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Volume XCVII, NO. 7

Huron, SD

September 2014

South Dakota



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COOL: American Consumers Want to Know the Source South Dakota Farmers Union Celebrates National Farmers Union Reports South Dakota Farm & Ranch Families More good news came our way regarding country-of-origin labeling (COOL). On July 29,

a federal appeals court affirmed its earlier decision that COOL should not be stopped. The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that the government may require factual, uncontroversial information to be included on a label. This is consistent with NFU’s position that American consumers want to know basic information about where their meat comes from, and livestock producers across the country are very proud of what they produce and ought to let the public know that. USDA’s new COOL rules, which require products to be labeled with information about where the meat was “born, raised, and harvested,” significantly improve the information available to consumers by reducing confusion about the origins of meat products. It also provides ranchers the opportunity to differentiate their products. It remains to be seen if the American Meat Institute and the other COOL opponents will continue the legal battle against the label. This marks the third time in the last year that COOL has won in court. However, a report from the World Trade Organization on COOL’s compliance with international trade agreements is soon to be released and may even be made public by the time you read this. NFU contends that U.S. trade negotiators should pursue all options available to ensure that COOL remains in effect, and that there will likely be flexibility in whatever findings the WTO announces. The usual anti-COOL crowd in Congress is likely to think otherwise. They would much rather end or repeal COOL without even the slightest challenge. A letter spearheaded by Congressmen Rick Crawford, R-Ark., and Jim Costa, D-Calif., was sent to USDA in early August, urging the department to fold on COOL. Even if the WTO rules are partially against the U.S. in this case, there are still more avenues for U.S. trade officials to explore preserving basic consumer-right-to-know labels like COOL. The Crawford-Costa letter would direct USDA to waive the white flag to our trading partners and to give up on your right to know where your food comes from. ■

Bush Angus (L to R) Jo Bush, Tyler Bush, Jim Bush, Carol Bush, Brittany Bush and Scott Bush

To join with the United Nations in celebrating the International Year of Family Farming, South Dakota Farmers Union will highlight a South Dakota farm or ranch family each month. This month South Dakota Farmers Union features the Bush family. A five-generation farm/ranch family from Britton, the Bush family continues to raise crops and cattle on the land Joseph Bush homesteaded in 1883. Among the first South Dakota families to raise and sell purebred Angus genetics, the purebred herd they started in 1927 continues to provide commercial cattle producers with the genetics they need for herd success, making the annual Bush bull sale one of the more successful sales in the country. Building their herd with the commercial cattle producers’ future needs in mind, for three generations the family has maintained impeccable records and kept a close eye on market trends to determine what those needs will be. Although 131 years later their farm today looks nothing like it did in Joseph’s time, Jim, 71, his son, Scott, 44, and their spouses, Carol and Jo, continue the family tradition of doing business with integrity, honesty and the philosophy that if you treat customers the way you want to be treated they will return. see Bush Family on page 6

South Dakota Union Farmer - September 2014  

The South Dakota Union Farmer is a publication of the South Dakota Farmers Union, a nonprofit family farm organization headquartered in Huro...

South Dakota Union Farmer - September 2014  

The South Dakota Union Farmer is a publication of the South Dakota Farmers Union, a nonprofit family farm organization headquartered in Huro...