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southern dixie products

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uniquely Simple

I t s h a r d t o sa y wh at m ake s som e th ing c o ol . ( E s p e c i a l l y s i nc e t h e se c ond you u se th e word “c o ol ,� i t b e c o me s p ainfu l l y u nc o ol . ) B ut s t i l l , t h a t c er t a i n som e th ing is instantl y re c ogniz ab le a nd l asts fo re v e r.

we have s e a rc h e d h i g h and l ow to find th e b e st pro du cts t o o ffe r o u r c l i ents. th e qu al ity is u nde niabl e. if p i c t u re s ju s t a re n’t e nou gh we c an bring sam pl e s t o you r se ssion. - l e t u s k now. i n fo @s o u t h e r ndixie ph otograph y. c om 3 0 6 .4 6 0 .5 81 0 (texts are we l c om e)

mounted on hard styrene | protected with linen texture | must be framed | glass not required | Multiple sizes |

Complete your wall print with a frame from The Frame Shop.. .

No. 1 Wall Print

T r a ditional in ev ery s ens e.

No. 2 Gallery Canvas

Jus t th e righ t amount of luxury..

matches modern & rustic decor | image printed on canvas | hand-stretched | uv protective coating | 2 inch wide wood frame | image wraps around edge

clean and contemporary | laminated lustre print | masonite/ fiberboard box | 2 inch hand painted edge | black, brown, white, grey | ready to hang

No.3 Wooden Standout

moder n and sophis ticated.

No. 4 Portfolio Box

T h e best of b oth worlds .

11x14 box | 8x10 or 7x10 matted prints | acid free | leatherette, linen, & faux silk materials | 22 color options | 6-20 images | ribbon closure

No.5 Portfolio Album Pres erve a little family his tory.

simple custom design | photographic flush mount print | thick rigid pages | leatherette, linen, faux silk cover options | custom canvas cover upgrades | 10 pages/20 sides | every gallery image included in album design

exclusive to newborns | torn edge pages | 9x9 | hemp cover | hand assembled from scratch | classic linen paper | one image per page | all session images included

No.6 Baby Art Book j us t t h e righ t amount of charm.

No.7 Digital Files Pr int to your hea rt’s content.

full resolution files | print release | beautiful wooden flash drive | printing recommendations

No.8 Greeting Cards too pretty to part with.

flat 5x7 | double-sided design | hard press paper | sets of 25 | multiple designs to choose from | Excellent for newborn, graduation announcements, or holiday greetings.ed cards $3.20 each

simple is beautiful

Fo r p r ice s please refer to the sessio n i n fo rmati o n g u ide i n c l u de d i n yo u r we lc o m e em a i l. | c opyrightŠ2013 so u th e rn di x i e ph o to graph y. c o m |

Southern Dixie Products  

2013-2014 Catalog

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