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Abu-Karam, Jacquline Adarm, Nicole rett, Tracy Barren, Chris Bass, rny Bowors, Dana Btrles,

Bobin Abxandsr, Stephanio Arnorman, Davld AndoEon, Donald Ando6on, AnryArnold, Chris Baksr, Madonna Baksr,


)c, William Camic, Joslyn ry Dean, Sandy sB

Eha, Rachael


n Finl€y, Jill

Phil Grdf, Scon Green.


Mary GrinEs,


Rob Grubbs


Bano, Jdtn, Shelley Bam

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Colleon McKonna, Angis Kats Macmahan, Jotl Montfort,Jennifer Moore, NadaMorlon, Tammy Mulksy,




oeannaMuss, Vata

P6clq Maia Atrbor Richads, Jason , Cecils SqhALar, TI

ley, rki, bottom, Rob ,l Taylor, Rob Taylor, )y Wssl, Jim

Wm€r, JimYato6,

Dsil, Sandy Hendershol, ls Schafer, Ty Kemle, Mark .loyd, Hsahsr Lord, rier, Kelly Grat, Jennifer Gratl, is, Jackis Harris, David Anderson. any Beilfuss, Gleo Bsmendsrlar, Jaon

ly In

'les, Joseph Bruno, Laura Bryan, mbers, BillClark Maty C6WY /ates, Mike Yeagsr, jy Dsarth, M

Grim€s, Miks Gritl, Rob Grubbs, Palri€ , Josep Bano, John Barcus, Shell€y Barl mco, Dan Bolan, Steve Bolingsr, Ryan {

Scolt Greenwsll, Amy Arnold, Chris Dsiana Bigsbee. Bucksol, Kristin Gontreras, Sheih Yorn, Daisuks

rkort, Dave Burns, Charlas Burris, Staphal , Eric Spayd, Brstt Williams, Mary William Jose Zorrilla, AnnaCmtrsr6, Shsila

Jackie Hailis, Jay Risley, Scotl Risser, William



Ssdan, Sco Kir

,Ni ristin Budde: Sheila Co


Burkert. Dave , Eric


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W6t, Jim Woslmoroland, Troy Wymer, Jim Yatss, Mils Davis, Jsnny Ooan, Sandy De Hslterbrand, J ason Hendsrst' Andrea Sunde6, Cecile Sc

/Willi, Ireras,

res, Kr a Rol

Shannon ICly, Julis,

Davo Lss,

l$ki LetJeannii[pdop ad Gos'





Kelly Cash, Tammy Troy Darlsm Davis,

Jery Heckerl, Laurig Sanderfer, Todd


Rinoar, Mil Edwards, Re Alesha Find

Tammy Wym€r, Jim Y. Barrett, Chds Ba6s, Michasl BaaurrDnt, Beehn, Belhany Dana Bowlos, D66ireo BoilnEn, Jefl Broch April Brwn, Kim Broyles, J6aph n1 camic, Camic, Joslyn Carnine, Jenny Snider, Kelly ( Kolly Cash, Cash. Tammy Chambors, Chambors. Bill Bilt Cl Mike Word)hs I hsl W(rschot S€an WrotEl Trov Wvmr .llm yates Mike y



Bal LBk

Krbtin Coats,

Ym€rlehnAr Chris Yohmrn ScoltYorn Dahr*e




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(Lefi) Promgoers,including PromQueenMaryGrimes(2ndfromleft),pauseduringProm night festivities. (Right) Junior Eric Flynn and senior Kim Broyles pose as Klm shows oft her much noled "peace sign" dress (Photos by Lora Whitmer).

Metallic red & purple Senior William Metallic red and Richardson said of Prom, "l illuminated the night as had a lot of fun, and I think

By Joe Maled purple

the theme "Make lt Last For- everyone did. Mr. Bertram ever" set the stage for the (Prom sponsor) did a good.job evening. The Egyptian room of and everything went smoothly. " the Murat hosted 287 couples. Prom was followed Prom souvenirs were glass by the Afterprom in the school's encased candles and keep- foyer. Activities there included sake cards including a poem blackjack, dancing anda riding and room for a picture. bull. Several hundred attended

At 10:00 p.m. John and numerous door prizeswere

Bryant and Mary Grlrnes were given away. Junior Sara crowned king and queen by Daniels won the biggest prize, junior president Jason Gil!. a calr.

(Above) Seniors Denise Doyle and Erlc Spayd and'89 Perry Meridian graduate Julie Ryker pose for posterity (Photo by Lora Whitmer).

(Right) An Aflerprom.goer stands next to the speclally created steel Elffel Tower (Photo by Dave Murphy).

May 30,1990

Perry Meridian High School

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Senior Quotes

what fit t*kes ts sGand up atrd talk- Ce,urage Is *"Iso what it takes te s,i t Ii1,'""::f,::"I""fl:f:i'll down and }fisten O,F te " Ce!*F&ge is

You Suckersl Shannon Kelly

submit a personal quote that

:"J["""'*"J?i:?;:?J.l*ru good ol'PM. BUYOCI Learn


'*'' It's

Know it!

Live itl



rg a d * t*

lf marriage is an institution,


guess I'm ready to be locked



Jenniler Graff

Julie Sidebottom I shou hate it.


Like an African Banshee in the

you can't be an athlete, be an

Denise Doyle

My butt is not the Grand Canyon.

Mark Stephens

you want it!


athletic supporter. Jason Spears No more scrogmores! (U.S.A.)


Don't let the opportunity for true, and l'll always love you, success run away; grab it like too! I

rife is not

3:05-the kids are happy! I hope our relationshop never ShellyPrather of friends, I know you love

Cindy Buyoc


Marcus Coats


come to you, defenses down,

with th6 trust of a child. Red Rain Julie Kemle

Kelly Cash

Did you ever dance with the wind! devil in the pale moonlight? Tina Manlon It is far better to have tried and Joker failed than to have failed to try. Steve Bolinger We've only just begun. Rob Grubbs Jennifer Swlger To love another person is to Meanwh ile these three remain : have seen the face of God. Straws don't lie. faith, hope and love; and the Les Miserables Renee Eha greatest of these is love. Joslyn D. Carnlne I Corinthians 13:13 Dreams are whatwe are made Mark Sleenbarger They bought theirtickets. They of! knew what they were getting Dewanna Gamble lf this is torture-chain me to the into. I say, 'let'em crashl' wall! Tim Meyer So what'cha sayin'? Oliver & Co. Karey Sledge Bee Bee Wlliams lf Adam and Eve were white, where did the Chinese come It's all inthe reflexes. It wouldn't be prudent at this lrom? Jim Lloyd juncture. Jay Garrieon Opoortunity Knocks lt's been real, but it's time to Heathar Lord WeeWllyWonka, PleasePass make that change. Derana

|m so


embarrassed! *:trffi$".xl;'ffi:I; Tracy Barrett servant). C-Yal Davld


Grab itlike you wantit. Take it like you know how. Forall my pains, I beg only this Lee Nevlns favor: thatwheneveryou see the stars, the heavens, or the Dare to be he best. Opportu- moon, you will think of me. nities do not come to those Bemard D'Fontenelle who wait. They are captured Conrad Engel by those who attack. Troy L Wymer Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by What page was that? the moon.

Matt S. Rogers

lf you feel you are right, take a God asks no man whether he

stand. Believe in your rights, will accept life. That is not the choice. You must take it. The and hose of a brother man. Patrice Hall

Kathy Roark I'm outta here like the breeze through the trees, and when I Where you tend a rose, a thistle blow l'm takin'all the leaves. may not grow. The Secret Garden So get the Bozak! Sally Marie Cartwright Anthony Segraves Live life. Try not to hurt any- The worst moment for an athebody. Find somebody to love. ist is when he feels grateful and has no one to thank. Tim Owen Mark Kemple

Da hell he is!

