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Independent Artists.





CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Christele Jacquemin Photographer

Maartje Groenen Photographer

Kelsey Genna Fashion Designer

Marianne Larochelle Photographer

Twigs & Honey Bridal Accessories

Speights & Faron Boutique

Victoria Hudgins Event Sylist

Orchard & Brown Stationery

Samantha Hahn Illustrator

Angus & Celeste Home & Jewelry

Asli Kolcu Photographer

photo by Maartje Groenen

vĂŠcu Independent Artists.

wicked little fox







Cover photo by Maartje Groenen


angus ste & cele

ry artist

ra contempo

The Angus and Celeste range bridges the void between traditional and modern. Keir Angus MacDonald and Asha Celeste Cato met in 1997 while studying Fine Arts at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Together, they trained in all things ceramic and developed an ardent interest in the creation of handmade objects. In 2003 they decided to combine their talents (and middle names) and formed Angus and Celeste. The resulting fine bone china and porcelain objects are something to behold. To categorise the Angus and Celeste range as just jewellery is simply not enough. It’s far more than your everyday collection. The range was originally a diverse selection of striking pendants on silk thread. Six years later the theme of bold, elegant shapes has evolved through an ever expanding array of rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, wall tiles, vessels, scarves, buttons as well as exquisite belts with fine porcelain buckles. A collection of contemporary yet classical shapes, that are decorated with an assortment of motifs that are inspired by the past. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever�. Angus and Celeste combine simple materials with complicated processes to produce nothing less than pure objects of desire. Angus & Celeste take great pride in the time and attention to detail involved in every piece. The brilliance of the porcelain is luminous and the subtle shapes are irresistibly tactile. Currently found in stores around Australia, Angus and Celeste are a fast growing label with big ideas and a loyal following.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”


bespokeess r p r e t t e l y stationer



m espoke Letterpress Boutique is a Brisbane based couture letterpress studio that designs hand print letterpress invitations, stationery, limited edition prints and beautiful paperie for the most loveliest occasions in life. If you have a love for beautifully rich 100% cotton rag paper, deep printed impressions, intricate graphic design, gorgeous typography and beautiful handmade things this is the place for you. They even print on a sometimes grupmpy antique 1893 printing press named Charlie. It is their vision to combine a fusion of antique printing methods .They have an unwavering dedication to printing techniques and treasure maintaining this vintage craftsmanship.

ABOUT the LETTERPRESS process Letterpress printing is truly the most beautiful craftsmanship - It is a centuries old art form, which is timeless, classic and results in a beautiful tactile impression into the paper. Letterpress is the oldest and one of the most exquisite forms of printing available. Letterpress hasn’t changed much since 1440 when Gutenberg developed movable type and the first ever printing press was invented. For the last 520 odd years, letterpress was the most common form of printing, it was a craft of masters, it was something terribly precious. However during the last century the development of faster, motorised offset printing presses meant that centuries of knowledge and craftsmanship were lost in an instant.


orchard & brown

y stationer

Exclusive wedding stationery that’s fun and quirky Orchard & Brown is a Sydney-based wedding invitation and stationery

studio created by 2 life-long friends, Peta Orchard and Dannielle Brown. With designs dedicated for both brides {and grooms!}

They are passionate and creative graphic designers that dabble in illustration and visual arts. Met during their studies the two have created a delightful take on that very special day.

Fun Facts Peta’s favourite past time is to travel and was married to Jonathan (a.k.a. “Jonno”) in Las Vegas in May 2010! She is obsessed with photography and old cameras, loves gory horror flicks, art, illustration, music, the beach, animals, and hopes to retire in France with her hubby one day.

Dannielle loves her teenage sweetheart hubby of 18 months and Husky dog “Bear”, pub Sundays, music concerts and festivals, learning to surf, warm summer days, tattoo art, movies and spending time with family and friends. Her guilty pleasures are magazine gossip and reality T.V. and wishing she was in the Corona Ad “from where you’d rather be”.


