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break. The Loan Room has medical items of all types available to our residents in addition to rollaway beds, mattresses, tables and chairs, car seats, pack ̛ n plays and high chairs. Our website has a more complete list of items for loan. Your SCOV card is necessary to make reservations or pick up items. Please feel free to come and see what we have in your Loan Room.

Marketing Chair Pete Coy 360-739-4100 First Wed., 2 PM, WC1

Some of the new marketing ideas that are being explored by the Marketing Committee include an online apparel site where residents can order SCOV apparel from the website, steps to reduce rumors in our community such as an active FAQ button on the website, podcasts to provide information to residents and prospective buyers, a new web video of SCOV and a revised committee charter. We are also discussing how to create more diversity in our community through our marketing efforts. Our next meeting is Wednesday, April 3, 2 PM, WC-1.

Neighborhood Pride Chair Tempe Johnson 520-825-6994 Third Tue., 2 PM, WC3 Yes, It’s Here Spring did get here, and it’s time to make sure those empty pots in front yards are filled with living plants, cactus or flowers. With all the rain we had early this year, weeds are popping up everywhere. When weeds are small, they are easy to remove. Wildflowers are allowed in our community until after they finish blooming, at which time they too need to be removed. Trim any trees that block stop signs or shrubs which overhang the sidewalk or street, as they also grew during our winter rains. Remember, no artifacts of any kind are allowed in front yards. Winter residents should be sure that someone maintains your yard during the summer months, so your home looks cared for while you are away. Do notify Administration of your summer address in case they need to reach you. Continue to take pride in your property even when you are not on site, so that it will look just as nice upon your return as when you left.

What is an artifact? Statues, depictions, artificial flowers, decorative yard ornaments or other man-made artificial decorations are not allowed in front yards. They may be placed on top of front or street-facing courtyard walls. Refer to Development Standards Section 2.17 xiv.

Posse Chair Larry Clark 520-404-7664 First Tue., 3 PM, Desert Oasis (must be logged in first)

The weather has warmed up, and our reptile friends are out and about, maybe inside your garage if you left your door up last night. The Posse patrols your neighborhood every night, and if we find your garage door open, we will call. Last year we found 719 open doors. Please be sure we have the correct phone number for your address and let’s keep those doors down.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Preserve and Enhance Lifestyle and Property Values Chair Don Stewart 618-980-3878 Your Piece of the Puzzle. Your 1/2488th. When you purchased your home in SCOV, you purchased a fraction of a community. Conceptually, you purchased a fraction of an activity center, a fraction of an aquatic and fitness center, a fraction of the common areas, a fraction of the sports courts, a fraction of the restaurant, a fraction of the golf course. You are not asked to maintain any of these pieces of the puzzle, your annual HOA payment does that for you. However, you also purchased a fraction of the view that we all moved here for, and the community expects you to maintain that piece of our puzzle. This would not be the case if you purchased a home with nothing or no one around you for miles and miles. But you didn’t. You purchased a piece of our community. Imagine this: picture a puzzle with 2,488 pieces, fully assembled, with one piece missing. You would probably return that puzzle to the store and expect a refund of your purchase price. And rightfully so. SCOV’s true value is the sum of its (puzzle) parts. Next meeting is Friday, April 5, 3 PM, WC1.

Properties Chair Rich Oaks Third Thu., 9 AM, WC1

The Chalk Creek Wash is the largest wash in our community. In the past, heavy storms caused damage to the wash and golf course in addition to threatening homes. As a result, a program was established to maintain the wash and minimize the threat from heavy storms. A key element to the ongoing maintenance of the wash is a series of inspections to determine the condition of the creek and identify potential threats to surrounding properties. The Properties Committee together with HOA staff and experienced experts in these matters participate in the inspections. The Properties Committee works on a variety of tasks like this during the year. Our next meeting will be Thursday, April 18.

Tipster Editorial Co-Chair Lou Phillippi 520-638-6957 Co-Chair Vicki Ettleman 520-519-9781

If you submit a Tipster article every month, thank you. We appreciate your letting us know what information you want published, even if it’s the same as the previous month. The next meeting is Tuesday, April 16, 9 AM, WC1.

Director of Golf - Rick Price 520-917-8086

It has been an interesting fall and winter season with the worst weather on record for cooler temperatures, rain, and even closed a couple days for snow. Here it is, already April, and some of our residents are heading back to their other homes. Hopefully we will get back to our normal beautiful golf weather and enjoy the rest of this month. If you like playing golf in the afternoon, please look for a very special promotion later this month that will be available


April 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Profile for Sun City Oro Valley Community Association

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster April 2019  

Community magazine of Sun City Oro Valley community association.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster April 2019  

Community magazine of Sun City Oro Valley community association.