JefI Brock

The bestthings in lifecan never

Express yourself. Salt -n- Pepa

Corky Hunt

away: a smile, a kiss and love.

Mlchelle Herb It's a freakamanial

Julle Tlbbetts

says no!)

Brlan Harrls I'm on parole from Perry Penitentiary.

Marle McNelsh

Canadian by birth, American Thisisyourbrain. Thisisyour all really annoy those of us Fairislair, Binks. by the grace of brain on drugs. This is your who Cralg McElfresh Jason brain Wa side order of Mlke yeager Max D. Placke Youth is not a time of life, it is a T.G.l.F....Thank God I'm FinDeath, tor an artist, is pefiaps state of mind. ishedl Jesus wept. not the hardest hing to bear. Lora Whltmer Chrls Knarr Joe Maled Vincent Van Gogh Jaeon Mlller Backwards is easier than forYou can check out any time The future's uncertain and the wards. You see where you you like, but you can never end is always near. When times getreally bad, just have been rather than where leave. put a smile on your face and you are going. .Jim Monison Eaoles Jenny Eaton disregard all the negatives. Jaeon Richardson Stacy Wells DeAnna Warren Dsslree Bowman



Uh-huh. Sure. Eladda

Davld Easler

A man is only as good as his word ... OK, so I lied. Paul Huxley Follow your mind not your

Let go and someday it will kiends.

People who hink they know it

Homework - what homework?!


Jessica Hegele

be kept, they must be given always come back. (But he

Phll Graff

God. Poflenroth

first the hour and then the day.

5ff,fl?fft51:ill',.n'* Shawn Jackson

Jason Wdner

Time by minutes slips away

Whileyouarestillyoung, never Small the daily loss appears forgettolistenandleam. Make yet it soon amounts to years.

Jlm Yates He's a very nice man Archie!

only choice is how.

Express yourselfl

Tammy Mulkey

Kowabunga! From

Angie Davis

To look successful is to Jeff Srong

lf you choose to blutf, prepaie

to have your bluff called. Todd Myers Now the fun part starts.

Todd Sandy Jealousy is notavirtue;it's just a way of life.

Kamarese Sweatt All for low, Love for all. Chrlstina Pittman wantto make fre world a a look at yourselfand make the change. Mary Clemons lf you

better place, take

he Turtles

Tammy Mee



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Senior Quotes Ckaraater rs wkat you @re, m@t wkat otkers tktruk y@w affe e s@ dloruot he afraad to he yourself"

So, what's the big deal?

Keith Fields Excuse me, you dropped your nose.

Mike Padgett Do you have a frog in your throat? Ribbit! Party with the frogs!

JoAnn Franklin Excellent, Dude! Bill and Ted's

Excellent Adventure

Christy Bucksot So, what's your point?

John Pasch I sho' hate it, but I gotta ya!


May j0, 19N)

Be your own self at your very best all the time. School is as fun as you make it, so get involved!

lf you never assume importance, you never lose Lao Tzu

lf you can imagine it, you can rain- achieve it. lf you can dream it, bow's end ... happy hours ... you can become it. Kelly Head timeless triends. And if lever chance to find my way ... rest Those people who tell you not assured ... lwill stay ... to take chances - they are all Billv Souirer missing what life's about. Jessica Fritsch

I see my future at the

Jen Haynes Cherish yesterday. Dream Hearts are like windows & tomorrow. Love today. fences. They can always be Cindy Emery broken but can't always be God gives us obstacles, not to mended.

defeat us, but to make us

A child miseducated is a child jouee. Ring down thecurtain, thefarce lost. is over. John F. Kennedy Do yourself a favorand Drop lt Francas Rabelais Lowl Donny Anderson

Vanessa Shortridge Get up on your feet before the night is through.

LIea Luttrell

Jodl Kirby

I got it going on peace, am out of here like a thousand. Sorry! lwear the boots in this family!

But we're leaves, ya know, in the sky, above all the roots, the dirt, the dog doo, . . . ya get it? From the movie 1969 Billie PaYne

U Bee Cool

Leonard Mitchell

Mike Stephens

want to mess with the eagles, you've got to learn to fly. Robb Frazier

Glee Bemenderfer

meant to be.

Tirez le rideau, la farce est

Life sucks losers dry. lf you


There are a lot of things that matter in this world, and there James Taylor are a lot of things that don't Kevin Peck matter. The problem is trying Experience is good teaching, it Look ontoyourown selves and to figure out which is which. DeDe Horvath takes someone likemeto know. find the spark of truth that God has put into every heart, and Tranell Jackson that only you can kindle to a Come on baby, light my fire. Jim Morrison flame. Time is like a circus Socrates John Burkett always packing up and moving lman Zenhom away. Damn this generation. Dana Kratz Brian Susmichel I think, therefore I am - I think. Michael Sedam Every job is a self portraitof the It doesn't get any better than person who did it. AutograPh your work with excellence. lf you love something set it this. Darlene Davis free, if it comes back it was Laura Pippenger

Patty Hall


Rhonda McColumn

J.D. Wheeler

Feed the babies who don't have

Holli Hyche

I'm outta' here!

Hey, wasn't met

enough to eat.

Bad boys make waves then This year I fell in love. lf I've learned anytlring, l've learned destroy them. Cocoa Beach 19901 how to feel. Shoe the children with no shoes Chris Waggoner Tony Golden on their feet. House the people livin' in the Our greatest glory doesn't "UIs in lhg CarBird Seat." street. consist of never to have lallen, Eric Poet Oh, there's a solution. but rather, rising every timewe Fly like an eagle, let my spirit fall. How do you spell DNA? carry me. Cecile Schafer Heather Hansen Time keeps on tickin' into the future. Only the good die young, the 'Cause I always thought that by Steve Miller CI'd see you again. sinners live to party! Gina Miller

Sean Wrobel

Andy McGee

A smiling face & a

thumPing bass 4 a loving race ... Peace. Soul ll Soul

Jason Shanks Procrastination is the art of No matter how much good a keeping up with yesterday, so person does, people will re- keep running. The meek may inheritthe earth, Jenniler Rltchle but he won't get the ball. member him for tre one time Keith Thomas he messed up.

You may be right. I may be dazy. Perry is thumbs in the wind, Amy Matthews and I'm history. Sunender, or be blown into Chad Gosser You may fool the world down Someday we'll look back at this 1 7,67 O,OO2 microcells. Jennifer Dean

Jlm Lloyd

Angie McKenzle

the pathway of years and get moment . . . and PLIQIAI into a pats on the back as you pass, parked car. Mike Risley but your only reward will be

Duc* Dogers in the 24th Century Derek Barnett

heartache and tears if you've cheated'The Man in the Glass" We have been pushed to the I lie, I lie a lot. I like to lie, and Man in the Mirror limits and beyond. Now thatwe that's the truth.

Jeff Montfort

have survived, there is nothing

we cannot do.

When you've tried the rest, the





Angle Skaggs

Nature's best request, and I'm Graf ExPressing MYself. When you're not practicing, CaSandra Garlln


Listen to me for all you under-

graduates, finish your educa- Wow, everyone is ecstaticthat tion and you'll be smart as can scfrool is out. Well thafs good; bâ‚Ź. however, who's cheering on Mark Kreuzman the teachers' side? That select group of people have come in When I'm right, noone remem- and out, day in and day out, bers. When I'm wrong, no one with tre old contract still. Our

teachers deserve more. lt's


Kelly Wnkler

lf they give you lined paper, remember: someone, somewhere, is practicing and when Hey bubba, I'm outta here. write the otherway, forif aman cannot be himself, who can he Thanks. notjustafew.Openyourheart you meet, hewill be? Robin Alexander Jason Durban to others. Danlel J. Self Kate McMahan Success is having discipline, Whenthingsgowrong,asfrey School has been a fun, excit- priorities,andworkinghard,but sometimeswill, justremember I don't say we all ought to ing learning experience that I thebestpartishavingfunrybile - never quit trying to be your misbehave, but we ought to look as if we could. best. will treasure forever ... Not. succeeding. Jennlfer Shllkatt She*la Cook Tony Gerdt Kitty McCovey It's better to be hiendly to



about time they got it. Chris Baker lf Einstein were here, he would

say PM is square.

