaesser Grace, W-45, and Daniel Evans 6

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017

John and Shirley Farrington Ralph and Erika Forbes David Ford, W-113 Peter and Susan Forster John and Meryl French Matthew Fromboluti, S-189 Lauren Gilbert, S-190, and Stephen Ruane, S-178 Virginia Gray David Hayes Jerome and Anne Heller † David and Ilona Higgins Daniel and Lori Hirce Ryan Hirce, S-221 Susan Humphris and George Lohmann Robert and Elizabeth Johnson Edward Kane and Martha Wallace † Kirk, W-111, and Elana Keil William and Jaynie Kind Abigail, S-183, and Joseph Kirchofer † Richard and Darcy Kopcho Oliver Krug, W-102, and Elisabeth Eijgermans

James Lazar, W-78, and Carolyn Leep Beau, W-132, and Jennifer Lescott † Jian Lin and Kelan Huang † Barbara Littlefield Edward and Grace Madeira Linda Cox Maguire and John Maguire R. Hardin Matthews and Jane Dougan Jeffrey and Kathryn McCarron Caleb McClennen, W-144, and Christy Loper † Peter and Valerie McNeely Jessica McWade and Walter Kulkinski † Margaret Merrill, W-30 Jim Millinger Ryan Mullins, C-204 Leonard Pace, W-178, and Sabra Loewus Paul* and Mary Perkins Virginia Pillsbury, W-79 Dwight Reese, W-41 Andrew Rockefeller David and Marian Rocker George Rockwood * Deceased

Annual Fund Donors Clubs Hal, W-38, and Lisa Rose Paul Rosenzweig, W-43, and Kathleen Kunzer Daniel and Matthew, C-240, Scheuer Schmitt Family Arah Schuur, W-122 Scott Seaver, W-31 Michiru Shimada, C-148 Stacey, W-153, and Cutter Smith † Rebeccah, C-183, and Bryan, C-183, Sparkes † Veronica Sperling Eric Swergold, C-102, and Dawn Dobras Leopold and Jane Swergold Charles and Gayle Swicker Matthew, W-61and Linda Tanzer † Walter and Nancy Thompson Rachel Tilney, C-109 † Rebecca, C-144, and Jeffrey Trachsel † Robert, W-121, and Colby Van Alan Janet Wagner Ryan, C-190, and Lindsey Walsh † Willis Wang and Terri Yahia Anne and Richard Webb Alexander Weld Katherine, W-21, and Christopher White † Richard Wilson Benjamin, W-79, and Anne Wolff James, W-156, and Sarah Yockey G. Stewart and Mandy Young † BOW WATCH ($500 TO $999) John and Judith Alexander Debbie Arey, W-51, and Peter Canning † Ronald and Kay Baird † Robert, W-85, and Katherine Beede Jessica Bell, S-195, and David Greisen Andrew Black, C-107 † Sharon Bonner William and Beatrice Booth Scott, C-145, and Julia Boughton Brian and Susan Bowe John, C-137, and Mayumi Bowen Amy Bower, W-47, and David Fisichella Francis and Margaret Bowles John and Nancy Braitmayer David Brown and Sheila McCurdy † Jane Brown John and Laurie Bullard David, W-71, and Lynn Butler Robert Campbell, W-58

Steven and Kathleen Cartwright Christopher Cazeault † Peter Cheimets, W-7, and Karen Benedek Margaret Clowes* Philip, W-95, and Laura Conner † Paul Dixon, S-220 † Scott Doney, W-76, and Andrea Gosselin Jeffrey and Courtney Dorman Alexander Dorsk, C-204 † Kimberly, W-97, and Christopher Drew † Blair, W-88, and Elaine Duff William, W-37, and Deborah Duggan Jonathan, W-108, and Martha Dunfee † Elizabeth Eden, W-173 † Lindsay, C-137, and Graham Ernst Brannon, W-132, and Amanda Fisher Dielle Fleischmann David, C-174, and Laura Frank Clayton, C-109, and Jennie Gentry Edna Gillespie † Heather, W-137, and Michael Goldberg Douglas, W-48, and Sharon Goldhirsch David, W-43, and Paulaine Goldsmith Caroline Good, W-136 Judith Gregg-Holden, W-96, and Kevin Holden Stephen and Sally Gresham † Jane Hallowell Carl, W-4, and Leslie Hauquitz † James, C-140, and Diana Higgins Scott, C-189 and Laryssa S-192 Hiller Porter Hoagland Katherine Holland, C-189 James Hughes and Bess Dawson Kristin Hunter-Thomson, W-177, and Malin Pinksy Melville Ireland Laura Jansen, S-178 Ambrose and Anna Jearld Merrill and Lillian Jencks † Alexander and Nora Jinishian Garrett and Barbara Johnson † Carolyn, W-36, and Steven Jones Jaime Jones, S-179, and Adam Ogusky Heather Kaese, W-111, and Brian Lunde John and Louise Kingsbury Elin Kondrad, C-153, and Abraham Nussbaum † Linda Korth Donald, W-14, and Linda Kyrnitszke Darrin, W-141, and Sarah, C-167, Ladd Robert and Patricia Lawrence Norman, W-48, and Sarah Livingston Robert and Constance Loarie Amy, W-93, and Parke, C-100, Logan Lucy Loomis, W-18, and Thomas Creighton John and Patty Lummis Lynn MacLean, W-69, and Dave Updegraff Martin and Anne Madden Catherine Mannix, W-63 † Craig, W-119, and Laura Marin † Osamu and Grace Matsutani Diana McCargo, W-42, and Peter Swift Georges and Mary Mejaes

Richard and Katherine Mellon Audrey and William Meyer Edwin and Cassandra Milbury Kenneth and Sharon Morgan Sarah, W-66, and Robert Murdock Charles and Donna Natale Michael, W-35, and Michele Nathan † Donald Nichols and Valerie Campbell Lori Petitti, W-48, and P. Scott Sakamoto Victoria, W-77, and Peter Philip E. Denley Poor-Reynolds, W-57 and Matthew Reynolds Marc and Emily Porter Kenneth, W-43, and Judy Potter William and Diane Pulleyblank G. Michael and Shannon Purdy † Daniel, W-57, and Amy Beth Quible Aaron Roland, W-18, and Annelise Goldberg Edward and Susie Rowland Paul and Barbara Ruane Sarah Russell, W-30, and Lance Elwell Alison, W-83, and Jeffrey Sacknowitz Carl Safina Jason Saxe, S-186, and Lucy Malcolm Shelley Scheuer Katrina, W-15, and John Schilling † Christopher Scholz, W-14 Susan Scotto-Dyckman, W-32, and Christopher Dyckman Edward and Joan Shankle † Carolyn Sheild, W-77 Ross and Kathleen Sherbrooke Janine Shissler, C-110, and David Y. Bae Sally Skimin, C-119 Pamela, W-75, and Wallace Stark Mark, W-45, and Patricia Tedesco † Peter and Elizabeth Thomson Joe Twichell and Anne Goodrich † Adam Vitarello, C-172, and Sophia Newbold Margaret Wachenfeld, W-60, and Anders Jessen John, C-113, and Susan Waldren Deborah Warner Joseph Warren Anthony and Rhoda Whittemore † Anne Sparks Whitten, W-83 Raymond and Theresa Williams Sylvia Wolf, W-37 Alastair Wolman George and Katharine Woodwell

Thank you! SEA is very grateful to Dr. Lew Stern of Stern Consulting for his generous work with SEA leadership in 2016.

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017


ANNUAL FUND Alumni Donors 01 Kurt Erickson Cheryl McKinley † James Nason Craig Williamson

18 Lucy Loomis Marilyn Proulx Aaron Roland William Wulsin

02 Jennifer Rose

20 William Elliott John Gerngross Neal Overstrom

03 Maurice Ahern Thomas Carley Mark Farber Samuel Howe John Millar Tom Robinson 04 Geraldine Blitzman Carl Hauquitz † 05 Larry Kammer John Wigglesworth 06 James Avery J. Blair Hamilton James McSwiggen Christopher Penn John Sculley 07 Richard Chandler Peter Cheimets Michael Galoob John Hacunda † Cynthia Hyde Alan McIlhenny † Andrew Rosenberg 08 David Devens Sarah Gierke Mark Newby

11 John Herman Paul Toczydlowski 12 Steve Wagner 13 Richard Armstrong † 14 Jamie Deming Donald Kyrnitszke Jean Marvel † Christopher Scholz 15 Talbott Miller Katrina Schilling † Aprille Sherman Thomas Vawter

17 Rebecca Dorn Janice Olsen 8

22 James Henry Clifford Low Stuart Stedman † Peter Thomas 23 Steve Hudson William Snedden 24 B. Cort Delany 25 Nan Walker 26 Thomas B. Clark Claudia de Mayo Brandon Leeds Richard Wood 27 Emily Bramhall Andrew Follett

10 Gary Borda William Davies Susan Nalewajk Andrew Wolf

16 John Miller Diane Penn

21 Jacob Korngold † Cynthia Nathanson Rust Raymond Palombo Juan Pujol Katherine Sawyer White Robert Wiberg

28 Jeffrey Heinen Elizabeth Martin 29 Margaret Brady Robert Swarm 30 Anonymous Deborah Burns-Walton Christine Duerring Dody LeSueur Margaret Merrill Sarah Russell Gale Willauer Kristina Wood 31 Eleanor Mariani Scott Seaver † 32 Chel Anderson Elizabeth Billig Susan Scotto-Dyckman 33 William Balch Anne Chapin William Dennison Anita Meissner John Quilty †