Hahn illustrator


Designer Scout


Fine Craftmanship and Intricate Detailing Twigs & Honey™ is based out of Salem-

Myra’s graduate educational background focused on

Portland, Oregon and is the creative outlet of

environmental, geographic, and atmospheric sciences

Myra Callan the amazing designer behind the

and those themes can be found in her nature-inspired

handmade collection. Twigs & Honey officially

pieces as well. Twigs & Honey™ pieces have an

began in early 2008 with the goal of introducing

organic composition with varied textures, complex

to others, a completely fresh and modern

colors, and whimsical accents. Completely self-

interpretation of hair adornments. Though Myra

taught, Myra continually strives to create innovative

had been creating artistic pieces and accessories

and exciting new designs that cater to all types of

since she was a child, she became inspired to

stylish ladies, brides, and even men. Just as a true

create a full line to the public after planning

scientist, Myra experiments with materials and

her 9-8-7 wedding with now husband, Matt.

methods to develop fresh and ever-changing designs.


Twigs & Honey™ pieces are made with attention to detail and an interest in fine craftsmanship. Since the first styles were released, the designs have included handmade and hand dyed or painted silk flowers, hand sewn embellishments and other intricate detailing. The Twigs & Honey™





headbands, birdcage veils, traditional veils, bridal jewelry, belts, boutonnieres, ring pillows, hats, shrugs, bouquets, corsages, everyday jewelry, fragrance and more! The line uses fine silks, feathers, laces, and vintage bits that result in completely unique adornments that will be treasured for lifetimes to come. Myra







husband, and



Matt, parakeet,


Siberian Kiwi.


MARKETPLACE LOVE WHAT YOU DO 8x10 inkjet print of THE original watercolor & acrylic painting, “Love What You Do.” This image is printed on high quality Epson Matte paper. The Wheatfield $15.00 thewheatfield

Sweet, delicate ring with an adjustable band so everyone can be sweet and delicate too. Wicked Little Fox $24.99

GUACAMOLE Hand-knit washcloths that are soft, yet strong and durable. Knitted from 100% cotton yarn, they will hold up to daily use and many washes. They call this color combination “Guacamole”, and it’s bundled in a convenient 3-pack. MBG Designs $15.00


These purses are the perfect way to brighten any day. Lively, bold, and fresh - a great addition to any outfit! They are handmade with love and attention to detail by Jennifer Ladd.

Handbag in bright morning prairie $60.00

Leather handled handbag $70.00

Clutch purse in yellow $60.00 WOODLAND BELLE


Each hair pin is created by hand, one at a time, from a durable plastic compound. The desinger uses textures taken from real branches, and accents each twig with a silver metallic surface treatment. Woodland Belle $22.50

QUATREFOIL 100% linen. Down inserts. Piping. Original Designs by Coco of COCOCOZY. Custom made. Manufactured in the U.S. Sizes: 24”x24”, 20”x20”, 14”x24” 14”x24” $295.00 each 20”x20” $315.00 each 24”x24” $345.00 each

Spring Lake Photography/Direction Asli Kolcu Models Anna > Profile Model Management Emma > MandP Models

Photography/Direction Asli Kolcu Model Anna > Profile Model Management Model Emma > MandP Models Stylist Shu Han Kelly Huang MUA/Hair Alicia Schutte Retouching Monica Chamorro

Straw Hat (Right) - Urban Outfitters Straw Hat (Left) Stylist’s Own Bow and Hair Clip- Topshop Bracelet Left- Topshop Bracelet Rigt: Insinuo Belt-Stylists Own Shoes - Topshop Necklaces - INSINUO

Green Dress and Skin colour Dress - Louis De Gama Necklaces - Topshop Big White Ring - MELANIE GEORGACOPOULOS Shoes - Top shop

Left Hat - Primark Black Necklaces - Louis De Gama Pink Top - Miss Selfriges Blue Short + Socks - Stylist Own Shoes - Top Shop Right White Pearl Necklace - MELANIE GEORGACOPOULOS Pink Short+Laces top + Socks - Stylist Own Black bodysuit - Louis De Gama Shoes - Topshop

