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Jocelyn Gushue Cox (Washington, D.C.) I am still in the D.C. area (21 years!), still happily married to David Cox (13 years), and still a stay-at-home mom for Elizabeth (11) and Billy (9). I will be attending my 15th reunion in June for Harvard Business School, class of ’90. My sister, Cynthia Gushue Russell, of Greenwich, CT (Scripps ’83, Harvard Business School ’89) is married to Leo Russell (CMC ’82) and has three children. While visiting our parents in nearby Alta Loma last November, we walked spouses and kids through the Scripps campus and were thrilled by how beautiful everything looked. I recently attended a birthday party for Adrienne Cordova-Johnston ’81. She now lives in Philadelphia and looks exactly the same as she did at Scripps (no gray hair and wrinkles for her!). I also see Patty Long Jarvis ’81, who lives in the Middleburg,VA, area with husband Jim and her two young sons. Patty has been waging a heroic battle against breast cancer, in which she just celebrated the successful completion of a year of treatment this December with a three-week trip to the Bahamas. She is doing great, and we plan to do a lot of museum-hopping this spring. • Leslie L. Jones (Corrales, NM) I’m still practicing law as a solo practitioner, representing children in neglect, abuse, and custody cases. My older son, Aaron, is in his sophomore year at St. John’s College in Santa Fe. My younger son, Zachary, is turning 16 this December. He plays the saxophone in a jazz band and is starting to drive. • Margo C. McKinnon (Burlingame, CA) I was married in August and moved to the suburbs of San Francisco, after trying to buy a house in the city. I am now a step-parent in addition to parent of my amazing 12year-old, Rebecca. New husband, new house, new job! • Susan Drinkward Waymire (Carmichael, CA) I am now working as a certified personal trainer. I enjoy helping women of all ages achieve their fitness goals. I saw Lisa Boote ’81 camping last summer.


Athene Mitchell Garfield (Henderson, NV) Nevada was a great move for James and me. James is 14 now and busy with school, music, and basketball. I have just been transitioning from revenue management to director of revenue strategy, meaning my job’s getting bigger and better—thank you, Scripps.

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Treva Tucker (Sherman Oaks, CA) I am pursuing a doctorate in early modern European history at the University of Southern California, with a specific focus on the role of the horse, especially in relation to the nobility of France. I have presented numerous conference papers on various aspects of my topic over the last several years, and I have two publications: a journal article on sixteenth-century French cavalry, published in 2001, and a volume of essays on the role of the horse in early modern society, published in March 2005. I co-edited the volume, co-wrote the introduction, and contributed an essay on horsemanship and the French nobility.


Angie Banks (San Marino, CA) Enjoyed celebrating the “Big 40” in Palm Beach with fellow classmates Courtney Curran Stanford, Leslie Ossentjuk, Kim Treece Turner, and Yvette Herrera. My daughter, Ellen, turns 13 this year and Daniel turns 10. I celebrated 15 years of marriage to Danny! • Mary Beth Canty (Seattle, WA) I have been terrible about seeing classmates here in Seattle (especially Cara Towle), but I hope to see friends in April. Congratulations (belated) to Sohee on the birth of her daughter, Nicole. • Rachel Endicott (Bellevue,WA) After two years serving in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, I have also been called as half-time interim rector of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Edmonds,Washington. I’m looking forward to journeying with this congregation over the next year to 18 months. My children, Bend and Megan—now seven and four—enjoy learning at the French immersion school they attend. • Carol Barksdale Gould (Duvall,WA) I’m still teaching in Duvall. I am keeping busy with big kids—Cameron (15) and Corinne (12), horses, and pottery. Jay and I saw many pals at Ron Smelser’s (HMC ’85) wedding in December. • Marlene Salazar-Pongs (Riverside, CA) I retired from dentistry two years ago with the birth of our fourth child. My husband and I run a wholesale nursery (I stay home). Last year all of us went to Spain, but usually we hang out at Lake Mead for vacation time. • Kimberly Treece Turner (Newport Beach, CA) Life is full with our four children, ages nine, seven, four and one-half, and three.

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Treva J. Tucker ’80 Treva co-edited The Culture of the Horse: Status, Discipline, and Identity in the Early Modern World. This collection of essays represents an important contribution to the understanding of the role of horses and horsemanship in the early modern period. Tucker also contributed an essay on horsemanship and the French nobility to the collection. The book was published in 2005 by Palgrave Macmillan.

Ann Scott Messana (South Pasadena, CA) I am still living happily in South Pasadena with husband Mark (CMC ’89) and kids Catherine (14) and Paul (10). Kara Amundson (Louisville, KY) I continue to work as a reading clinician and organic gardener. I am also singing with the Louisville Bach Society.




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