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34 Russ Chinnici 35 Henry Amabile † Jerrold Baum Leslie Bulion † David Donegan William Duggan Jonathan Leavitt † Michael Nathan † Melinda Edgerley Pearce John Taylor 36 Loralee Clark † Carolyn Jones Dorinda Osterman William Umhau Brooks Wallin Leslie Will Bonnie Wood 37 Stephen Burnham Craig Russell † Sylvia Wolf 38 Richard Crispin Robert O’Leary Hal Rose 39 Marisa Mazzotta Janet McMahon Elisabeth Morris Charles Natale George Rockwood 40 Martha Ballard Robert Breen Gail Lima Susan Savage Charles Willauer 41 Josie Quintrell Dwight Reese Carolyn Steiner Hervé Thébault 42 Mary Jo Dedon Diana McCargo Julie Miller Jeffrey Platt Daniel Tierney Steven Zuckerman 43 Dave Goldsmith R. Steve Luce Kenneth Potter Paul Rosenzweig Christina Swanson 44 Katherine Bradford Mary O’Brien Caroline Woodwell 45 Gwen Burzycki Grace Evans Lynn Collins Francis William McMahon † Mark Tedesco †

46 Jocelyn Childs Bradley Dyer † Ann Miller Agnes Rapoli Stacy Rappleyea 47 Amy Bower Kevin Muench Edward Tokarski Susan Willard 48 Margaret Brandon Wendelyn Duquette Brenda Fogarty Rodman Getchell Doug Goldhirsch Edward Grier Helen Jackson Norman Livingston April Nichols Lori Petitti Mary Vickers Christopher West † Amy Wolff 49 Barbara Block 50 Priscilla Brooks Jeffrey Dickison † Lisa FitzGerald † Wynn McCloskey Robert Nolan Virginia Pomeroy George Townsend 51 Deborah Arey † Steve Bollens Susan Duke Hilary Hudson David Whitney † Karen Woodberry † 52 Gwenllian Scott Linda Carlson Witte

57 Carin Ashjian Douglas Eisinger Marla Gearing Rebecca Hemphill † E. Denley Poor-Reynolds Daniel Quible 58 Wendy Blake Robert Campbell Charles Holloway Kathleen Joseph † Stephen Lafrance Allen Reilly 59 Claudia Corwin † Ethan Guiles † Aaron Horwitz Margaret Jay Patrick Keenan Sarah LeDoux Lynn Mahaffy Patricia Mahoney Michael Parker 60 Levin Campbell Christopher Kelley † Ellen Mihaich † Martha Moulton Margaret Wachenfeld 61 Deborah Carlson Darik Corzine † Priscilla Dana Cari Furiness Jeremy Gaies Patricia Goffinet Thomas Goffinet Hilary Maybaum Julie Newman Paul Slesinger Lawrence Taborsky Matthew Tanzer † Craig Timmins

66 Reneè Allen Gregory DiLisio Hugh Ferguson Sarah Gould John Kelley Heidi Lovett Sarah Murdock N. Allyn Pistole Jennifer Woodward 67 David Raible † 68 Edward Conti Jeffrey Hager Cynthia Layport Laurie Radovan † Deborah Tullman 69 Mary Ann Boyer † Lynn MacLean Catherine McCabe Mark Nelson † Elizabeth Reuman 70 Christopher Wingard 71 David Butler Kristina Caldwell † Helen Hollingsworth † Richard Murray Stacie Leo Pinney Alexander Prud’homme Gretchen RollwagenBollens Dean Smith 72 Christopher Perry Norman Price Edward Walton Elizabeth Whyley

62 Randall Bouchard † Barbara Dinkins Christi Douglas Elizabeth Briggs-Feighan Judith O’Neil

73 Miriam Bertram Frederick Breaux Sarah Enright Kimberly Heiselman Rachel Riemann

54 Timothy Armour Mariette Buchman James Hardiman Margaret Haskins Nickoletta Swank

63 Jeanne Grasso † Elizabeth Jakob Catherine Mannix † Andrew Milliken Peter Nalen Walter Poleman

74 Catherine Counsell Ruth Pryor

55 John Abrams Jane Caffrey Nancy Gravina James House Brian Marotz Marc Overlock

64 James Kerney Gail Kineke Peter Neidhardt Cynthia Robinson † Susan Service Lisa Sherman

53 Mickey Jones Patricia Keoughan

56 Jeanne Foussard † Michael Kent † Steve Lemos Peyton Robertson † Marie Vayo-Greenbaum Sarah Whalen

65 Susan Ferrari Philip Huffman Penny Lacroix Amanda Madeira Mary Ellen Masciale † Alec Maxwell-Willeson Cy Oggins Jennifer Paduan Jonathan Rosenfield

On the following pages, bold type indicates donors who have contributed for at least 10 consecutive years. † Indicates donors who have contributed for at least 5 consecutive years.

75 Elizabeth Doxsee † Kelly Dryden Catherine Jahrling † Jeremy Salesin Pamela Stark Panos Stephens 76 Scott Doney Patrick O’Reilly Anthony PirruccelloMcClellan † 77 Gregg Delany Victoria Philip Carolyn Sheild Katherine van Liere Melissa Walters * Deceased

ANNUAL FUND Alumni Donors 78 Charles Courtsal James Lazar Maria Libby Philip Marsh 79 Susan Boehme † Judy Fairfull Laura Moser Virginia Pillsbury Benjamin Wolff 80 Geoff Alexander Elizabeth MacCurrach Natalie Stephens 81 Robert Allyn Jonathan Detwiler James Morrill Todd Smith Edwin Williams 82 David Bank † Steven Craig Hilary Hoagland-Grey 83 Susan Farady Lynne Holler Katherine Irvine Stephen Laster Ali Sacknowitz Kerry Scarlott Anne Sparks Whitten 84 Elizabeth Concaugh Christopher Ferguson Nina Nesher Richard Pendleton † Susan Perelman Carl Stevens Elizabeth Stevens 85 Jennifer Allen Robert Beede Monica Berry Kimberly Schulz 86 Neal Durant Heidi McGee 87 Andrew Felcher David Johnson Suzanne Schoelch 88 Dwynwen DeSilver Blair Duff Steven Gold Regina Purtell Robert Ultan 89 Jeanette Fielden † Peter Hodum † Helen Rozwadowski 90 Ingrid Dockersmith Barbara Maynard † Christopher Summersgill Barbara Toomey † William Toomey †

91 Brannon Claytor Nils Jackson 92 Michael Aasland Paul Anastasio † Laurel Anderson Gregory Braun Martin Chin † Heather Franklin E. Bradley Grenham Benjamin Hall † Lucy Hersey Janet Keeler Siobhan Kelly † Aimee Kemper Patricia Murer † Jennifer Nauen Daniel Rolince † Aaron Rugh † Claire Timbas Rebecca Waegell Sue Woodward † Patrick Worfolk † 93 Amy Blumenberg Amy Logan Pamela Parker

102 Johanna Craig Holly Davis Malcom Hill Oliver Krug Daniel Polidoro Eric Swergold 103 Christabel Choi Steven Hilger Bethany Jenkins Bonnie Fry Rothman Matthew Samuelson Sarah Topham Erik Vogt 104 Jennifer Clammer Elizabeth Hasse Terri Lehman † Gary Matusow Amy Vince † 105 Susan Carter Catherine Johnson Andrew Rhoades Holbrook Smith

94 Thomas Jester Jeffrey Packman

106 Rebecca ArensonRachlinski Ginny Eckert Hannah Parker †

95 Cynthia Badan Robert Bein Annette Brickley Zak Conner Brian Levy

107 Andrew Black † Daniel Evans Michael Loyd Carrie McCusker Courtney Richmond

96 Michael Budniak † Judith Gregg-Holden

108 David Bernhart Daryl Cooke Jonathan Dunfee † Christopher Watson

97 Andrew Campbell † Kimberly Kiesewetter Drew † James Harris Michael Johnson † 98 John Cahill † Marjorie Friedrichs Jeannine Margolis Robert Szafranski 99 Stephen Cann † Robert Knapp Christopher Legault Erik Marks William Ross † Karin Wagner † Keith Wight 100 Stuart Friedman Christopher Kilbridge J. Parke Logan Susan Marks Pawlak Catherine Roosevelt Roshan Swope 101 George Duane Neil Glickstein Susan Palmer Karen Rennich

109 Trevor Braden B. Clayton Gentry Jennifer Haddock Christopher Knowlton Frederick Stewart Rachel Tilney 110 Christopher Ducko † Melissa Neuman Christopher Reich Keil Schmid † Janine Shissler 111 Gregory Castell Shelby Collier Curtis Dailey † Heather Kaese Kirk Keil Marc Leonardo Mary Mattis James Ramsdell Kevin Reilly Matthew Smith Elizabeth Tuohy † Janet Walker Geoffrey Zentz 112 Nancy Israel David Lamberger † Rob Robertson

113 Jonathan Burke Drusilla Clarke Rebecca Countway David Drinkwater David Ford Bette Hecox-Lea Dawn McIntosh Roger Pinnicks † Richard Schlereth Gabriel Thoumi † John Waldren 114 Craig Butterworth Jennifer Childress Warren Claytor † Elizabeth Davenport Jennifer McPhee Daniel Mertens Scott Miller Jackson Murphy Brian Watson † 115 Beth Donnelly David Jones Virginia Land McGuire Valerie Solar Woodward 116 Peter Bender Amy Harry Theodore Sprague 117 Megan Baker 118 Pamela Jones † Paul Jones Megan Murray Glen Wortman 119 Walter Carr Shannon Doubet Craig Marin † Sarah Skimin 120 Travis Connors Jeffrey Hughes Krista Longnecker Christopher McGuire Anne Ogilvie † Michele Timko 121 Winslow Burleson Pamela Clark † Elissa Katz † Katherine Lund † Wendin Smith † Robert Van Alen 122 Andrew Daniels Grant MacDonald Joshua Rocker † Arah Schuur David Wisniewski 123 Matthew Johnson Alexis Levitt Melissa Maddonni-Haims Matthew McKenzie Laurie Morgado Kathryn Sutherland