Antonio Jefferson lf it'struethatlifeissacredand that all mankind is one, then ttreirpainandanguishedcries

we can't ignore. Stephanie Burton

Perry Meridian High School

We must revel in this revealing moment.

Sextus Tansinsin Never miss an opportunity to make others happy ifyou have to leave them alone to do it. Stacy Cooper

Senior Quotes Ya.ur' interesf s hautd be in the future b,e.eaff,se y$unre geEng fo. spe'nd the ',res t of your lif:e there. It's happnin' !!!!

Anything worth having is worth cheating for.

Niki Quinlana

Chris Herrmann

My rose bushes won't quit

Steve Stainbrook


We weep for what we may


never lose.

Stephanie Amerman

Money, a measure of success; happiness, a necessity of life.


Me so

Page 5

lf lovin'the lord is wrong . . . don't wanna be right!!


Mike Beaumont How many restrooms are on 465? Only you will know.

Annette Evans

Never let anyone tell you who you are. Each individual is born

with the responsibility of dis- The truth will set you free.

Every step you ever dream of

Chrlssy Earl

takinglieswithinyourveryown power. Bye Craig Hendrick. Kathy Freeland

Ron Dellaca

David Murphy

covering their own identity.

Today gives us a chance to love, to work, to play and to

When in doubt, leave it out. Lyndon Wall Davie Smith

look up at the stars.

Holy Cow! Cubs Win! Cubs

lf one advances confidently in Don't just do it, do it right. Marcy West Win! Nooooooooooo my brotha', you the direction of his dreams, and Scott Risser gots to git yo'own. Mike Wombles endeavors to live the lifewhich Today, well lived, makes yesChris Perry hehasimagined,hewillmeeta terday a dream of happiness, l'm going to zap you with my XThey're going to send you back success unexpected in com- and tomorrow a vision of hope. 29B Nuclear Modulator. to mother in a cardboard box. I'll give you an answer in the mon hours. Loonev Toons Make it last forever. Pink Floyd morning. Dawn Dreyer Eric C. Spayd Mary Williams

Jim Naughton

Jason Mills

lf you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. Walt Disney Dana Fltzwatet

Blessed are the peacemakers, lf there's grass on the field, for they shall see God. "So play ball! start now." Brian Dlsborough

Jackie Harrls Excuse me while I kiss the sky. All I have to say is "Daytona." Peace

Who could forget?

Ryan Bordenkecher

Craig Gentry

I do not like noise unless

When I see you smile, I can I

face the world.

make it myself.

Rachel A. Elkins

Amy Wethington lf we all just take the time, I'm

Hold on to your dreams, for who knows what the future

sure that we will find all of us holds. share blood of the same kind and that's the bottom line.

Peace'90 Joe Doyle

Laura Enlow

We have reached a new height

The World is round and the placewhich may seem like the My dad lived in Kansas, Jack end may also be only the beginning. was in the Air Force. Jenny Snider Jay Garrlson

lf there's grass on the Chad Harlan

Al Capone Randy Waters

To all

Bethany Beilluss The world meets nobody halfljustwanted to say l'm sorry to way. lf you wantit, you've gotto all those girls that I . . . Well, take it. Have a great race. never mind, no I don't. Chris Cloyd

Jeremy Thomas lf you take a guinea pig and Through sun and rain and snow hold it upside down by its tail, frat makes you shiver, I'm just its eyes will pop out. like the mailman cause I deMlke Jackson liver. Doug Fltes You can't touch Dis.

Mlke Holloway Have you ever been in a Turkish prison? Friends are friends forever.

Davld Ramey

Krlslln Buddenbaum

heS.,....b,OU n d....S8tS.

6f,eVerI{..i.FOCUS issue ,fl6m 16e

You know I tried so hard to be,


aVai ]ab


n0,0m,,208. the.

Quit the scratchin' and give me a beat!!

Andrea Saunders




Set;...St6,p, b)fiiiand. p f el!rtit ,y0U



Glass, china and reputaition


My pants are saggin', got no are easily cracked and never hair, suckers stare, but I don't well-mended.

kdepsakdsl.supr, pli65.,aie l[mited.,

fie teachers at Perry care! High, gimme my diploma and A voyage to a destination, l'll say goodbye. Rock-N-Roll wherever it may be, is also a forever. voyage inside oneself ... Jason Payton Laurens Van Der Post Liesl Woolschot He who plants thorns should never expect to gather roses. War is not won with guns but Carrle A. Loudermilk with a whisper. Cheri Jones


.,SE,Nl6n,Qr.... A C. UB . ..Th,â‚Ź...........F

what you hoped that I would Becca Sleeth

You can get muclr farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.

in our lives so soar, beixuse

you only live once. Leave well enough alone, while Angie Han there's life, there's hope.


play balll


Ben Franklin

Pep Lozano

Amber Richards

Page 6

20 Top Contributors :,:.,:::::::i::s6lllllllllllll:l::

Clar.twiight Sally has given PM hard work, dedication and academic excellence. Throughout her four years she has been involved in many activities, in-

....ilernifer. DeerbC,rg Homecoming and Marion

May 31,1990


D.urban "l don't think I would have

County Fair Queen Jennifer done anything differently," said Deerberg prides herself in Jason Durban when asked being a participant in Ambas- about his high school career. sador Corps, Peer FacilitatJason, who participated in

ing, Girls' State, and an lndiana Youth Diplomat. Jenny is known for being a natural with children. Being a

cadet teacher has aided her in deciding on a career in ele-


University. Jenny's advice to freshmen is to study hard and take ad-

mentary education at lndiana

vantage Stephanie Amerman will be feeling mixed emotions as she crosses the stage, June

2. Stephanie looks forward to her freedom, but she'll be sad to leave her friends. During high school cluding being a softball manshe contributed Winter ager for the past four years Guard, the FADD Executive and Brain Game secretary for Board, National Honor Soci- the last three. ety, Track and the Marching Sally is a member of NHS, Band as Drum Major. Quill and Scroll and the StuWhile getting an dent of the Month Selection early start on education is a Comminee. She has a 4.264 key factor in Stephanie's rec- GPAand ranksSth in herclass. ipe for success, she feels getShe was FOCUS Copy ting involved is important, also. Editor, helped as a math tutor, As Stephanie says, worked lor the Social Studies "Marching Band will hold my Department and as an office fondest memories, because it assistrant for three years. was such a convenient outlet Some of her awards include for meeting people of all ages the Marion County Principals' and becoming closerto them." Award, Student of the Month, lf Stephanie had it academic and varsity letters to do over again, she would and National Merit Finalist. have filled her schedule with Sally will attend Purdue as academic classes. a member in the Honors EngiStephanie is an en- neering program next fall to rollee in the Krannert Center pursue a degree in Robotic for Management at Purdue. Engineering.




activities offered at Perry. But, most importantly, she says that

one should always be their own person.


She will study to be an acShe thinks the best part of countant with the hope of high school was the friends working for a Big 8 firm. she made. And, when asked Lastly, Stephanie what she will be fiinking about thanked PM for putting up with when she receives her di-


When aossing the stage at commen@ment, Jennywill be pondering all her friendships made and the memories. But,

she will also be looking forward to all the new experiences and challenges that her future holds.