BEHIND THE LENS A look at all of the magic that happens behind the lens of photographer Asli Kolcu Born in 1988, Asli Kolcu is a Turkish born fashion photographer who has been working and living in London since the fall of 2009. Having always had a passion for expressing herself from a young age, Asli started writing from the age of 8, taking the time to fill the pages of her books with her thoughts and dreams. It wasnt until 2005 that what she now feels is her true calling came to light. Upon seeing the beautiful stormy weather of Istanbul she stole her fathers camera, although she had no idea how it worked, and made her way to the seashore to capture the moment and what she saw in her mind; a land where dreams were reality. It was at this moment that her journey as a photographer began without her knowing and inspired her to tag along to various photo shoots of friends, however it wouldnt be until 2007 that she would finally own her own camera. Since that day Asli has managed to achieve many things within her profession. Starting in 2007 when to her surprise, her mixed media and photography was featured in a solo exhibition in Finland which was also accompanied by a Art Directors job in the Istanbul Street Style team as a curator for their art/fashion parties. In the same year she was also featured in the Honourable Mentions of a

nation-wide portfolio competition called Genc Soluklar, which resulted in her taking part in several exhibitions throughout Turkey. 2009 however is thought to be one of the biggest turning points for the artist, who that year would move to London for personal reasons. Embarking on a major step in her life she applied for Photography BA at Middlesex University and was accepted on a scholarship program, bypassing the foundation and first years of the course. It was also around this time that she would discover her interest in fashion photography. Having been introduced to the creative minds of the industry Asli began working on her own fashion portfolio in 2010 and is still snapping photos as often as the sun rises. Feeling that even now her work is as important as the air she breathes. Asli takes great pride in the work she does. Being the perfectionist she is, she spends time working on many aspects of her shoots from styling them herself when needed to designing and building her own sets.

Photography/Direction Asli Kolcu Models Anna > Profile Model Management | Emma > MandP Models Stylist Shu Han Kelly Huang MUA/Hair Alicia Schutte Retouching Monica Chamorro




Set of Lunch boxes design by Adolie Day for La Marelle. $70.00

Coloring books with 16 coloring pages designed by Fabrice Backes for La Marelle. $11.50

Polypropylene tote bags design by Nathalie Lete for La Marelle Edtions. $64.90

Small Journals with 120 blank pages design by Nicoletta Ceccoli for La Marelle. $7.50


a subtllery reve

ist event styl

Sweet Style and Charming Grace Victoria Hudgins is the delightful event stylist, freelance designer and online DIY editor with a passion for artisan handcrafted celebrations. Victoria’s blog ‘A Subtle Revelry’ chronicles really fun DIY’s and a ton of inspiration. And if styling and being a mommy to two lovelies wasn’t enough, Victoria is also currently a freelance DIY designer and stylist for Project Wedding, and for Just Mommies. Her gorgeous designs will be featured in a book set to be released in August 2011.

“The name ‘a subtle revelry’, was chosen to express my passion of merry making, cheer bringing & party throwing in the most subtle of ways.”

“A stylist does more than design. She tells a story of where you have been.�

“while capturing that foretelling glimmer of what today is to become.�

When did your love of styling begin? I have always had a love of styling, from a very early age I went to work designing my bedroom and arranging the Christmas decorations at my mothers house in the perfect groupings. This love developed much stronger as I grew up and began planning parties for my sorority, my wedding and eventually decorating our first home. We were broke (like many) when we first got married and I recall paging through expensive home decor magazines and picking out pieces I thought I could tackle. We sanded and sprayed our way through a home design and then threw parties for our friends with thrifted/altered decor. That was when my real passion for handcrafting design became a reality. What are some of the differences between styling your first job and styling your current events? Although I started out as an event designer, I do not run many full-on events any longer. As a mom of young children, I have to use my time very wisely so I aim to design projects and event pieces that I really love. Cutting back on much of the logistical work has freed me up to grow as a stylist. Most of what I work on now are vignettes I absolutely adore, which has made my job become more of an art form to me and less of a full-time business. What is the key to balancing work life and home life? Realizing what your priorities are and sticking to those above other ambitions you may have. I am continually growing in my ability to say, “no” both to others and to myself.