124 Craig Gorton Susan Matthews 125 Carli Bertrand Elizabeth Gilgan Matthew Hebard 126 Danielle BornsteinElbirt Charlotte HanleyJacobson Kimberly Howland Erin Hubbard Sarah Raunecker Erica Starr David Warren † 127 William Aquila Adam Bunshoft Peter Colby Adam Gildner Kathryn Lewellen Jonathan Mitchell Margaret Woodcome 128 Christopher Bryan Kathryn Cherashore Joseph Hickey † Todd Moore Nicole Stephenson † Heather Stone 128C Amanda Patrick 129 Bruce Armbrust Christian Cox Sarah Das Duncan Eccleston Heather Kelly † Matthew Luecke † Nicholas Molander David Nalchajian † 130 David Ellis Jason Hutt Ravi Lumpkin Elizabeth Lyman Heidi McCann Maria O’Donnell Robert Walsh 131 Matthew Holstein Jennie Leslie Sharon Schaff Frederike van Markus 132 Seth Cameron Andrew Enright Brannon Fisher Justin Harrison Erin Koenig † Beau Lescott † 134 Stephanie Finegold 134A Sarah Claytor

135 Heather Bryant Shannon McKenzie Kristen Patterson Kristina White 136 Caroline Good Jacqueline Mitchell 137 Mark Behn John Bowen Lindsay Ernst Eliza Fortenbaugh Heather Goldberg Molly Madden Kristin Russell Steven Sacco Eric Stoddard Amanda van Heyst Sarah Weinstein-Knowlton 138 Cara Fritz † Clare Parker 139 Walter Christmas Catherine Parker 139A Kenneth Baughman 140 Jessica Forton Wendy Goyert James Higgins Jennifer Mott 140A Peter Bertash 141 Nicole Chevalier Marc Jacques Cheryl Kearns † Jonathan Kohler † Darrin Ladd Aurianne Lopatka Christopher Morris Christopher Pastore Marc Porter Erika Saveraid † Eric Tytell 142 Nikola Garber Erin Gutierrez † Amy Siuda † Stephan Tompsett 143 Shannon Fausel Charlotte Ives Goddard Donald Keel 144 Sarah Baraff Robin Catlin Caleb McClennan † Christopher Shephard Andrew Siuda † Rebecca Trachsel 145 Scott Boughton Adam Heffernan Cynthia Pencek Molly Peters Jonathan Zwarg

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017


ANNUAL FUND Alumni Donors (continued) 146 Jennifer Baughman Kailin Lee Sabrina Schlumberger

157 Anonymous Meggin Taylor Michelle Wouden

146A Robert Jaye Middleton Squier

158 Angela Kearney Lauren Morgens

147 Patricia Buckley † Amy Cameron Gavin Lodge Catherine McDonnell Susan Tuxbury

158A Bonnie Garcia Clarice Holm Michael Taylor

148 Kelwin Conroy Susan Hammond † Michiru Shimada 149 Sarah Bryant Matthew Burke Charlotte Engelman Daniel Pollard Michael Reilly † Rachel Wade 150 Caroline Claytor Anne Elefterakis James Foley Timothy Gustafson Philip Petrone Sarah Webster 150B Benjamin Carr 151 Amy McMorrow 152 Kathleen Hallee † 152A Barbara Belanger Nancy Cande Alison Cochrane Judith Morlan Carolyn Nybell Richard Rodin 153 Joshua Frederickson Molly Frederickson Elin Kondrad † Christopher Lanoue Jessica Macrie † Scott McAuliffe Rebecca Newhall Ryan Peters Stacey Smith † Julie Vecchio Shane Walden

158B Steuart Walton 159 Sarah Chandler Robert Hancock † Samuel Mandell Jaime Mason † Anne Samuel Justin Taylor Lauren Taylor Jennifer Wallace John Zimmermann 160 Sarah MacLeod 161 Amy Ballentine Stevens Weston Cantor Braden Masselink Jay Reynolds † Julia Santen Reid Smith Melissa Solomon Darlington 162 Harrison Condon Elizabeth Ellwood † Katherine Fish Megan Hwang Elizabeth Maloney Jodi Meck Johanna Mendillo † Hadley Owen James Thomson 163 Meghann Horner-Smith 163B David Burt Michael Horn Janet Loynes 164 Anonymous † James Hildebrand † Alix Purdy Carly Tarr

154 Margaret Martsching

164B Megan Peal

155 Catherine Bozek Rebecca Cooperman Erin Madeira † E. Anders Matney Sarah Oehl Greene Mark Williams

165 Erin Bostrom Kate Buckman Samantha Decker Deborah Liptzin Morgan Simmons † Benjamin Urmston †

156 Jennifer Patterson † Llyd Wells James Yockey

166 Jason Amster Gwendolyn Hancock † Alexander Hay


FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017

167 Heather Borkowski Mark Couet Marguerite Fontaine † Benjamin Hussa Stephen Kirk Sarah Ladd Nicholas Pfleghaar Jessica Springer Gina Voskov James Wrisley 168 Elizabeth Grubin Marjorie Parker 169 Ryan Gordon 169B David Inskeep 169C Christine Hempel 170 Peter Frantz Rebecca Royal 171 Nicole Cheatle † M. Graham Furlong Laura Gilbert Alison Gray Justin Martinich † Anna McGaraghan Hillary Mendillo Sarah Spotts Amy Villanueva Michael Whalen 172 Eric Hartge † Morgan Nickerson Elizabeth Stefany Adam Vitarello 173 Elizabeth Eden † Kyle Helland Coury Yetman 174 Christopher Acheson Brian Ambrette † Erica Bradstreet † David Frank Kevin Martin Walton Shepherd 175 Peter Hahn Jessica Starr Boz † Sophia Walker

179 Emily Hall Beckett Elizabeth Burakowski † Jonathan Cedar Jaime Jones Jonathan Kling † Callie Scheetz † 180 David Given T. Oliver Hay Bradley Kraushaar † Juliette McCullough Erik Wallenberg 181 Carrie Bennett Jillian Ladegard Toby Mandel Hedger Aimee Rowe † Caleb Scheetz † 182 Laura Uridil † Sadie Wieschhoff 183 Lindsey Ekern Rebecca Gracia Anthony Hatala Abigail Kirchofer † Sarah Lucchesi Thomas Martin John O’Keeffe Justin Shaw Rowan Smith † Bryan Sparkes † Rebeccah Sparkes † 184 Jonatha Giddens Abigail Magni Lev Nelson † Geneva Michaelcheck Matthew Peters Gregory Voll Lauren Zike 185 Kathryn Lindsey Deirdre Wadsworth 186 Christine Coolidge Jacob Keaton Jason Saxe Kevin Sullivan 187 Joshua Baston David Benack 187D Thomas Gagnon 188 James Palardy

177 Christopher Bartels Sarah Borgstadt-Smith Kristin Hunter-Thomson Melanie White Amanda Zoellner

189 Lauren Burk Katherine Cohn Matthew Fromboluti Scott Hiller Katherine Holland James Maritz

178 Ashley Bronzan Samuel Chamberlin Juliana Miller Fischler Laura Jansen Leonard Pace Steve Ruane

190 Kyra Appleby Allison Dutton Benjamin Erne Lauren Gilbert Destaye Moore William Rich Ryan Walsh †

* Deceased

191 Anthony Adler Elizabeth Haffenreffer Hilde Khou † Benjamin Schellpfeffer Carey Tinkelenberg 192 Laryssa Hiller Lindsey Palardy † Erin Roach Allison Robinson Nicholas Shonka † 193 Pamela Moeller 193C Marielle Matthews 194 Meghan Kallman Eula Kozma 195 Jessica Bell Stephanie Gilley Kimberly Gniadek Gavin Gregory Clara Hard Randolph Jones † Maureen Lynch Brittain Mason Elizabeth Rice Hannah Roth 196 Allison Klein † Cassie Mavencamp Katherine Mueller 197 Sarah Herard † Steven Ibara Daniel Kayne Sarah Kettenmann Stephen Wheless 198 Ann Halbach Krogman Min-Yi Jou † Robert Truxler 199 Erin Soucy Eberle

204 Alexander Dorsk † Genevieve Greer Andrew Horsburgh Erin Morgan Ryan Mullins † Rachel Philbrick Daniel Stone 205 Robert Thompson 206 Scott Allen 207 Kathryn Rodgers Hiroaki Tanaka Lauren Wang 208 Adam Carpenter Virginia Engel † Ashleigh McCord † Jane Sarno † 209 Kara Culgin Abigail Dominy Ryan Mahoney Ryan O’Toole Michael Tillotson Deena Tvinnereim 210 Katrina Barnes † Jessica Donohue † Bradley Nicholson † 211 Katherine Love † Carla Scocchi 212 Craig McMaster † Lauren Schroedter † Holly Taylor Henry van Wagenberg 213 Rebecca Inver † Eleanor Kane Kathryn McMullan Reid McMullan

200 Kristin Burkholder

214 Margaux Howard Adam Kumm Sarah Powell

201 Elizabeth Crockett Chidester Margaret Gregor Mackenzie Haberman Anna Stevens Elsa Thoma

215 Gregory Ardini Elizabeth Koch Krystle McMaster † Kathleen Murphy

202 Kelly Atkins Mindy Hofsass Noah Kaufman † Bonnie McGill Benjamin Miller 203 Lydia Cole Hannah Nadeau Matthew Phillips

216 Aileen Caldwell Emily Chandler † Nicholas Graham 217 Erin Child Hannah Green 217D Spencer Clark † 218 Anonymous Darcy Mullen

On the following pages, bold type indicates donors who have contributed for at least 10 consecutive years. † Indicates donors who have contributed for at least 5 consecutive years.

