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From homing pigeons to API, embrace digitisation and work together In 2014 KLM Cargo took a conscious decision. The company shifted focus to a more belly-oriented operation. The course changed and whereas, at that time, there had been talk of negative growth now, five years later, double-digit growth in financial performance can be noted. Cargo Magazine spoke with Marcel de Nooijer, Executive Vice President Air France-KLM and Managing Director Martinair Holland about changes and developments in air cargo.

From focusing on freighters to a more belly-oriented operation In 2014 we took a decision on our concept,” Marcel begins. “The number of our own freighters decreased and we made the transition to a more bellyoriented operation. Freighters were thus the cherry on the cake. You need them, especially for destinations where you fly less, for instance Africa and Latin America, or for ‘specific’ products such as horses and flowers.”


Marcel: “Our freighters are not the quietest or most energy efficient but they work perfectly. We have no plans for replacement. In the sustain-

‘In this time of digital developments, we must be able to make use of each other’s data without first having to translate it’



Sustainable KLM Cargo has four freighters in the Netherlands and two in France. The passenger network with its wide bodies and combi’s are a good mix. The freighter market has recovered well over the last four years. KLM Cargo is very satisfied with the current freighter operation.

Marcel de Nooijer

ability debate everyone must take responsibility and, at the same time, we must also take on board that the logistics sector is very important for the Netherlands. It must never be a one-sided discussion. Sustainability is a larger topic than just aircraft. You must also look at, for example, ground equipment and nets. Our ground equipment is electrically powered and the weight of the nets we use has been substantially reduced: sustainable innovations with less

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Cargo Magazine – Editie Zomer 2019 (EN)  

Cargo Magazine – Editie Zomer 2019 (EN)  

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