When contemplating what she would change about her high school career, Jenny feels

she should have


harder and involved herself

Don't know how to spell a

word? Can't find that contsellation in the sky? Gota problem with your computer? Ask Conrad Engel. As Valedictorian, Conrad stands out. baseball, worked on his class' Conrad was in the Hoosier Homecoming float and was on Academic Superbowl, Spellthe Homecoming Committee, bowl and Chess Club. Hewas among otherthings, is remem- also the school spelling chambered by his classmates as pion as a sophomore and a someone who would organize senior. Conrad is proud of his a pushcart team or a Mini- hard work and devotion to the Olympics team. lf it was a stu- position of Managing Editorfor dent activity, Jason was en- the yearbook. thused and ready. Aside from his academic After graduation accomplishments, this year's Jason plans to attend college valedictorian has played piano andearn adegree in business. in the Jazz Bandfor fouryears. His advice to freshConrad plans to attend the men is: "Never procrastinate, University of Nebraska to study it'll come back to haunt you." Astronomy with hopes of later Jason was also a becoming an astrophysicist strong art student. Several of (his dream since he was in the his works were recently dis- fourth grade). played at the Perry Township Conrad's motivation to sucArt Fair. He was also named ceed has come from his desire as an Honorable Mention to learn. He feels, "The more Senior Student of the t\4onth. you know, the better off you His favorite memo- are." Conrad believes that he ries are of working at fl oat meet- has received the most knowlings before Homecoming of edge and experience he could his senior year. get out of Perry. Overall, Jason felt Conrad wants to be rememhe had a great four years at bered as a nice guy who knew Perry Meridian and said they a lot. His advice: 'Every once

more. Jennifer says she would like to be remembered by her offered. She hopes to repay back at what I've done and peers as an honest, kind and will always hold a fond place in in a while you have to change the favor someday. looking fonrrrard to what I'll do." sincsre individual. your perspective." his memory. her and for the opportunities it ploma, she said, "l'll be looking

How we chose the "20 Too Contributors" The students featured as "20 Top Contrlbutors" on

this page and on the three pages which lollow were

selected by the FOCUS staff. Cholces refloct the slaffs opinion based upon the research it conducted. The staff wlshes to emphaslze that in recognlzing 20 students lt In no way Intends to lmply that many other students do not also deserve recognltlon,

INTO THE ql'a - (tâ‚Źff) Pretry ln frgtait! Dtana Horvrttl (Betow) Maeho rhen macho now (L lo R) Joc Hr.lbâ‚Źr, llike Beaumont ird Joe ltlaled.

Perry Meridian High School

20 Top Contributors ::::::::|::::::::::|::: :::::::::::::::::::::::.



: [Hhd









Pagc 7

Energy and enthusiasm, Perhaps Rob Grubbs is more than any specific role or best known for his role on the award, mark the role that Kathy Brain Game TV Team. Being Freeland played in the Class president and team captain for the past two years, Rob has of '90. had quite an impact on Brain Game's suc@ss. Rob is also musically in-

"Success will never come easily-you have towork in order to meet yourgoals." These are a few wise words Kelly Head has to offer to her underclass-

clined, participating in the orchestra for the past four years. This achiever, ranked seventh in his class, was named the first di strict win ner of the Ameri-

Ea*ilbn Fihrc;yl

Studies Department Award. Rob will travel to lndiana University next fall to major in

students to be honored in the FOCUS, one of Laylon Fin-

ley's responses was to wish aloud that he had known ear-

Laylon offered, "To those of you that are causing trouble, you better get youract together.

And to those of you that are great students, keep up the good work.'

Laylon, the recent winner of the Eugene Echols Award, was involved in FADD, Human

Relations, the Varsity Sports Club and was a member of PM's Gospel Choir.

After graduation plans



attend Vincennes

University and become a professional contractor. As he crosses the stage he will be thinking, "l'm almostfree

- but really l'm only half way there." When asked about track, in which he is outstanding, Laylon shrugged and said he had received plenty of recognition for that already.


can Legion Americanism and Government test in PM's history. Rob has also had the honor of receiving the Social

When he learned he had been selected as one of 20

lier so he could have more carefully considered advice he would offer fellow students. Our reporter, like many Falcons before her, was impressed by Laylon's considerate nature. Off the top of his head,


Although she participated in both softball and volleyball,


her main endeavors were making sure that the class of '90 never lacked in class spirit.

Her energy lasted through hours of working on the floats and attending school functions. She was always up to date with PM sports through her role as Girls'Sports Editor for the FOCUS. She was recently initiated into Quill and Scroll. Kathy has also devoted a great deal of time to dancing. ln fact, Kathy won recognition through the Prefude awards two years in a row and is receiving a full scholarship to the University of lllinois where she plans to major in dance. She shared her talent his past year by helping to choreograph the

Not everyone knows about DeDe's active role in her class because it has been through Central Nine, but those who do know will remember her as energetic and hard-working. men. But, to many, it may DeDe feels that her posiseem that Kelly Head spells tion as President of Business success. She has builta great Professionals America reputation for herself during benefited the school and herheryears here. Aside from her self. This organization sponfour consecutive terms as her sors fund raisers and social class' vice-presi&nt, Kelly has events and teaches teamwork. been president of FADD, Acaln addition to her achievedemic All-State and captain of ments at C-9, DeDe is a twoboth the cross-country and year member of the A-Honor track teams, FOCUS News Bu- Roll here at Perry. lf she had it reau Editor and NHS secre- to do all over again, she said tary. She has also taken part she would try to . get better in Girls' State, Congressional grades as a freshman and Seminar, Ambassador Corps, sophomore. Her advice to

history and German in hopes Marching

and Symphonic

underclassmen is, "Don't say I'll do it later, because later Academic Superbowl, never comes."

of one day becoming a college Bands, Homecoming commit-



Rob hopes to be remem- Varsity Club and tre Hugh bered as a helpful person who O'Brian Seminar. troated people equally. His lf she were to repeat high advice to freshmen is to not be scfrool, Kelly would be more intimidated because things are relaxed and would lessen the never as hard as they seem. pressure on herself. Kelly spring play, Hello Dolly, in When crossing the stage at hopes for a future in business graduation, Hob will be won- administration or public relawhich she also danced. Kathy was also on the dering if success will be down tions. court for the winter dance and his road. lf his high school The top girl of the class ascareer is any indication of his pires to be remembered as an Prom Court her senior year. Eventually Kathy hopes to destiny, success will always individual wih a hardworking move to the 'Big Apple'to join be synonymous with Rob nature who was strong-willed Grubbs. and stood up for her beliefs. a dance company. l!!,


DeDe's plans for next year

include a full{ime job, hopefully in word-processing or computers. She also hopes to take computerclasses at




in the evening. Her longterm goals include a career in computer graphics or advertising. As she receiws her di-

ploma, DeDe said she will feel proud of herself and will look fonrard to beginning to do more things on her own. INTO THE



Left) The rwing's lhe lhing

lor Amy Arnold (tilidde)CuE coupb lilat Kanple rnd Nikkl Sheâ‚Źt!. (t{err Lrtt) A golden rmlh tom ! golden guy - Tony Gdderl.

Page 8

Mat 30, 1990

20 Top Contributors ...,,DeVi..........







Julia Kemle is not only a Hard working, deUp, up and away! David bright and intelligent young Murphy dreams to fly - literally. pendable and dedicated are a lady, she is also a sweet and Dave has been accepted into few words to describe Laura considerate person. a prestigous flight training Pippenger. During her four She offers these words of school at Purdue University. years at Perry, Laura has been Dave is not only knowledgeable in the aviation field but also in the academic and publishing field. He is a member of National Honor Society and has been on the "A" honor roll his entire senior year. Dave has been the Manag-





ing Editor ol this year's FG CUS. He is alsothe recipientof Person award on statf. He became a member of Quill and Scroll his junior year. Dave has been a tremen-

the Most Valuable

"Mark's one of the hardest workers l've ever seen," said senior Derek Barnett of Mark Kemple.



his pursuits and that to look back with regrets would be to take a step backward.