ANNUAL FUND Alumni Donors 219 Nicholas Iannacone Mollie Kirkwood Adrian Mason Miah McClinton Heather McGee Michael Raymond Sarah Schmidt Jana Spencer † Hannah Waterhouse 220 Hannah Darrin Paul Dixon † 221 Ryan Hirce 222 Anonymous Ryan Bash Jennifer Burnham Warren Bush Casey Canfield † Ryan Dorsey Devin Farkas Dylan Hammond Giles Holt Luay Khoury † Rachel Luban † Stephanie O’Hara Jeffrey Prunier Leigh Quenin † Nathaniel Smith † Anneliese Steel Jeremy Tagliaferre Carolyn Tarpey † Jean Turner Natalie Turner 223 Nathaniel Gilman

224 Marina Cassio John Dow † Melanie Finn † Katherine Rendon 225 Mariya Osipchuk John Trask 226 Elena Correa Catherine Coupland Nicole Couto Samuel Seymour Scott Zolkos 227 Jordan Eckstein Henry Ward 228 Elizabeth Eaton Timothy Lovett 230 Henry Philip † 231 Kate Dubickas Anna Fisher Lydia Mathewson Honora Montano Evan Oleson † Emma Poland Peter Rippberger Collin Schmitt Riely White 232 Noah Citron Bradley Davis Lauren Mitchell Flora Weeks Oliver Weisser

233 Alana Bryant Nicholas Constantino Elizabeth Dorr Tristan Feldman Amber Hewett Heidi Hirsh 234 Nicholas Green Vivian Torres

240 Daniel Pollak Matthew Scheuer † Peter Wu † Anna Yoors 241 Quinn Christie Yingxin Ye

235 Laura Lilly Brianna Walsh

242 Blaine Darrah Christina Mullen Anna Peterson Anne West

235C Anna Hitchcock

243 Stephanie Mygas

235D Andrew Knowland 236 Michelle Lessard Dorothy Smith 237 Shelley Kind Lauren Krug † Justin Painter Joshua Sorosky 238 Stephen Rosenman 239 John Jinishian Samuel Kaiser Hedee Kim Michelle Rossi

244 Henry Bell Rebecca Hernandez Jennifer Hyde Hayli Kinney 245 Casey Dannhauser Jessica Reade 246 Nikiforos Delatolas Mary McGee Marina Stevenson 247 Steven Houang Bethany Kolody Christina Morrisett Scott Watters 248 Kristen Butler Brendan Casey Arden Pickoff-Rafferty Thomas Walters

248E Elliott Ross 250 Anonymous Brynner Batista James Crawford Molly Halberstadt Kelton Jenkins Sarah Salem 251 Rachael Ashdown Matthew Gauthier Margaret Giesel Taylor Hogan 252 Sonia Pollock Mei Jia Tan Emma Van Scoy 253 Elizabeth DiCesare Matthew Edinger 254 Andrew Futerman Molly Groskreutz David Livingstone Jessica McGlinchey Alexander Morrow Brendan Pratt Alexander Ruditsky 255 Rudolf Hanz Valerie Mitchell Sophia Sokolowski Sarah Williams

259 Amalia Alberini Marina Dimitrov Fredrik Eriksson Lena Goss Martha Graham Helena McMonagle Callie Schultz 260 Sarah Hindle Anne Lee 261 Anonymous 262 Anonymous Allison Anastas Cordelia Franklin Michael Gestal Annelise Hill Erin Houlihan Erica Jamieson Coleman Kline Christopher Losco Todd Manley Sadie Parsons Adrienne Remo Rachel Rosenberg Amanda Sie Eleanor Thompson Abraham Vogdorchik 263 Emma Wightman 266 Pedro Silva

258 Sophie Davis

ANNUAL FUND Parent Donors Anonymous George and Marjorie Abbot Osmar and Katherine Abib David and Carol Adelson † Mickey Ahearn, W-3, and Debra Wilson Terry and Sheila Aiken John and Judith Alexander † Reneè, W-66, and Arthur Allen Richard and Barbara Angle Gordon Anslow and Patricia Mallick Peter Appleby and Stephanie Raia Debbie Arey, W-51, and Peter Canning † Denise Armstrong † Christine Ashdown Michael and Jennifer Audette Mark and Christine Awbrey Cynthia Badan, W-95 Steven Barkan and Barbara Tennent Matthew and Eve Barkley Carlos and Cathy Barrios † Joseph and Louise Bassett Neil and Cynthia Bateson Jorge and Margarita Batista James and Carolyn Baughman John and Carol Beach George and Barbara Beal Keir Becker and Henrike Gröschel-Becker Charles and Barbara Bell † Donald Bell and Elizabeth McNerney Patricia Bellinger Edgar Bering and Barbara Clark Stella Bianco-Caron

J. Leonard and Dorothy Bicknell Matthew Bloch and Marilyn Pasierb Earving and Betsy Blythe Robert and Kathleen Bonham † T. William and Beatrice Booth David and Harriet Borton † Brian and Susan Bowe Mary Ann Boyer, W-69, and Christopher Hall † Leo and Anne Boyle † Keith and Mary Jo Bradley Emily Bramhall, W-27 Susan Brandt Ellen and Harry Brawley Jeanne Brody Charles and Filomena Brown Walter and Kiyoko Brown Mariette Buchman, W-54, and David Altenhofen William Buckley John and Marcia Buckman Daniel Bumagin and Nancy Topalian Andrew and Mikiko Bunn Daniel and Holly Burnes Keith and Kristen Burnham † Stephen, W-37, and Krysia Burnham Tony and Nancy Butterworth Peter Calcaterra and Pamela LaRue Gregory and Kristine Caldwell Kristina, W-71, and David Caldwell † Levin and Eleanor Campbell Kip and Caryn Canfield

Stephen, W-99, and Margaret Cann † Craig and Ann Carpenter † Steven and Kathleen Cartwright John and Elizabeth Carver † Dennis and Elizabeth Cashman Christopher Cazeault † Denice Chandler and Catherine Jones Peter and Elizabeth Chandler † Stephen and Lynda Chandler Jocelyn, W-46, and Douglas Childs Walter and Judith Christmas Elliott and Judy Clark Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Thomas Clark and Susan Adams † Fred and Barbara Colin Philip and Rosemary Collyer Chad Consuegra and Bonnie Tivenan Judith Cook Marianne Cook John and Martha Correa † James and Lynn Crawford James and Martha Crowley James Dahlberg and Deirdre Donahue Mark and Sally Dalpe John and Catherine Damon Belden and Pamela Daniels Collin Darrah and Antonija Ventenbergs David Darrin Paul and Laura de Blank Daniel Denov and Carolyn Rusk † William and Mary Lou DeWitt Tom and Linda Dieveney

John and Anne Dilts Brian and Katherine Donohue Kevin and Elizabeth Dooley Charles and Maryann Dorsey Paul Dorsey † Christi Douglas, W-62, and Peter Dalldorf John and Roselynn Dow † John and Merril Dutton Donna Eden Amy Eldridge Peter and Cynthia Ellis Charles Engel † Sarah Enright, W-73 Stephen and Carole Enright † Vivian Esswein † Stephen and Elizabeth Fantone Thomas and Winnifred Faust Brenda Fogarty, W-48, and Kelly O’Brien William and Joan Ford † Edward and Karen Fraioli Kathy Frederickson † Ronald Frederickson Ronald and Dale Freeman † John and Meryl French David and Debra Freyer Greg and Nancy Fritz Francis Fruehstorfer David and Audrey Funk † Joseph and Marilyn Galanti Richard Garcia and Jan Burry Mary Giddens Sarah and Glen Gierke

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017


ANNUAL FUND Parent Donors (continued) William and Joanne Gilbrook Edna Gillespie† John Gleason and Katrina Van Dusen † Robert and Elizabeth Gniadek † Patricia, W-61, and Thomas, W-61, Goffinet Anne Gordon Nathaniel and Joan Gorton Mark and Kristina Gossner Joan Granger Samuel and Margaret Gray David and Emily Green Eric Green and Carmin Reiss A. Curtis Greer Stephen and Sally Gresham † Todd Griswold and Christine Chin Benjamin Gruberg David and Joan Grubin Kenneth and Kathleen Haber Harold Hackett † Peter Haddock Peter and Sekyo Haines Linda and Douglas Haley † William and Julia Hallisey Roger and Benedicte Hallowell Patrick Hamilton and Susan Gordon Bart and Maribeth Hammer Sally and Arthur Hampton Lawrence and Hylton Hard Thomas and Sue Harding Richard and Nancy Harwood Robert and Karolyn Harwood Richard Hawkins and Marian Ferguson Robert and JoAnn Hegermiller Carl and Margaret Heise Bruce and Susan Herard David and Ilona Higgins Michael and Monica Higgins Malcolm, C-102, and April Hill Daniel and Lori Hirce John Hitchcock and Margaret Jackson Ronald and Lisa Hodge Michael and Linda Hoffmann Pamela Hogan Kenneth and Willa Hogberg James Holdner and Ingrid Halverson Robert and Deborah Hopps William and Catherine Hoyt Edward and Dorothy Hudson John and Carole Ide Roger Ide and Gail Boettiger Paul and Marjorie Inderbitzen Marc and Bonnie Inver † William and Karen Irving Nobuhisa and Marcia Ishizuka Mary Eliot Jackson Sheryl Jagerson Andris and Clarissa Jakobsons Daryl and Kay James † Gary and Gina James Merrill and Lillian Jencks † Alexander and Nora Jinishian Alexander and Jill Johnson † Garrett and Barbara Johnson † Robert and Elizabeth Johnson Peter and Jan Jones Susan Jones Phil and Patti Junger Jack and Cynthia Kadzik Werner and Dorothy Kaese Edward Kane and Martha Wallace † Patricia Kelly William and Jaynie Kind Brian and Sally Kirby Elmer and Marilyn Klumpp 12