Any advice you would give to an upcoming stylist? Begin somewhere and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Start working at home, give yourself small projects, photograph them well (hire if you need to), then begin sharing your deigns with others who might be able to help you, both online and in person. Get to know the people who matter in your local industry. Go to mixers, conferences, go anywhere that allows you to shake a hand and smile a pretty smile. Meeting others in person will help you get started more than anything else could.  How has your DIY design had an impact on your event styling business? Having such a strong emphasis on handcrafted design has niched my business for sure. Many designers would take fault with this, but I have found the niche to be quite a good fit for me. While it has limited certain opportunities, I believe having a strong, unique voice in the event design world has opened more doors for me than I would have seen other wise. Being passionate about an aspect of design will allow you to own it, that is what I’m shooting for these days!

Fashion Designer


Handmade with Love

Begonia Blouse $160 Bloom Print Trousers $160 USD

Beaded Tulle Skirt $230 USD

Begonia Dress $480 USD

Beatrice Print Dress $190 USD

Handmade with Love Founded in 2010, the lovely and talented Kelsey Genna is the undeniable force to be reckoned with behind the beautifully handmade label that bears her name. Based in New Zealand the label is independently ran with all garments being made to measure and in limited quantities. All of Kelsey’s pieces are sold exclusively through Kelsey Genna’s Online Boutique. Delicate, sweet and ladylike the collection is a breath of fresh air. At only nineteen years old and a recent Fashion Design graduate, I am certain our fashion hearts will be delighted by her talent for many seasons to come.

Tangerine Blouse $170 USD Honeysuckle Tulle Skirt $170 USD

Honeysuckle Dress $210 USD

Parfait Trousers $170 USD Begonia Corsage $36 USD

Begonia Cocktail Dress $430 USD

Parfait Coat $350 USD

DESIGNER FUN FACTS... Name & City Kelsey Genna, New Zealand What the future holds I really don’t know... but I am excited to see. Big dream? I have many dreams and aspirations for the near and distant future. Perhaps watch this space? Jewelry? I really love accesories, when it comes to jewellery I’m a little less indulgent. Fashion tip I’m not really into rules etc. when it comes to fashion. It just nice to have fun when it comes to dressing! Favorite city New York On my Ipod Deerhunter|The Like|Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros Favorite food Anything sugary suits me just fine. Drink of choice Old Fashion Raspberry Juice|Pink Champagne. Favorite Flix I really love film. Some of my all time favourite are-Virgin Suicides Almost Famous, Factory Girl,Marie Antoinette A must read I don’t do too much reading, I usually skip to the pictures. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the Kenzo 40 Years Book. Style icon Too many too list. I like most girls from the 50/60s. First thing in the morning Coffee and Emails Last thing before bed Brush my teeth! Current obsession Tumblr. It is a terribly good distraction. []

Under the

Tuscan Sun photography Christele Jacquemin [] Models Jennifer Santiago, Loly Mateo, Catriona Hoy

Clothes & Shoes designer & Wardrobe Stylist: Silvia Soler Makeup & Hair: Maria Dolores Mayor Hair assistant: Jose David Plaza Headdresses designer: Noemí Ponsoda Post-production: Elan Retouching Locations: Museo Etnologico de la Huerta, Alcantarilla, Murcia, Spain & Restaurant “Rincon Huertano”, Beniajan, Murcia, Spain

la fille dans le noir photography Marianne Larochelle model Gabi


photographer Maartje Groenen models Jenny van Zeggeren, Birgit van Terheijden, Wannes Zeegers styling Dorian Blanke make up & hair Ahmet Steltman

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