The only


Mark wishes he had been involved in, andwasn't, is sports, specifically - track. He is happy

with his high school a@omplishments and is proudest of being a member of the SemiFinal Brain Game Team. Mark plans to move on to lndiana University. He plans to major Medical Engineering and hopes to find


cures for cancer and other deadly diseases. Mark would like to be remembered as somemone who tried his best to stand up for his beliefs.

dous help to the community


years at Perry, Mark made his presence lelt through his involvement in a variety of activities. He was an active member of Ambassador Corps, Student Council, ntramural Basketball, Speech, National Honor Society, Academic Superbowl and Brain Game. Mark will graduate third in his class. Mark feels he did the best he could do in all

As Boys Sports Editor for the FOCUS, Scott Risser really knows his job well. With four years of varsity soccer, two of which he was captain, and lour years of basketball

wisdom to her peers and to all other Perry Students: 'People should be themselves because that is who they have to spend the rest of their life with." As an art student Julia has


the school


winning f irst and second places in rumerous contests. Not only has Julia been an outstanding art student, she has also remained on the 'B' honor role all four years. Julia has taken several ES classes. ln her govemment class, Julia wrote a paper on stereotyping and the school. He is a memthat received recognition by ber of the Ambassador Corps the lndianapolis Stx. and has been a Peer FacilitaProject Leadership, a pro- tor. Dave is also the Senior gram designed to help younger Class Secretary/Treasurer. peers work out their problems, Dave's advice to underwas another one of Julia's classmen :'Get the most out of accomplishmentrs. At ths Hugh high school. Anything you O'Brien Leadership Camp, dream is possiblewith the right where the program took place, attitude.' Julia volunteered her time and Dave plans to major in effort to help younger kids with Aviation Technology at Purtheir problems. due University. she could start high Dave said he will most school again, Julia would try to rememberworking on the FG be more outgoing, especially CUS and learning to workwith as a freshman and sophomore. a team of co-workers.


involved in many service ac- under his belt, it's hard to name tivities that lacked the glory of another scholar who would a spotlight or support of cheer- have been as dedicated. Scott, ing fans. Laura's rewards have

who took ES classes, earned a

come from personal satisifac- 3.5 grade point average, is tion in helping others. ranked 28th in his class and Laura served on the will be graduating with honors. FADD Board for the past three He feels that his classes have years and was chosen vice- kept him competitive and mopresident her senior year. She tivated throughout high school. helped the softball team as a Scott also participated in Ammanager for three years. She bassador Corps his junior and was also Social Studies senior years and was a memDeparment assistant. ber of National Honor Society. Laura worked countless On the other hand, he is most long hoursas FOCUS Feature noted for his performance on Editor. She was also involved the basketball team. As coin the Peer Facilitating program captain of the 1 989-90 basketand tutored students for two ball team, Scott feels his conyears. tributions to Perry's sports has Laura's advice to under- influenced him the most. classmen is to get involved Next fall, Risser will attend early. "The sooner you get LU. where he plans to study involved, the sooner you will either journalism or medicine. grow as a person and help His final words to Perry:\,hile others grow," said Laura. the opportunity is there, you Laura will attend the should give it the best you've University of Dayton this fall in got." Scott Risser followed Ohio. She plans to major in these words well. elementary education. Scott says his fondest high Laura says her best memo- scfrool memories will be of his ries will be her friendsinvolvment in sports.


INTO THE'90's (From Lrft) Jeannie lJndop (4th) Dan! Filzwlter (2nd) RoHn Alexandor (5th) Je Doyle Jenny Swiger (6th)

Perry Meridian

High School

Page 9

20 Top Contributors ll:l:l:::::::::]:lll

...Rbsehdoi,:, 'fisi Si








'lt's one step on the Aurlisa has been an out"Learn standing student throughout ladder of succoss, but it's only early who your real f riends are ; her years at Perry. Because of one small challenge comdon't feel so totally inclined to hard work, she has been on pleted," said Micheal Yeager. the honor roll and received much praise from her teachers. Aurlisa has participated in various clubs and activities. Salutatorian Rosendo (Sex-

tus) Tansinsin says

Human Relations and attended

Up program. Aurlisa has also received numerous awards and honors at PM. She participated in the

lndiana Black Expo

Jenny Swiger participated in ROINES and track and was

Junior Class Homecoming Princess. However, she is known more for her involvement in National Honor Society and as secretary of FADD. Jenny was in Then and Now for three years and has been on the A-Honor roll since her freshman year. Jenny received an Aca-

conform, because one of the best aspects of being human is being yourself". Sextus has excelled on the

varsity swim team throughout his high school career. His accomplishments in swimming demic Letter and a Marion include finishing 1oth in Stato County Principals' Award, and in the 500 yard freestyle and is a member of Speech Club. becoming Sectional champion She also received the National

Elks Scholarship and the National Merit Scholarship and was named Snowball Queen at the Christmas Dance. Jenny will graduate ninth in her class with a GPA of 4.01 and will continue her educain

Chemical Engineering. After college she hopes for a successful career and marriage. She says she would like to be remembered as "someone who set their goals high and used all of her potential to

achieve them." Her advice to freshmen is to lake everything one day at a time and don't rush the next

three years. Be your own person and strive to be your best."


the Washington D.C. Close-


tion at Purdue to major


She served as president of

.ilennifdr ii.iiii:S,Wi.ger


in the both the 500 and 200 yard frees. Hewas also County champion in the 20O yard frees-

tyle and attended


Anyone who goes to

Game, the Purdue Summer Minorities Science Program

Perry Meridian has probably seen Tim Yegerlehner walking

down the hall joking around with other students and enMike said, 'All of my activi- couraging ttrem to do well in ties were worthwhile, but school and stay out of touble. FADD, Ambassador Corps, Tim's actions and personality Baseball and Peer Facilitating as he has traveled the halls wgre my favorites becatse and cafeteria have won him the they helped the school and respectand love of many Perry other people." After graduation Mike will attend Purdue where he plans to study engineering. Later, he plans to get a law degree in hopes of becoming a patent lawyer.

Academic Mike said he will probably All State Swimming. and Black Leadership 2000. be excited at graduation beHe has also participated on She also received the Elija cause of all the future opportuFOCUS as staff artist, was in Mayes Academic Excellence nities, yet he will be saddened National Honor Society, on the Award. She recently won the because his childhood will haw FADD executive board, and a Wesl Montgomery Scholar- come to a closs when he member of Quill and Scroll. ship. Aurlisa was an Honor- crosses the stage. Sextus has maintained an able Mention Senior Student The only thing he outstanding grade point aver- of the Month and was on this would ehange is he wishes he age. He has received the Pacer year's Homecoming Court. had had more variety in his NBA Scholarship, the Eugene Next year Aurlisa classes. But, he added the best C. Pulliam Memorial lndianapo- plans to attend the University things about high school are lis Star/News Carrier Scholar- of Evansville to major in edu- the memories, because Miko ship and a Hoosier Scholar cation and accounting. She feels there has been no bad. Scholarship. would like to be remembered His words of wisdom are "take Next year Sextus as someone who started off advantage of what your high plans to attend Wabash Uni- wrong but came back to take school offers because you'll versity, wher6 he plans to pur- advantage of the opportunities only realize it when you're sue an as yet undecided un- high school offers. She advises older." Lastly, he said, "Don't dergraduate major. He would lreshmen to "stay in school travel the path of others, but like to go into Pre-med. and overlook peer pressure." blaze your own trails.

students and teachers through his friendly and hard working anitude. He feels the best lhing about his high school career is being named Student of the Month. He said, 'lt made me feel important and kept me going." Tim offers this advice to freshmen: 'Be calm, brave, and know you can do it. Don't give up." He wants bo remembered as everybody's friend, ajoker, and adancer. At graduation he says he will be thinking of how good it is hat he made it through high school. He said if he could do it again, he would do it without going through summer school.