Richard and Darcy Kopcho Linda Korth Steven and Vikki Krebs Craig and Susan Landgren John and Kathleen Lanoue Daniel and Sarah Lauer Paul and Jane Lawrence John and Linda Leatham Bill and Suet-Ying Lee James Lee and Antonia Abbey Brian and Margarita Lessard Maria Libby, W-78 Jian Lin and Kelan Huang † Robert and Constance Loarie Jose and Irene Lobon Azcona Worth and Louise Loomis Clifford, W-22, and Randy Low Vincent and Crystal Lucchesi John and Patty Lummis Myles and Cornelia Lund John and Susan Mackay Edward and Grace Madeira Hugh and Ruth Mahaffy William and Christina Maloney Richard and Virginia Marr Albert and Janice Martin P. Gail Martin† Jean Marvel, W-14, and John Requardt † Charles and Monika Mason Bruce and Carla Masselink Osamu and Grace Matsutani R. Hardin Matthews and Jane Dougan Carl and Sharon Matuszek Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mayer Stephen Nelson and Mary Anne Mayo Joe McAlister Martin and Rose McAndrews Mike McCallum and Jean Lindquist E. Dennis and Sandra McCarthy Peter McChesney Jonathan and Jacquelyn McClean Walter and Carol McClennen Raymond and Susan McClinton Gray McCord and Diane Ingulli Jarlath McEntee and Barbara Fleck E. R. and Elizabeth McFadden Michael McGinnis and Patricia Shipley Bartlett and Cynthia McGuire Mary Lou McGuire Noel McIntosh and Linda Tietjen Amy McKee David and Laura McLean Janet McMahon, W-39, and Christopher Davis Peter and Valerie McNeely Anne Meigs-Brown Georges and Mary Mejaes Tom and Yvette Mercurio David and Veronica* Metzler William and Audrey Meyer Donald and Susan Miller Robert Miller Stephen and Christina Miller Braxton Mitchell Peter and Arlene Mollo Marieta Moore Kenneth and Sharon Morgan Edwin and Linda Morgens Shigeru and Janet Mori John and Carol Morris Robert and Mary-Margaret Morse Brian and Susan Murphy † James and Linda Murphy Virginia Murray Ginny Murray Henri and Madeline Nadworny †

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017

Eric and Margaret Neilsen Jill Neubauer Anne Nichols David and Susan Nicholson Kyle and Diane Noble † Charles and Eugenia O’Brien Susan Oh Patrick and Sybil O’Reilly † Patrick, W-76, and Lynn O’Reilly Pell and Louise Osborn Tanja Ostapoff † Maksymilian and Grazyna Ostas Susan Papagiannis Leroy and Winifred Parker Kate, W-139, and Rafe Parker John and Meikle Patch Nancy Pendleton † Richard Pendleton, W-84, and J. Sage Wheeler † Christopher, W-6, and Diane, W-16, Penn James and Debra Peters Larry and Janet Peterson Victoria, W-77, and Peter Philip John and Charlotte Phillips Thomas and Mary Kay Pilat Frank and Susan Poland Jim and Carol Pollock Kenneth and Kim Pritchard William and Diane Pulleyblank G. Michael and Shannon Purdy † Nelson and Lucia Putnam Peter and Karen Rabins Thomas Rafferty and Dian Pickoff Michael and Alicia Rafter Augusto and Helen Recinos Thomas and Kathleen Reed William and Karen Regan Andrew Reicher and Tessa Huxley John and Sharyn Reitz John and Cynthia Requardt David and Elaine Ressler Gary and Bernice Reynolds Christopher Richardson † Timothy and Elizabeth Ritter James Roach David and Sandra Roberts Andrew Rockefeller David and Marian Rocker George Rockwood Eric Rosenberg and Jennifer Gruber Beverly Rosenzweig Robert and Patti Ross Paul and Barbara Ruane David Rumker and Susan Phillips † Jeremy, W-75, and Dianne Salesin Peter Sanborn Jane Sattler Daniel Scheuer Shelley Scheuer Frederick and Judith Schmid † Kenneth Schmitt † Larry and Beryl Schmitt Rosalind Schmitt Alma Scully Richard and Spain Secrist † Richard and Gwyn Sewall Edward and Joan Shankle † Christopher and Margaret Sheedy John and Jean Sheild Robert and Linda Shelton † Robert and Mara Shlachter William and Mary Lynn Simmons Roger and Carol Sloboda Manning and Virginia Smith Thomas and Barbra Smithgall

Gary and Christine Soares Bernd Sokolowski and Holly Haggerty James and Karen Sparkes Robert and Cynthia Spencer Veronica Sperling Patricia Sprague Richard St Aubin and Eileen O’Brien Fred and Kathleen Stadel † Pamela, W-75, and Wallace Stark Ronald and Carolyn Starr Maxwell and Sandra Stepanuk Daniel Stevens Patricia Stevenson David and Denise Stillinger Greg and Joyce Studen Paul and Lenore Sundberg Fred and Joyce Suppes † Juris Svarcbergs and Nancy Reyes-Svarcbergs † Philip and Joan Swanson Severin and Elaine Swanson Leopold and Jane Swergold Allen and Michele Syslo † Michael and Ann Taylor Uri and Marilyn ten Brink Elizabeth Thompson Robert and Dorothy Thompson Walter and Nancy Thompson Peter and Elizabeth Thomson Sarah Thomson Philip and Ellen Tilney Henry and Kathy Tinkelenberg † Greg and Mary Toney Chris Tonkin and Sarah Bixler Barbara, W-90, and William, W-90, Toomey † Thomas and Donna Trainor † David and Ruth Tripp Ellis Turner and Diana Scott † Joe Twichell and Anne Goodrich † William, W-36, and Martha Umhau Michael and Dorothy Vicari James and Virginia Vitarello Bob and Karen Votava Stephen, W-12, and Carol Ann Wagner Brooks, W-36, and Marie-Catherine Wallin Carol Walsh Robert and Kathleen Walsh Mark and Susan Webster Mark Weintraub and Judith Nakhnikian Thomas and Patricia Whalen E. Douglas and Barbara White John White and Marcia Black † William and Roberta Whiting Anthony and Rhoda Whittemore † David and Gayle Whittingham Charlie Wilber and Mollie Kabler Jeffrey and Susan Wilfahrt Charles, W-40, and Gale, W-30, Willauer W. Bradford and Ann Willauer Thomas Willey Raymond and Theresa Williams Craig and Nancy Willis Marc and Meryl Winnikoff Albert and Barbara Wolcott † George and Katharine Woodwell Barbara Worley Richard and J. Gale Yetman Vanya and Christina Yoors G. Stewart and Mandy Young † Keith and Kathryn Zammit † Frederick Zamon Louis and Pauline Zandoli William and Elizabeth Zimmermann Suzanne Zobel

ANNUAL FUND Friends Anonymous Katrina Abbott and Benjamin Lummis Donald and Barbara Abt Arthur Allen Susan and James Avery † Ronald and Kay Baird † Dudley and Hope Baker Talbot Baker, Jr. Tracy Baynes † Sara Beck Roger and Masako Bellinger Katrina Bercaw Séan Bercaw Thomas Bethea J. R. Bickhart, Jr. Paul Bloom and Lei-Anne Ellis W. Jeffrey and Martha Bolster Sharon Bonner Francis and Margaret Bowles John and Nancy Braitmayer James Breed Gale Brewer and Calvin Snyder Conant Brewer and Lorrie Anderson David Brown and Sheila McCurdy † Jacob and Barbara Brown Jane and Steven Brown Wendell and Leslie Brown Ann Bucklin John and Laurie Bullard Richard and Nonnie Burnes Elizabeth Cabot John and Roberta Carey Ernest and Lynne Chadderton Carol Cleave Margaret Clowes * Daniel and Katherine Cooney Edith Corning * Richard and Ellen Cost William Cramer and Beth Weiser † Mrs. William Curby and Matthew Taylor Curby Barry Dame Tom Darling and Rebecca Rose-Darling Helen and John Davies Michael and Jane Deland Nicholas and Birgitte Dill Robertson Dinsmore Jeffrey and Courtney Dorman John and Wilhelmina Dreier George and Dorothy Dunnington Rita Dussault † Henry and Laurie Eberhardt Molly Eddy and Brian Beggarly

