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were John Moore, Kathy Mashburn, Ed Caine, Philip Fisher, Jack Welch, Laura Hackenbrock, Steve Perkins, Pat Mulligan, Harvey Gardner, Bonnie Svarstad, Steve Alverdes, Val Plumlee and Pam Maddern. In addition to friendly monthly competitions, our club offers educational programs, hosts guest speakers and exhibits members’ winning photos at the Catalina Vista. Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings and competitions.

Sculpture Pres. Laurie Lichaa 520-812-0198 Mon., 9 AM-5 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio The clay sculpture group meets Mondays in the art studio in Catalina Vista. Stop by and see the projects in process and completed projects in the display case. Aleda Haug is teaching a class for members on sculpturing the human body. Participants are learning to sculpture a head or body. Along with the class, she is showing films that illustrate the structure of the human body starting with bone, then the muscles and finally adding the skin. Mem- Coni Arseneau’s completed project bers are replicating this process with their clay sculpture. Class members are learning how complex the human body is and how it changes with movement. Thanks go to Aleda for providing her time and expertise in helping us learn to refine our sculpting skills. Feel free to stop by the studio to see what we are doing.

Sewing Thimblelenas

Sue Lane 520-971-8755 Co-Treas. Phyllis Austin 805-341-5176, Pat Norton 480-993-8762 Monitor Training Suzanne Stiles 805-748-3206 Pfaff Training Mel Wheeler 520-334-0957 Mon.-Fri., 9 AM-Noon and 1-4 PM, Sat., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing

The Sewing Room has really been humming lately. As you can see by reading the articles below, there are lots of things being made, and everyone has a good time doing it. Our HQ Sweet 16 quilting machine has been billed as the “best selling sit-down quilting machine.” Regina Bechard gives excellent training on the quilting machine, and its popularity is growing. Any Thimblelenas member can be trained on this machine. Stop any time the room is open to learn more about us. Monitors on duty are always happy to give you a short tour. Seasonal residents and renters are welcome to join us. For your convenience the Sewing Room is open for general use Friday, 9 AM-Noon and 1-4 PM, and Saturday mornings.

If you are leaving for the summer: be sure to cover or leave running any water feature in your yard to avoid stagnation and mosquitoes.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Casa Amigas

Sigrid Flatness 425-213-6689 Mon. and Thu., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing

Our Casa members have taken on a new project. We will be making sleep sacks. These are wearable blankets and will be made out of fleece for the colder months and of a lighter fabric for the warmer ones. Some of these sleep sacks will go to the Sunrise House on the Tohono O’odham Nation and others to “More Than a Bed” which supports foster, kinship and adoptive families and the children in their homes by providing for practical needs. Cheer Bears

Pat Norton 480-993-8762 Wed., 1-3 PM, Artisan Center/Sewing

As May nears, our Cheer Bear group is losing its many winter workers as they head back to the cooler parts of the country. We will be suspending our meetings in May. That doesn’t mean that all work will cease, but it will greatly decrease. Our newest project is to make weighted Cheer Bears that were requested by Leslie Chace for the Casa de la Luz hospice facility. The added weight comforts the patients and calms them during their anxious moments. This project will be in conjunction with the Cheer Bears we make that are stuffed with poly fiber fill and donated to the children. It is warming to see the bears are expanding in demand. If anyone would like to join us again in October, mark your calendars for Wednesdays from 1-3 PM in the Sewing Room at the Artisan Center. We can always use more hands to bring the love from our donated materials. Machine Embroidery

Sharon Larsen 520-818-2791 Training Coordinator Karin Frohlich 520-612-7379 4D Computer Training Debra Dirks 520-825-2248 Third Tue., 1:30 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

Meet with us at the Desert Oasis Tuesday, April 16, 1:30 PM, and get inspired to try something new. Every month we get more embroidery ideas and answers to machine embroidery problems. Contact Karin Frohlich for instruction on the 6-needle machine in the Sewing Room. Instructions are available to any Thimblelenas member. Note the meeting date and join us. Feel free to bring a friend with you. Treats will be served. Check us out on Facebook to see more of our projects. Pet Beds

Jan Bohe 520-825-9725 Tue., 1-3 PM, Artisan Center/Sewing

If you are cleaning out closets, we can use large pieces of washable/dryable fabric (nothing smaller than 16” x 16”) for the pillow cases we make. We snip fabric sewing scraps and add fiber fill for those soft, warm beds for the Humane Society. Both the cats and dogs waiting for adoption there or in foster parent’s homes appreciate the beds we make. We


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Sun City Oro Valley Tipster April 2019  

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Sun City Oro Valley Tipster April 2019  

Community magazine of Sun City Oro Valley community association.