After graduation he plans to go to Crossroads on the northeast side for job training. His long term goal is to be a typewriter repairman. INTO THE 9Or (From Lcrt) Iilary Willirm. (1rt) Tlm lileyer (Hallowosn) Engi Abu-Krram

C€cile Schaler,



peng€r and Kithy Fr€€hrd rtr Urlhthe younger Pippenger

dly pqrty lor girl.


Page 10

SUCCEED Engel 2. Sextus Tansinsin 1. Conrad


3. Mark Kemple



Mike Yeager

2. Conrad Engel (rie) 2. Joe Doyle (tie)

1. Stacy Wells

2. Leighann Esslinger 3. Jen Haynes





1. Conrad

Jeff Herrmann 2. Mike Yeager 3. Conrad Engel

IVIISS BRAIN 1. Kelly Head


Jeff Brock

2. Sally Cartwright

2. Jimmy Lloyd 3. John Burkert

3. Stephanie Amerman

MEDAL l. Laylon Finley 2. Holli Hyche 3. Doug Fites


Eric VanVlymen


2. Mike Beaumont 3. Aaron Osmon




Leighann Esslinger

1. Sextus Tansinsin

2.Tim Meyer 3. Amy Wethington


2. Sally Carnwight 3. Dave Murphy



Kathy Freeland

1. Jenny Swiger 2. Mike Beaumont 3. Jeff Herrmann

2. iudary Williams 3. Joe Doyle




REI]NION 1. Jimmy Lloyd

Kelly Head

2. Otis Johnson 3. Jackie Harris




2.Mary Williams




Leighann Esslinger z.Mary Grimes

3. Jeremy Thomas

1. Chris Herrmann

2. DavidRamey


3. Mark Stephens

1. Mary Grimes

2. Julie Tibbens


Jeff Herrmann

2.Davidl-r'e 3. DerekReid

MR. ROCK. N. ROLL 1. Jason Payton 2. Leonard Mitchell

3. Jason Bennett



1. Kathy Freeland

Tim Meyer


2. Jason Mills 3. Dave Easler




Chris Farmer

2. Jimmy Lloyd



Swiger 2. Ieff Herrmann

Mike Beaumont



1.'Aaron Osmon 2. Rob Grubbs

1. Jenny

3. Eric Hock

Chris Fox



2. Mark Kemple 3. Sextus Tansinsin



2. Rob Grubbs 3. David Murphy


May 30, 1990

The Seniors Most Likely to...


Jeff Herrmann

2. Jeff Montfort 3. David I-ee

MR. ATHLETIC 1. Doug Fites 2. Kevin Kavanaugh 3. Jeremy Thomas


Kelly Winkler

2. Holli Hyche 3. Robin Alexander (tie)


3. Tammi Chambers (tie)


Mary Grimes

2. Jenny Deerberg

MR. SHORTS Joe Doyle



Sally Cartwright

1. Chad


2. Jason Miller 3. Julie Kemle

Phil Salmon 2. Rob Frazier




1. Small Wonder

1. Psych!

2. Atf

2. Hey, Dude!

I-! E'






Slop tGil










Be Myc d r New IrdsOn rhe 3e Loved Bv bu. tun I Gr€ !p0n ver iearMe Risht

tu ewnr. r&nna


Worry, Be Happy

2. Ilangin'Tough 3. Love Shack


1. C. Rossman


1. Paula






\% -Agt\ k|<o

1. Back to the Future II 2.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. Anything Rambo

l. Leighann Esslinger 2.Mary Grimes 3. Theresa Mulkey



l. Pretty Woman

2. Public Enemy 3. Baby Face





?aa .r.aa

SHOW sl-\ *u ^iri - >+.J l. Simpsons t e^b7 t'"""'

3. Todd Myers


\^,+r,r,-z:.-F-1$ \(l,^\


Jeff Herrmann

2.Dave Easler



Pt i ;(=.


PRODUCTION West Side Story

C. Gentry 2. J. Swiger & D. Lee 3. K. Head & D. Murphy



MOST RESPECTED TEACHER l. Mr. Lyndon Wall 2. Mr. Dan Cunningham 3. Mr. Rex Hedegard

1. Grade Parties 2. Homecoming 3. Finals

t00s lllt iltt Bl0ct(

Itt E



3. Roseanne


Nothing Compares to You 2. Fight the Power 3. Hotel California

1. Don't





3. David Lee







HIGH scHool. *"T;;





the rnanager




(Harding',St.'Exit),, 4lgi 4 l,,:,,, i ght,s v/ay, fN 4621',7

ediate',,, ::.'', t,,',,. ,.,,,,,, ":.',.'.',-..,,,...', ' ,, '::111,tervl0w. ,,,, ""'





Page 72

May 30, 19il)



Honors Night

BRAIN GAME AWARDS 1989-1990 Television team Rob Grubbs (Captain) Mike Holloway Mark Kemple Clifford Leslie

Alternates Derek

Barnett Aaron Kemple

SPEECH TEAM AWARDS President & Outstanding Member Amanda Holsclaw Jill Peddycord Secreiary of Speech Derek Barnett Secretary of Debate Treasurer Erin Brewington ALL-SCHOOL SPELLING BEE WINNERS Conrad Engel Runners-Up Jason Gorski Jason Bennett

YEARBOOK STAFF Class of 1990


COMMUNITY TNVOLVEMENT HUGH O'BRIAN LEADERSHIP AWARD Sara Daniel, Amy Gregory, Craig Hendrick, Kelly Kosten, Kara Pickering

I DARE YOU LEADERSHIP AWARDS SUPER BOWL TEAM AWAEDS Chris Baker, Derek Barnett, Conrad Engel, Rob Grubbs , Richard Hildebrand, Phil Hochgesang, Mark Kemple, Clifford Leslie, Anna Rott, Scott Russel, Keir Thelander, Andy Wilson



Kim Yohman

GIRLS. BOYS STATE DELEGATES Amy Gregory, Amanda Holsclaw, Anna Rott, Brian Dillman, Jason Gill, Shane Grathwohl, Scott Simpson

XEROX HUMANITIES AWARD Susan Ward SCIENCE FAIR WINNER Shawn Caldrell MUSIC ACTIVITY AWARDS Outstanding Band Member Mike Stephens Outstanding Orchestra Member Rob Grubbs Outstanding Choir Member Andy McGee Outstanding Auxilary Member Julie Boyd STUDENT COUNCIL AWARD Outstanding Representative Craig Hendrick 1989-1990 FOCUS Staff Jetf Brock, Frank Bruno*, Sally Cartwright*, Jenny Eaton*, Beth Estes', Kathy Freeland-, Kelly Head*, Jodi Kirby*, Joe Maled, Tim Meyer, Dave Murphy* (Staff MVP), Laura Pippenger*, Scott Risser*, Nikki Sheets, Jenny Snider*, Sextus Tansinsin*, Keith Thomas, Lora Whitmef

Laylon Finley




Mike Beaumont*, Kristin Buddenbaum*, Kelly Cash*, Dadene Davis*, Conrad Engelt, Angie Han', Dana Kratz*, Max Placke', Jason Poffenroth., Michael Sedam" Class of 1991 Mike Alford, Erin Brewington, llna Deckard*, Rachel Dorris*, Steve Rolfsen*, Anna Rott-, Julia Sedam*, Susan Ward* 'Denotes Membershlp ln Quill & Scroll Honor