David and Susan Egloff Elizabeth Eissner Ford and Jean Elsaesser Diane Eskenasy and Tim Aldrich Elizabeth Farnham John and Shirley Farrington Richard and Catherine Fay Judith Fenwick Juliana and Andres Fischler David Fisichella Dielle Fleischmann Ralph and Erika Forbes Peter and Susan Forster Robert and Patricia Foulke Robert and Susan Gagosian Arthur and Jennifer Gaines Charles and Jane Gardiner Seth Gelsthorpe Christian Giardina Robert and Francesca Giegengack Elizabeth Gladfelter Terry Glenn Virginia B. Gray Benjamin Gutierrez † Jane Hallowell Sara Harris † Robert Hassey and Susan Bozek David Hayes G. Arnold and Carol Haynes Elizabeth Heald Jerome and Anne Heller † Carl Herzog Susan and Andrew Hess Alan Hickey † Grace Hinkley Porter Hoagland Michael Hofmann Paul and Betsey Horovitz James Hughes and Bess Dawson Gordon and Elizabeth Hughes Roy Hughes Susan Humphris and George Lohmann Melville Ireland Arne and Gail Isaksen Irving and Annette Itzkan David and Nancy Jackson Gary Jaroslow and Nancy Parmentier Ambrose and Ann Jearld George and Margaret Jenkins George Johnson Peter and Joan Johnson Barbara Woll Jones Royal Joslin

Jason Amster, C-166 David Bank, W-82 Monica Bowman Scott Branco Margaret Brandon, W-48 Anne Broache Erin Bryant Jason Clermont Don Collasius

Thomas Darling Dale Dean Jessica Donohue, C-210 † Katharine Williams Enos † Valerie Falconieri Kimberly Gniadek, C-195 Jennifer Haddock, C-109 Sally Hampton Benjamin Harden

Tom and Barbara Keith Morris and Elizabeth Kellogg John and Louise Kingsbury Ronald Klodenski William and Deborah Knowlton G. Lawrence Langford Jeremy Law and Kara Lavendar Law Robert and Patricia Lawrence Sidney LeFavour † Kenneth and Ardelle Legg Harold and Marguerite Lenfest Barbara Littlefield Christopher Lovelock * Ellie Linen Low and David Low Ivan and Susan Luke Martin and Anne Madden Linda and John Maguire Jeffrey and Kathryn McCarron Maggie McCullough and Dusty Smith Philip and Kathleen McKnight Don and Barbara McLucas Jessica McWade and Walter Kuklinski † Robert McWethy Richard and Katherine Mellon Lew Meyer † Edwin and Cassandra Milbury Jim Millinger Peter Moore and Alicia Hills-Moore Seth Murray Douglas Nemeth Elizabeth Nicholson and Eric Thielscher Brian and Mary Nickerson Dennis Nixon † Philip and Jeannette Parish Margaret Parker Joan Partridge Stuart and Martha Pattison Cheryl Peach Vernon and Dorothy Penner John Penney Paul* and Mary Perkins Mary Pigott Thomas and Patricia Powers Ellen Prager Edith Pulliam George and Kathy Putnam Christopher and Bryce Reddy † Abbott and Katharine Reeve Ralph and Julie Richardson W. Dixon and Susan Riley Peter and Lucy Robbins Elizabeth Roosevelt Wendy and Edward Rose

Edward and Susie Rowland Gordon Rowland † Philip Sacks Carl Safina H. Alexander Salm G. West and Victoria Saltonstall Molly Scheu Charles and Katharine* Schutt Robert and Stella Mae Seamans † Ross and Kathleen Sherbrooke Amy and Gary Simon Chad Smith † Justin Smith † Richard and Wendy Smith Stanley and Josephine Smith Peter Stanford * Theresa and George Stanley † Margaret Stark-Roberts Thomas and Judy Stetson Charles and Susan Stillman Prentice and Margaret Stout Margaret and Jacek Sulanowski Leon Sunstein Charles and Gayle Swicker Kent Syverson Jay and Susan Taylor Judy Thompson † Ashley Tobin and James Watters Joshua and Connolly Tolkoff George and Dagmar Unhoch Daniel Walker Willis Wang and Terri Yahia Mary Warden Deborah Warner Joseph Warren Anne and Richard Webb Deborah Jackson Weiss Alexander Weld Thomas Weschler * Richard and Sandra Wheeler James Wickersham Barbara Wicks Robert and Ann Williams † Richard Wilson John Winchester Elizabeth Winn Alastair Wolman Eric and Sandra Wolman Joseph and Laura Wood Kevin Wood and Kathleen McBroom Midori Yoshii Erik Zettler and Linda Amaral Zettler Bradley Zlotnick †

ANNUAL FUND Faculty and Staff Donors Paul Joyce Douglas Karlson Kara Lavender Law Charles Lea Elizabeth Maloney, W-162 Craig Marin, W-119 Virginia McGuire, C-115 Audrey Meyer Elliot Rappaport, W-79

Michelle Rossi, S-239 Amy Siuda, C-142 Victoria Smith † Kerry Sullivan Jan Wagner Crickett Warner Laurie Weitzen Nancy Wendlandt Lauren Zike, S-184

RESTRICTED GIFTS Armin E. Elsaesser Endowment Fund Anonymous

Exy Johnson Scholarship Fund Robert and Elizabeth Johnson

Endowed Scholarship Fund Valerie Falconieri Margaret Woodcome, C-127 Lauren Darby Zike, S-184

Hallstein Fellowship Endowment Helen Davies Alan Hickey John Wigglesworth, W-5, and Priscilla Brooks, W-50

* Deceased

Rafe and Kate Parker Endowment Fund Lucy Loomis, W-18

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017


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GIFTS IN MEMORY (all funds and campaigns) In memory of Frank Borda Gary, W-10, and Carmen Borda

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In memory of Margaret Bradley, C-167 Keith and Mary Jo Bradley

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In memory of Caroline M. Granger, C-134 Joan Granger In memory of Phillips Hallowell Jane Hallowell In memory of Irving M. Johnson Edith Corning* In memory of Jock Kiley Joan Partridge In memory of Anthony Liuzzi Endurance Foundation

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GIFTS IN HONOR (all funds & campaigns) In honor of Deborah Arey, W-51 Richard and Wendy Smith

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In honor of the wedding of Jason Saxe, S-186, and Lucy Malcolm Robert and Margaret Fagan Matthew Frisbee William and Joyce Gilman Diana Keith Ann Papay Noel Rupprecht

In honor of Casey Inez Canfield, S-222 Kip and Caryn Canfield 14

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017

In honor of Deb Goodwin Mary Pigott

In honor of Samuel Levang, S-234 Andrew Christ

* Deceased

The very heart of SEA is our ships Major Maintenance Period for Corwith Cramer

Cramer Specifications Displacement: 280 Tons Construction: Steel; built 1987 ASTACE Shipyard Bilbao, Spain Length Overall: 134 feet / 40.8 meters Length on Deck: 98 feet / 29.8 meters Draft: 12.5 feet Beam: 26 feet Sail Area: 7,500 sq. ft. / 697 sq. m. Auxiliary Engine: 500 horsepower Cummins diesel Complement: 38 persons Area of Operation: World Oceans Coast Guard Certification: Sailing School Vessel (Subchapter R) for Ocean Service Rig: Brigantine

Our own SSV Corwith Cramer will be undergoing some major maintenance this summer. Plans are for the vessel to go into an extended shipyard period June 12 - September 11, 2017. An extensive work list is planned, including maintenance to engineering systems, the galley, living and teaching spaces. The spars and rigging will be overhauled and both masts will come out for the first time since 2002. A thorough survey will be done of the hull structure and decks and protective coatings updated. Corwith Cramer, named after SEA’s founding director, was designed by Wooden and Marean specifically for SEA and was constructed by ASTACE shipyard in Bilbao, Spain. The first vessel built and certified to the new sailing school vessel regulations, Cramer incorporates the qualities that made our original vessel Westward both versatile, seakindly and much loved. In 1988 the Cramer made its first transatlantic crossing, from Europe to Woods Hole. David Bank, W-82, now SEA’s Director of Marine Operations, sailed on that voyage as a young member of the crew. “The condition and safety of the vessels are vital. Our major maintenance needs, in terms of ultimate safety and reliability, are among our highest priorities and that takes a lot of effort in terms of planning and resources.” After a thorough search and evaluation, SEA selected Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, Maine for the upcoming work. SEA President Peg Brandon expressed thanks to the Marine Operations Department, and to the SEA Board Ship Committee for their efforts in this project. “The Cramer is now approaching 30 years of age, and it is important that we continue to invest in our senior flagship so that it may continue to fulfill our mission at SEA. Philanthropy plays a key role in our ability to sustain our vessels and we are grateful to our donors for making this possible.” n Please come visit the Cramer as she makes her way to Maine for the major maintenance period. SSV Corwith Cramer Open Ship Opportunities New York City

