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Scott stokes Landscape architecture Design Portfolio

scott stokes

(270) 604-0439 - - 4650 Sharon Grove Road - Elkton, KY 42220


Workshop Experience

Boss Landscaping - Elkton, KY Laborer, Design Consultant May 2012 - August 2012


University of Kentucky - Lexington, KY Design Week 2012 - Lexington, KY College of Agriculture - Department of Landscape Architecture Student Participant, Group Leader Bachelor’s of Science in Landscape Architecture “Your Town” Design Charrette - Harrodsburg, KY Student Participant Work Experience PARK(ing) Day 2012 - Lexington, KY Student Participant University of Kentucky - Lexington ,KY Teaching Assistant for Dr. Thomas Nieman LA 871 - Design Implementation I - Grading and Drainage Digital Skills January 2014 - May 2014 -AutoCAD -Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign -SketchUp DDI Engineering - Russellville, KY -Kerkythea Drafter, AutoCAD Technician, 3D Renderer -Podium May 2013 - August 2013

Logan Aluminum - Lewisburg, KY

Temporary Worker, Machine Operator May 2010 - August 2010

Advent Mining - Sebree, KY Engineering Internship May 2009 - August 2009

Bill Nye (270) 755-6676 Engineer, Designer - Logan Aluminum Beth Rutherford (270) 726-3530 Owner - DDI Engineering

Dr. Thomas Nieman

(859) 257-3826 Professor of Landscape Architecture University of Kentucky



A Space for Seniors

UK's New Backyard


13 Green Living on Prall Street

Family Fitness Fun



Other Projects


A Gateway to UK

27 About Me

"When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong."

-R. Buckminster Fuller

A Space for Seniors: Lexington's Elderly Getaway at Turfland Design Studio VI Spring 2013 The Turfland Mall is an abandoned mall facility in Southwest Lexington. As part of the program for this project, I relocated the Lexington Senior Citizen's Center onto the site and proposed commercial businesses geared toward this specific demographic. The main aspect of the design was to create a "Main Street, USA" feel to the project area. This was achieved by implementing wide pedestrian corridors, an abundance of on-street parking, and unique and inviting storefronts with designated outdoor seating, all surrounding the Senior Citizens' Center.


master plan 3




symbol legend 1 - seniors' center 2 - recreational area 3 - commercial buildings


1 c

a 3




marker & colored pencil on vellum

renderings a - side street pedestrian area

b - main entrance into site

c - main street pedestrian area

d - entrance into park and recreation area

bird's-eye view of entire sight

sketchup - rendered in kerkythea, podium, & photoshop


class trip to new york spring 2012

UK's New Backyard:

Part of the EPA Campus Rainworks Competition Design Studio V Fall 2012 As part of the EPA Campus Rainworks Competition, my group was tasked with redesigning the "Shawneetown" Area of the University of Kentucky's Campus. With its proximity to the College of Agriculture and the University Arboretum, we envisioned the area to be the "Backyard of the University." Along with designing the site in a way to mitigate flooding and other water-related problems, we also complied with the University's 50-year plan for the site in regard to building use and other specific program elements.


master plan symbol legend 1 - residential buildings 2 - mixed-use buildings 3 - academic buildings 4 - service building 5 - community garden 6 - rain garden 7 - amphitheater 8 -boardwalk over restored wetland

group members scott stokes - plan rendering & perspectives ben craven - perspectives & sections kara o'connor - perspectives & sections andrew filcik - perspectives & sections rachel cunningham - perspectives & sections matthew clark - perspectives & sections

4 6 3

B' d


B 2






8 5



1 A

1 C


marker & colored pencil on vellum

a - pedestrian bridge

section A - A'


b - multi-use bridge

section B - B'

c - weir during storm event

d - pedestrian walkway

photoshop sections sketchup & kerkythea perspectives

section C - C'


"I think what we're talking about is the poetry of space - that's what landscape design is about."