Cartwright Commended



Jenny Snider

HOOSIER SCHOLARS Rosendo Tansinsin, Mark Kemple,

Sally Cartwright TOP TEN PERCENT THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1990 Conrad D. Engel, Rosendo L. Tansinsin Vl, Mark A. Kemple, Kelly J. Head, Sally M. Cartwright, Stephanie Amerman, Daisuke Yoshida, Robert Grubbs, Jenny R. Snider, Jennifer L. Swiger, James A. McGee, Michael A. Yeager, Christopher A. Yohman, Tamera M. Chambers, Kelly A. Graf, Max D. Placke, Jennifer E. Dean, Norman L. Nevins ll, Kitty L. McOovey, Mathew E. Spenny, Benjamin M. Holloway, Michael M. Gritt, April L. Perkins, Kandace Fair, Mary Kay Murphy, Laura C. Pippenger, Christopher D. Baker, Scott E. Risser, Tina D. Manion, Dana M. Fitzwater, David L. Murphy, David Ramey, Melissa L. Beehn Thao T. Nguyen, Kelly D. Cash, Robert A. Taylor

OPPORTUNITIES L.A.B. (LEARN ABOUT BUSINESS) Sara Daniel, Amber Stephenson, Scott Simpson

TANDY TECHNOLOGY SCHOLARS AWARD Outstanding Student: Conrad Engel

4 YEARS OR MORE PERFECT ATTENDANCE Stephanie Amerman Michael Gritt

U.S ARMY RESERVE AWARD Mike Yeager Robin Alexander

ACADEMIC AWARDS SENIOR AWARDS Valedictorian Conrad Engel Salutatorlan Rosendo Tansinsin Vl

PTA COUNCIL S2OO SCHOLARSHIPS Academic: DewanaGamble Vocational: Leonard Mitchell

OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC STUDENTS Following are he top two girls and top tvvo boys at their grade level: Grade 11 Lisa Testa 4.558, Anna Rott 4.396, Brian Dillman 4.480, Keir Thelander 4.476 Grade 10 Jill Peddycord 4.457, Elizabeth Dinnage 4.289, Mark Su 4.365, Eric Stuckey 4.186

MERlDIAN MIDDLE PTA $1OO SCHOLARSHIP Jennifer Swiger PERRY MERIDIAN PTA $5OO SCHOLARSHiPS Academic Scholarship: Kelly Head Vocational Scholarshio: Michael Wombles KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA SCHOLARSHIP Dana FiEwater

Seniors honored for echievement

By Bolh Estes

Jason Ourban has spent many hours working HOPE group leader and has given Staying Alive pa-

At the end of the sc*rool year, PM honors hard on fie Homecoming floaB for the past two years. grams to freshmen Basic Skills classes. Orman has been described as a caring person who has made a difseniors that contributed to their class who were not Durban is also a member of the varsity baseball team. chosen as Students of the Month. Dewana Gamble is described as a very conscientious student and hard worker. Miss Kim Epler says she is "a real joy to have in dass." Jennifer Deerberg has been an outstanding role model for students because of her leadership abilities in HOPE groups and Peer Facilitating. Deerberg has also been a cheerleader and an Ambassador Corps member. Diana Howath is a C-9 student who has maintained an A average throughout hsrsonioryear. She is also an active participant in thâ&#x201A;Ź many dubs there. Mike Sedam was noted for his dedication to Passagee. He served as an editor for the past year and has been on the staff for four years.

Tamera Chambars is a hard worker who car- ference. ries out assignments. She also played varsity trolleyball.

Sonla Roca,anexchangestudentfrom Spain,

Andy McGee is an important member ol the is an ouBtanding physical education student who has Music Department because of his contributions to Then and A/owand the musicals. McGeeisalsoamemberof National Honor Society. Davld Murphy was the Managing Editor of the FOCUSttris year. Murphy also was honored by the National Teachers of English for an essay he submitted lasl year. RobGrubbc hasworked on he Brain Game for four years and served as president for f,ro years. Grubbs was a member of the Academic Superbowl and a local winner of the American Legion Government test.

beaten many school records. Markila Murry was nominated lor her cheerful disposition and hard work. Murry has achieved good grades in school and in the vocational program. llax Placks has contributed Io the Music Departrnent with his musical talent. Placke was also an editor of this year's Passagec. Derek Bamett was a momber of the Brain Game, The Speech Team and the Hoosier Academic Superborl Team br several years. Mrs. Alma Higbee Dan Orman donated his study hall to bo a says that shs'enjoyed having this person in class."

Do you get a diploma? The FOCUS sreft deeigned the ,ollowing quiz to !€€ what leniors know. See how you candot Miso -l and graduatewith hono13. l,lias 2 and graduate in tfE upper haf. [fsa 3 -4 and 3lide out thedoor. Miss 5 -grab it and run. Misa 6 - take 8umms 3chool. The amwert, and a Epori on how 10O snior3 who haE aheadytaken lhe taatfar€d, appear! attho bottom,

1. What planet's

orbil is nearest lhe earth's?

2. What carries oxygen lrom the

lungs to the rest ol the body? 3. What is the

world's mosl populous country?

4. What natural phenomenon is caused by



refracting through particles in air? 5. What ocean borders New Jersey?

states lo enter lhe union?


on the periodic tables? 8. What former Panamanlan

leader is under U.S, lndictment?

first temale lustice of the Supreme Court? 9. Who was the

10. Who painted the Sistlne Chapel? 11. What classsical musician composed though deaf?

12. Who decided

that E=mc2

13. How many lnches are there ln a yard? 14. Who invenred rhe

llght butb?

15. What is the approximate value


of Pi (r)?

16. Circle the adverb ln the followlng sentence.

She walked rapldly lo her sister's battered car.

1Z Who Is remembered ae Jesus'betrayer? 18. How many U.S. Senators represenl


19. The heredltary lnlormatlon whlch determines many of a chlld's tralts ls carried from hls parents

lhrough what cellular slructures? 20. ln what country does the pollcy of apartheld keep

white majority in control of a predominantly black country? a

And the answers are . . . 1. Venus (35 o/") 2. Blood (41o/") 3. Chlna (74o/") 4.

Rainbow (50%) 5. Atlantic (81ol") 6. Hawall & Alaska (45o/o17. Gold (79ol.) 8. Norlega (94olo) 9. Sandra Day O'Conner (85old 10. Mlchelangelo (64o/") 11. Beethoven (68oh) 12. Elnsteln (98old 13. 36 (83ol.) 14. Edison (740/"1 15.2217 or 3.14 (90o/") 16. rapidly (85o/") 17. Judas (64old 18. two (80o/d 19. chromozomes (75olo) 20. South Atrlca (74o/")


ers? Having to take I-CAN? Dance? Hanging out at the Flrst Grade: Remem- Block class? Parachute pants football games? When the

By Tim Meyer & Jeff Brock

ber finally starting school and and fat laces? Being an eighth first riding the bus? Show and grader's target in dodgeball? tell? Making maple syrup and Having to squaredance in gym going to the zoo? Your first class? Please don't stick me reading book and your first with HIM! Remember having homework assignment from activity? I think I'll sign up lor that book? Remember when rocketry. No, maybe, basket you used to dress up for Hal- weaving. Remember making loween and parade around the cameras out of oatmeal

football team went to semistate?