Wednesday, May 24

3:00-6:00 pm

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Woods Hole

Saturday, June 3

2:00-3:30 pm

Iselin East, WHOI


Wednesday, June 7

12:00-3:00 pm

Moakley Courthouse

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017


PASSAGES SEA Welcomes New Board Chair Dr. Richard Cost, elected as Board Chair in June 2016, retired in 2010 as the ninth president of the University of Maine at Fort Kent. Before being selected to head the northernmost campus in the Maine System, Dick served for eight years as vice president of institutional advancement at Bridgewater State College where he developed an advancement office and raised a $10 million endowment. From 1989 to 1994 Cost led a successful $24 million campaign at Moravian College. Upon retirement, Dr. Cost was named a Trustee of the Davis Educational Foundation. The $110 million Foundation supports four-year colleges and universities in New England by funding proposals that will improve teaching or lower the cost of higher education. Cost earned his doctorate in education from Rutgers University; his master’s degree in business administration from Old Dominion University and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Syracuse University. He is a retired Captain, Surface Warfare, in the U.S. Naval Reserve serving five tours in command and was awarded the Navy Meritorious Service Medal in 1994. Dick and his wife Ellen, an SEA Overseer, reside in Middleboro, MA. In Memorium With great sadness, SEA announces the loss of three Trustees Emeriti. Peggy Clowes passed away on January 24, 2017 at the age of 102. Peggy was a friend and advisor to SEA for over 30 years, serving several terms as Trustee since 1989. She loved sailing on SEA vessels with her most recent voyage aboard the Robert C. Seamans in Tahiti in 2002. Several of her grandchildren are alumni of SEA programs and a Clowes Presidential Scholarship supports SEA Semester students every year. Paul Perkins passed away on November 6, 2016 at the age of 93. Paul served as a Trustee since 1974 and provided wise counsel during many milestones in SEA’s history including development of the Sailing School Vessel Act and construction of the SSV Corwith Cramer. In the 1990’s Paul was instrumental in fostering the design, construction and funding of the SSV Robert C. Seamans, SEA’s newest vessel launched in 2001. Thomas R. Weschler, Vice Admiral US Navy (retired) passed away on April 3, 2016 at the age of 98. Tom was involved at SEA since the late 1970’s and, along with Paul Perkins, was also instrumental in the passage of the Sailing School Vessel Act which passed Congress in 1982. Tom attended every Annual and Semi-Annual meeting of the Board well into his 90’s. He was not only a trusted advisor but also was jubilant about sharing his love of tall ships and SEA. 16

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017

SEA’s Rich Wilson finishes Vendee Globe SEA Overseer and former trustee Rich Wilson crossed the finish line of the Vendee Globe solo round the world race on the west coast of France on February 21, 2017, on day 108 of the race. His time was 107 days and 48 minutes. As one of 29 boats starting the 27,440-mile singlehanded race on November 6th, Rich and Great American IV finished in 13th place at an average speed of 10.70 knots. At 66 years old, Rich was the oldest skipper in the race. This was his second successful completion of the Vendee Globe, improving his time from the 2008-2009 race of 121 days and 41 minutes. One of the fundamental reasons Rich returned to the race was the delivery of a daily multi-faceted educational program to over 750,000 students in more than 55 countries around the world via his website “Sites Alive!”. He became the fastest American to race non-stop around the world, beating the 2004-2005 record of Bruce Schwab of 109 days 19 hours. This achievement is an outstanding accomplishment, especially as the oldest sailor in the race, who is also an asthmatic. Congratulations Rich! SEA Semester and “Moana” Sea Semester students from Class S-269 (SEA Semester: Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures and Ecosystems) voyaged through Polynesia, interacting with local communities just one month before the release of the Disney feature film “Moana.” Students spent two days with the people of Nakorova village, on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji, learning traditional sailing from the same people who advised on and inspired the magnificent sailing scenes depicted in “Moana.” Captain Peg Brandon, President of SEA, is credited in the film for providing filmmakers with advice on ocean voyaging.

PASSAGES Karen Merritt Announced as Elsaesser Fellowship Winner

“If you could follow one dream that has been elusive because of the demands of work or study, what would it be?” That’s the question that SEA posed when we invited applications from alumni, faculty, staff, and past employees for the Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship. The Fellowship program, established in 1987, is in memory of Armin E. Elsaesser III, a sailor, educator, and adventurer who sailed on several cruises aboard our now-retired ship, the Westward, and taught Maritime Studies on shore. Armin’s strong curiosity and sense of adventure inspired SEA students and staff alike. We are pleased to announce that Karen Merritt, a SEA Semester W-98 alumna, is our 2016-2017 winner. About the project Examining the cultural history and environmental legacy of mercury and silver mining and transportation during Spain’s “Silver Age,” the project represents a convergence of Karen’s interests: health, science, engineering and photography. With the support from this award, Karen will travel to a former mine in Almadén, Spain where an estimated 6,500 metric tons of mercury were extracted and brought to Mexico for use in silver mining between approximately 1550 and 1700. She will also explore the site of silver mines in Zacatecas, Mexico. Karen is interested in the long-term environmental and societal

Jan Wagner Retires After 17 years at SEA, Jan Wagner will retire on July 1, 2017. She began her career as Pacific Coast Coordinator in 2000 and planned the launch, commissioning and inaugural tour of the SSV Robert C. Seamans. In 2001 she became Acting Director of Development and has been Director of Development since 2002. She has also been the editor of Following SEA for most of those 17 years. Jan, a Santa Monica, California resident says, “While I will miss SEA and my colleagues very much, I do look forward to what lies ahead—including more time with my grandson, Dylan.”

Karen “street shooting” in Cuba.

consequences of the Spanish silver era and, through photos and text, will research and document conditions in Almadén and Zacatecas through the lens of the mining history of those locations. About this year’s winner Karen Merritt is a public and sexual health educator and street photographer in Portland, Maine. Previously, she worked as an environmental engineering consultant with a focus on the characterization and remediation of mercury-contaminated sites. In addition, she is a volunteer mentor for the University of Maine student chapter of Engineers Without Borders. She received a PhD in Environmental Engineering with a focus on mercury biogeochemistry, and an MS in Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences, both from the

University of Maine, and earned her BA in Geology from Carleton College. Karen is an alumna of SEA Semester W-98 and is married to Captain Elliot Rappaport, W-79. Her work as a street photographer has been featured in numerous solo and group shows around New England, as well as in Portland, Maine, where she lives (her work may also be seen on her website, She writes: “I am self-taught and have discovered that I have a passion for street shooting with old cameras because they are conversation starters, and conversation leads to relaxation which leads to interesting environmental portraiture. Street shooting is in many ways as simple as take a walk, strike up a conversation, take some pictures, keep talking, keep strolling, keep your eyes open or whatever unfolds around you. It is the art of being present.” Karen likens her interest in photography to her appreciation for learning to navigate with a sextant while at SEA Semester. “… I love the intricate and the complicated and the analog…. I love the slow pace of lived experience.” Karen will conduct her research in 2017 and early 2018. Her goal is to prepare a gallery show of photographs, papers, as well as academic presentations. n

ELSAESSER FELLOWSHIP 2017-2018 OPPORTUNITY! SEA is pleased to announce that we are accepting preliminary proposals for the 2017-2018 Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship. The goal of the Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship is to help one or more individuals each year to follow a dream that has been elusive because of the demands of work or study. The successful project will involve active investigation into an area of personal interest and should reflect a creative and independent approach to the pursuit of knowledge. SEA alumni, faculty, staff, and past employees are eligible for the Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship. Awards range from $3,000 to $7,000 for projects that are at least one month in duration and involve any marine or maritime field that is not directly related to the applicant’s current professional activities. Winners will be chosen by competitive selection. Preliminary proposals should be no longer than 2 pages and should outline the project and preliminary budget. Applicants should also include a short biographical sketch. Proposals must be submitted by June 30, 2017 to the address below. SEA’s Fellowship Committee will review the proposals and a small number will be selected for submission of a more detailed proposal. The final decision will be announced in the fall of 2017. Proposals should be emailed to or mailed to Elsaesser Committee, SEA, PO Box 6, Woods Hole, MA 02543. FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017



PIPA The Phoenix Islands Protected Area

By Dr. Jan Witting Professor of Oceanography


FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017

Our first evidence of Kanton Atoll came from the radar. Laying ahead in the pre-dawn darkness, a horn-shaped crescent 9 miles long and 4 miles wide stretched across the screen—a shape that remained visible only through our electronic eye well into the bright tropical morning… Our first evidence of Kanton Atoll came from the radar. Laying ahead in the pre-dawn darkness, a horn-shaped crescent 9 miles long and 4 miles wide stretched across the screen—a shape that remained visible only through our electronic eye well into the bright tropical morning. By noon, we had made our approach to the low-lying coral island and were hove to a quarter mile from the pass in the reef that leads into the large interior lagoon. The coral reefs that fringe the island dropped off sharply into the deep blue ocean, appearing as green shapes shoreward among the lazily breaking swells. Whirling in the pass were a multitude of seabirds diving into the turbulent water flowing out of the lagoon, the surface of the water alive with the splashes of the diving birds and fish jumping to avoid hungry tuna and dolphins chasing them. We headed into the pass, steering into the measured remains of the ebbing tide. Our anchor splashed into the azure water—we had arrived at our first Phoenix Islands anchorage. Caution is very much valor here. We had just sailed more than 1500 nautical miles from Hawaii to reach the Phoenix Islands Archipelago, located in the geographic crosshairs of the equator and the International Date Line. It is hard to get any further away from people and airports; this is a place where you take good care of your ship and your shipmates. Getting here takes planning, time, resources, and a good reason to come; we had made the trip to continue our effort to map the ocean around these islands. About the size of California, the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) in the independent Republic of Kiribati is one of the largest marine protected areas in the world and provides a safe haven for variety of marine life, from the coral reef communities to the deep-sea pelagic ecosystem. Of its seven small coral islands, only Kanton has a population of about thirty people; the rest are sanctuaries for seabirds and land crabs. As such, it is a compelling laboratory to study both the impacts of human activity in the remote Pacific, and the effects of our efforts to try to protect the ocean from ourselves. And we were there to study it. In 2002, a confluence of events brought together a forward-thinking Kirabati president and a visionary environmental leader, and the concept of PIPA was born. By 2008, through the courage of the remote island nation of Kiribati, this vision had become the law of the land. It was a large gesture from a small nation of fewer than two hundred thousand people and even fewer resources. It was also a forward-looking act toward conserving the heritage of the people, and was followed in 2010 by the designation of PIPA as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A year later, the New England Aquarium hosted a meeting of international scientists and site managers to create a vision for the research needed to map out this largely unknown area of the Pacific. Our invitation to the table was based on SEA’s work in the Line Islands group, also part of Kiribati but some

