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Water Utility Science: Internship Academy

Water Utility Science: Internship Academy

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Water Utility Science: Internship Academy Business & Career Technical Education U-83 (714) 628-4805

Santiago Canyon College 8045 East Chapman Avenue Orange, CA 92869 714-628-4900

Santiago Canyon College

Santiago Canyon College’s Internship Academy Finding an Internship

The Internship Academy at Santiago Canyon College offers students the opportunity to attend college classes and earn college credit for concurrent learning on the job. The program is designed to meet the demands of the students and employers for internship experience and is “in compliance” with Title 5 regulations for accredited field experience. Together, the employment experience and education aspects enable the student to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enter and progress in a chosen career. Students select the number of units in which to enroll. The units earned are based on the number of hours worked and whether the intern position is paid or unpaid. The regular fee schedule pertains to the units selected. Paid Internships Hours required to work within the term: 75 - 149 hours = 1 unit 150 - 224 hours = 2 units 225 - 299 hours = 3 units 300+ hours = 4 units Unpaid Internships Hours required to work within the term: 60 - 119 hours = 1 unit 120 - 179 hours = 2 units 180 - 239 hours = 3 units 240+ hours = 4 units

Did You Know? • Employers extend offers to more than 70% of their interns • An internship will help you transfer the skills you learn in the classroom to the workplace • An SCC Internship will help you gain real work experience and make valuable industry connections • The internship is a letter-graded course • The Internship Advisor assigns the final grade

Students are responsible for securing their own internship. Here are some tips on how to secure an internship:

Benefits • • • • • •

Earn college credit Gain knowledge in the classroom and hands-on Explore different careers Establish a winning resume Great networking opportunities Potential career advancement

Note: Some majors have additional minimum requirements.

• Visit • Set up informational interview • Speak with instructors, friends, family members, and counselors • Use Social networks  • LinkedIn  • Facebook  • Twitter  • Pinterest • Try Career/Internship Engines  •  •  •  •  • • Do your research before selecting an internship site

Internship Requirements


Students must meet these program requirements:

What: Career Services Where: D-106 Contact: (714) 628-4805 Services provided:

• Attend an orientation in person (dates and times to be arranged and posted in class schedule and website) • Find an internship site: For assistance in finding an internship please visit • Must be currently enrolled in a water utility class at Santiago Canyon College • Establish written learning objectives and goals • Submit time sheets each month, documenting hours worked • Work required hours over a 16-week semester • Write a 2 to 4 page paper using your critical thinking skills • All intern hours and assignments must be completed during the current semester for credit to be given

• • • • • • • • •

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Internship Brochure  

Internship Brochure