-Dan Kiley

Green Living On Prall Street Design Studio V Fall 2012 The theme for this project was sustainability. After calculating my own "ecological footprint," I then set out to design a sustainable community of singleoccupancy dwelling units in Central Lexington, mere blocks from UK's campus. After designing a living unit that was less than one thousand cubic feet in volume, I created a layout with ten units on a quarter-acre site. The units surround a community garden and the site is graded to catch excess rainwater to be re-used for irrigation. Each unit is also equipped with solar panels on their roofs and can be independently positioned to harvest the greatest amount of sunlight.


master plan


ecological footprint calculation




1 early sketch

symbol legend 1 - dwelling unit 2 - community garden 3 - orchard



1 2


organizational diagram




1 a

14 A

marker & colored pencil on vellum

renderings section through dwelling unit

dwelling unit

a - entrance

section A - A'

15 marker & colored pencil on vellum

class trip to northern california, spring 2013

Family Fitness Fun! At Coldstream Research Campus Working Drawings Fall 2013 For my working drawings course, I was tasked with designing an outdoor fitness facility. The design was to include a parking area, a main building with a service area, a "par-course" with 18 exercise stations, as well as a central viewing and demonstration area. After the initial design, I added layout, grading, storm drainage, planting, lighting, and irrigation plans.


presentation plan


hand-rendered - marker & colored pencil on vellum with autocad overlay

grading plan



"I can never stand still. I must explore and experiment. I am never satisfied with my work. I resent the limitations of my own imagination."

-Walt Disney

A Gateway to UK:

Planning for the Future Design Workshop Sponsored Charrette As part of the Design Workshop sponsored "Open Spaces, Sacred Places" design charrette, my group attempted to transform a recently acquired University property into a new "gateway" for the school. Loosely based on the current 20-year master plan, our design included a new entrance for UK, with several new multi-use buildings that included a visitor's center and generalpurpose student center. Green spaces and pedestrian paths were also included to help connect this space with the rest of campus.


master plan a

group members scott stokes - group leader, plan rendering, perspective hillary barron - perspective andy filcik - perspective justin meinke - perspective austin taphorn - perspective chad riddle - perspective eric lee - perspective eli purdy - perspective

parti diagram


conceptual sketch


hand-rendered - marker & colored pencil on vellum

renderings & photographs a - entrance

seating feature

group work

b - central plaza space

hand-rendered - marker on trace


model-making center pointe, lexington, ky - 3rd-year studio "fragmented" design concept

"clustered" design concept

"centralized" design concept

"additive" design concept

garden of memory - 2nd-year studio



construction details

autocad - not to scale


work experience

conceptual renderings of proposed additions to local factory. completed while working for DDI Engineering, summer 2013

rendered in sketchup and kerkythea

conceptual renderings of proposed additions to Sharon Grove Baptist Church, Sharon Grove, KY completed as a side job, summer 2013


rendered in sketchup & kerkythea

about me I was born and raised in a small, and very rural, town in Western Kentucky. Being raised on a small farm, I learned the value of hard work and dedication early. Throughout my scholastic career, I have strived to employ these values in each of my projects. Although my skills as a designer have been constantly growing and evolving these last five years, the one constant that I hang my hat on is my work ethic. I am a team player, first and foremost, and I never shy away from any responsibility thrust upon my shoulders. I have continuously demonstrated my versatility in my abilities to play any role on the team from member to manager. Eventually, I want to be considered as one of the best landscape architects of my generation. And I believe that it will be my diligence, determination, and attention to detail that will take me to that level.


Scott Stokes University of Kentucky Landscape Architecture 2014 4650 Sharon Grove Road Elkton, KY 42220 (270) 604-0439

Scott Stokes' Undergraduate Design Portfolio  

University of Kentucky Department of Landscape Architecture Class of 2014

Scott Stokes' Undergraduate Design Portfolio  

University of Kentucky Department of Landscape Architecture Class of 2014