1,000 miles to the east of PIPA. Nonetheless, Academic Dean Paul Joyce and I understood how valuable an asset our ship and our people could be in these remote, unstudied waters, and a seed was planted. The opportunity to prove this came in 2014, as SEA programs expanded westward in the Pacific. The route from Honolulu to New Zealand runs through the Phoenix Islands, so we set out to construct a curriculum that introduced our students to the basics of the oceanography of the area, and the policy, principles, and practices of ocean conservation. A two-week crash course in Woods Hole enables both the science- and policy-tracked students (electives are part of the program) to make the most of the following six-week research cruise. With our partners from the New England Aquarium, we make sure the students understand that their hard work during the cruise contributes to a comprehensive look at the ocean within PIPA, forming an all-important baseline to which future efforts can be compared. This is service learning at its best, and it motivates everyone on board. Since the inaugural program in July-August of 2014, we have completed three highly successful PIPA semesters. We’ve shown the importance of the equatorial currents to the high biological productivity in PIPA. We’ve documented the impact of the 2015/16 major El Niño-event for the islands and the surrounding ocean. We have the brought collaborators from WHOI and helped sample reef sharks and fishes to gain understanding of how the open ocean ecosystem is coupled with the coral reef flora and fauna. We’ve initiated a multi-year study sampling larval tuna fish to understand what effects a fisheries closure of this magnitude might have in the fortunes of the foundering Pacific tuna stocks. Our expedition in 2016 brought a New England Aquarium dive team to help show the world that the Phoenix Islands didn’t suffer the same mass mortality of corals owing to thermal bleaching as many other Pacific reefs. But first and foremost is the fact that we have created a unique class of some 60 young minds who, having witnessed the spectacular sight of PIPA, will, in their own chosen ways, help forward the cause of ocean stewardship. n

Top: Our visit coincided with a year of very high seawater temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific which led to mass coral bleaching throughout the region. One of our missions was to document the effects in the Phoenix Islands. With a two-person dive team from the New England Aquarium in first-of-a kind collaboration for SEA, we collected photo transects during multiple dives on each of the three islands we visited. To our surprise we found that the reefs in the Phoenix Islands had escaped serious damage, as evidenced by this spectacular coral colony inside the Kanton lagoon. Above: Once hunted to near extinction by American whalers in the 19th century, sperm whales can once again be sighted in the Phoenix Islands. Jan Witting joined Sea Education Association in 2001 as a member of the Oceanography faculty. He received his BS and his PhD in Marine Biology at Northeastern University, with a research focus on coral feeding ecology, an important link in benthic-pelagic coupling in tropical waters. Jan’s background includes designing and constructing autonomous underwater vehicles, teaching at the Discovery Bay Marine Lab in Jamaica and at Northeastern University, and extensive participation in research cruises in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Also an avid sailor, Jan brings to his students his passion for science and sailing. FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017


CURRENTS SEA Alumni Spotlight—Priscilla M. Brooks (W-50)

“I am thankful for the SEA experience that helped shape the direction of my life and career. In the 35 years since I sailed to Roatán on W-50, I realize I’m one of many who have been inspired by SEA to advance effective stewardship of our oceans.” —Priscilla Brooks, W-50

Paramuriceid seafan (octocoral) in Oceanographer Canyon. Credit: NOAA OKEANOS Explorer Program, 2013 Northeast U.S. Canyons Expedition. 20

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017

It’s September 15, 2016, and I am sitting on the edge of my seat, 100 feet from the stage at the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C. The room is packed to the gills with foreign dignitaries from across the globe along with dozens of resource managers, scientists and conservation advocates gathered for the third annual Our Ocean Conference. After a long applause, the crowd falls silent and listens intently to President Obama talk about growing up in Hawaii, playing in its ocean and learning “to appreciate very early on its magic, how it inspires awe, and sometimes, if the waves are a little too big and you’ve gone a little too far out, how it inspires fear and a healthy respect.” At that moment, I know exactly what the President is talking about, as I am reminded of my own experience as a college student on dawn watch, striking sail and heaving to in an early morning squall aboard R/V Westward, cruise W-50. The ocean truly is the Earth’s great equalizer, driving our climate and producing most of the oxygen we breathe, its power demanding our respect and stewardship. The ocean provides so much by way of food, recreation, transportation, clean renewable energy and much more yet to be discovered. Remarking on the challenges brought by pollution, unsustainable fishing, and climate change, the President cautions that “we’re asking far too much of our ocean in asking it to adapt to us” and adds that “if we’re going to leave our children with oceans like the ones that were left to us, then we’re going to have to act. And we’re going to have to act boldly.” Minutes later, he announces to the world the designation of the first Marine National Monument in the Atlantic Ocean. If you’re lucky, there are a few moments in your career when you pause, knowing that you have helped achieve something extraordinary. The designation of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument and the permanent protection of its astounding array of marine life including rare and fragile deep-sea corals and endangered whales, was one of those “career moments” for me. I owe much to Sea Education Association (SEA) for introducing me to the wonder and power of the sea and providing the most important educational experience of my life in SEA Semester—one that proved to be transformational and set the course for my career. It’s at SEA where then Chief Scientist Susan Humphris introduced me to the deep-sea hydrothermal vents discovered along the mid-ocean ridges and the curious sea life that thrives there. That lecture opened my eyes to the world beneath the waves, stirring inspiration and curiosity that was reinforced on many subsequent cruises aboard Westward and Corwith Cramer as steward and visiting scientist. At sea, I observed green flashes, squall lines and water spouts, the diurnal migration of myctophids, and the Sargassum fish, Histrio histrio, perfectly camouflaged in the seaweed of the Sargasso Sea. Lectures on marine policy sparked an interest in New England’s fishing industry, the profound depletion of the once mighty Atlantic cod populations and the human and scientific challenges of fisheries management—an interest that would drive my career. As VP and Director of Ocean Conservation at Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), a non-profit environmental advocacy organization that has been fighting for New England’s environment for 50 years, I’ve been working for two decades to restore and protect New England’s ocean. A core element of CLF’s strategy for sustaining a healthy ocean and building its resilience to climate change is the protection of ocean habitat and biodiversity through the designation of marine protected areas. The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts monument was the culmination of an intensive multi-year campaign set against a backdrop of mounting threats to the ocean including climate change, ocean acidification, increasing industrial activity and unremitting pressure to extract natural resources including not just fish, but oil and gas, sand and gravel, and deep sea minerals.

Working in partnership with state, regional and national environmental NGOs and scientists from the Mystic and New England Aquariums and Brown University, we proposed two areas for protection off New England—Cashes Ledge in the heart of the Gulf of Maine and an array of canyons and seamounts, further out on the edge of Georges Bank and beyond. We dug in, working with scientists to build the scientific case while developing a compelling visual portfolio that allowed us to take people under the sea, virtually, to show them the magnificent wildlife and seascapes that were at stake. We relied upon stunning imagery from NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer expedition to the canyons and seamounts and supported multiple dive expeditions to Cashes Ledge led by Dr. Jon Witman of Brown University and National Geographic photojournalist Brian Skerry to bring Cashes dramatically to life through photography. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution cinematographers Evan Kovacs and Lu Lamar added remarkable high-definition video. Astonished by the lush kelp forest and abundant sea life she witnessed on Cashes, renowned oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle called it the “Yellowstone of the North Atlantic.” Hundreds of thousands of citizens, businesses, faith leaders, scientists, whale watch operators, and divers rallied in support. Although fishing in these areas was relatively light due to regulations and the remote location of the canyons and seamounts, fishing industry opposition was intense. In the end, the original proposal was reduced significantly, leaving out Cashes Ledge and Heezan and Nygren canyons. Still, the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts monument encompasses 4913 square miles that includes Oceanographer, Gilbert and Lydonia canyons, and Bear, Physalia, Mytilus and Retriever seamounts. Following a seven-year phase-out of lobster and red crab fishing, this area will be permanently protected from commercial extractive activities, preserving this ocean treasure forever. Considering what our ocean is facing, this is an important achievement. Yet, I know that one protected area in New England is not enough—the Gulf of Maine is warming faster than 99 percent of the global ocean—a significant cause for alarm. Cashes Ledge, a remarkable underwater mountain range and home to the largest and deepest cold-water kelp forest on the Atlantic seaboard, deserves protection too. In the coming years, CLF will be relentless in our pursuit of permanent protection for Cashes Ledge. I am thankful for the SEA experience that helped shape the direction of my life and career. In the 35 years since I sailed to Roatán on W-50, I realize I’m one of many who have been inspired by SEA to advance effective stewardship of our oceans. We should not forget that SEA’s work is, arguably, more important now than ever before. n

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2017



Winter/Spring 2017 Sea Education Association, Inc. P.O. Box 6 Woods Hole, Massachusetts 02543

Did You Know? Congress has passed and the President has signed into law the permanent IRA Charitable Rollover provision. This provision allows individuals who have reached age 70½ to donate up to $100,000 to charitable organizations directly from their Individual Retirement Account (IRA), without treating the distribution as taxable income. Travel sketch of Grenada by Skye MorÊt, C-190

SEA grants $1 million in scholarship annually. You can help provide students with a life changing and career-inspiring educational experience by making a donation online at www.sea/give.


Luanne Rice, W-25 The Beautiful Lost (2017)

Recycled Chlorine-Free Paper / Vegetable based Ink

Alicia Jo Rabins, C-148 Divinity School (2015)

Daniel Robb, W-103 Sloop (2008)

Elena McCarthy (former Scientist) International Regulation of Underwater Sound: Establishing rules and standards to address ocean noise pollution

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