TenthGrade: Remember Harvey in those movies in

Driver's Education? Staying

outall nightatAnne Messmer's house with the float? Those boring videos in Health class? When our basketball team got sc*rool? Remember when you boxes? Sex Ed. with Mr. Tomey into a fight that cleared both used to have to give Valentine and Miss Tibbetts? Remem- benches? When thatweird girl Cards to everybody in your ber Effie Brown the IMC lady? ate a chicken embryo? Reclass room? Seeing your first real fight? member those big school

Second Grade: Re-

6. What were the last two

7. What does AU stand

Lucky Number 73

News Feature

Perry Meridian High School

Seventh Grade:

Fle- newspapers we used to have?

member having to memorize memberwhen Chris Fox break the time tables from 1 to 12? danced in front of the entire Learning to write in cursive, school? M and T days? Geteven though you still used the ting putin D.C. Lounge? When paper with REAL BIG lines. it was cool to 'Jon" on each Your first year of PTAI basket- other? "Your mother wears ball? Remember when girls combat boots to ciurch." Rehad cooties? I think some still member finally playing sports do. Rememberjoining the Cub lor your school? Southland on Scouts or Brownies? Remem- Friday nights? Remember Don ber having to carry around a Coupe and the White Dragbook bag?' ons? When Mr. Tomey would

Flemember when the school started those God-for-saken lSTEP tests? Having to swim for six weeks in gym class? Going to the track on the first day of qualifications?

Thlrd Grade: Remem- give James Jones a hard time. ber having to learn all 50 states He wanted to be a super-star.

all the haunted houses around Halloween? Gathering all winter long at Doug Comb's house.

and capitals by heart? Those EighthGrade: Remembig green tool boxes? Playing ber being the biggest kids in with the parac*rute in gym scfrool? You could pick on class. Remember playing anybody. Rememberseeing kickball at recess? No ghost- Toma? The 8th Grade Party men! No throw-outsl Pitchers and the blind DJ they had? hand! Remember show and The trip to Chicago? Perry tell? When your mom was the ParkTeen Night? My mom will Room i/other for your class take if your mom will pick up. and helpedwith allthe parties? Remember when the space Fourlh Grade: Re- shuttle Challenger exploded? member having to take that Nlnth Grade: Rememboring class, lndiana History? ber how you felt to finally be in When they first started bus- high school? You went from ing? Having to line up in the the biggest in school right back halls girls on one side, boys on to beingthe smallest. Rememthe other? Having to play the ber being called'frogs" by Mr. fluteophone in the concert at Head at the freshman orienta-

Southport High School? tion?

Remember weekly Religious Education? Field Day? lt sure was fun doing he high jump with a scissor kick.

Getting lost in the halls?

When seniors tried to sell you elevator passes? Being the only keshmen class to win the float competition and your first Fltth Grade: Remem- "realdate" to the Homecoming ber feeling cheated because your recess was shortened?

Putting on he Fifth Grade play? Your teachers scaring you into believing how hard middle school would be? Remember the first time you were "going" with someone? Did you ever actually go anyplace ? Remember getting your name on the board? ltwas arlul when you

had to stay in at recess and write sentences. Slxth Grade: Bemember having no more recess? Remember finally having lock-



Remember being considered an upperclassman? Winning

the float for the third


straight. Sneaking into Oktoberfest every night? Going to

Wearing your first tuxedo or formal at Prom? Sneaking in he drive-in exiton weekends? Remember wearing your Sen-

ior sweats on the last day of scfrool? The water balloon fights at Perry Park on the last day of school? Twelveth Grade: .Remember

how you felt to ftnally be a senior? Once again you were atthe top. How small the freshmen looked at the beginning of the year? Turning 18? Now you go to jail. They don't call your parents. Remember the bomb threat? Southport going to the final four? Those scums! Spring Break? Come on, it wasn't that long ago. Remember taking college days and not accomplishing anything? Being allowed to wear shorts?

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Booters fall short of championship in O.T. By Tim Meyer


May 30, 1990

Bo s"s orts

a goal in the last five

of regulation play to closed it's season last Tues- tie the game and send it into day with a near miss. The overtime. The Trojans then Falcons lost the championship scored two additional goals in game of their tournament, overtime to put the Falcons when they lost a hard fought away. The only PM goal was battle against the CenterGrove scored by senior Bryan Trojans, 3-1 in overtime. McFarland on a penalty kick. The Falcons were in the Earlier in the tournalead 'l-0 in the second half, but ment the team faced SpeedThe varsity soccer team minutes

Center Grove managed to way and defeated them 3-2




overtime. Goals were scored by senior Jason Poffenroth,

who chalked up two,


McFarland with the other.

The team finished with

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the final standings.

Senlor Kevin Kavanaugh glvee the high-five to senior Jason Durban during the 13.3 thrashing over Southporr (Photo by Davld Murphy).

Sluggers ranked 2nd in State By Jeff Brock

impressive PM sporting rec'1989-90 ord of the year. sporting year started with dark This year's team The golf team won many of and strormy fall, followed by a has reactred this level of comits early matches and reached chilly winter, but spring has petetiveness without any real two of the goals itset. Two sigbeen nice indeed. super stars. lt has prospered nificant goals were beating Firstcame track and on plain hard work. Recently, Southport and having a wingolf, then there was soccer he lndianapolis Slarwrote an ning season. (we always win, of course) and article on senior pitching However, as of late their finally followed fre mighty sensation Jeff Monlort. Beplay has tapered off a bit. Falcon baseball team. The sides that article and coverSenior captian Andy McGee boys'baseball team is currendy said, 'We are notdoing as well ranked second in he state. lt as expected, but we are hop-

Golfers start fast

ing to come back strong Sectionals, June 1."



sports 23 wins and only 2 losses and by far has the most

age from the FOCUS, that's about all the publicig the team has recieved. The baseball team has definitely deserved a standing ovation this year, as

has Coach Steve Taylor. lf you haven't gone to see these guys play yet, then you definitely should. lt's well worth he time.

Track racks 30 wins Most in school history their regular season with 30

By Davld Murphy

They were ranked wins and 10 losses. Seniors top 20 the entire season. They Relays. They won Greenfield Central Relays for the second straight year. The 1 990 Falcon boys' track team can be proud. The team completed

won the Columbus


Chrie Cloyd, Chad


Leonard Milchell and Karey

Sledge along with juniors Orlando Ross andHerb Dove and sophomores Pat O'Brien and Bangen Flnley advanced to regional competition.






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May 30, 1990

Girls' Sports on to State Runners HWhe

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trinle champ

For the season the girls Seniors Holli Hyche, Angle McKenzie and Jackie sported a 6-2 record. TheY Harris recently advanced to earned a third place finish in State competition in girls' track.

Sectionals with only Southport

Hyche, who set the Regional and Ben Davis besting them. The girls placed fifth durrecord in the 200 meter run, is expected to win two or possi- ing their County tournament. bly even three events at the Although the team lost to State meet to be held Friday, Southport, Coach Martha June 1 , at the IUPUI track and Reece felt the Southport meet was the best meet of the seafield stadium. Led as usual by Hyche's son. Ontheotherhand, Coach blazing speed in thethe sprints, Reece considered the meet the Falcon team placed 3rd in against North Central the worst Regional competition among the girls had done his whole

PM's softball tesm prepares for their first game by Laura Pippenger).

of sectionals Thursday, May 24 (Photo

the 50 squads there. Hyche season. Graduating this season scored 30 of the team's 34 besides Hyche, MacKenzie total points. Among teams watching the and Harris will be KellY Head

Falcons' tailfeathers were the Southport Cardinals. Hyche won her event in Regional mmpetition while both Harris and McKenzie finMay 19, clicking for numerous urday, as Coach Tibbeils was ished fifth in their events. singles against Beech Grove. forced to fly to New York for The Falcons prevailed 6 - 4 her mother's surgery. The Falcons rnet over the Hornets to clinch the school's first softball County. Manual at Sectionals last Senior Tammi Chambers Thursday at Holder Field. The started the bats swinging by girls started off slowly but ralhitting a triple as lead-off bat- lied behind a triple hit by senior Tracy Barrett in the bottom of ter.

Swatters take County By Kathy Freeland Girls' varsity softball swung into Semi-final Sectional play Saturday sporting a 16 - 4

record, owners of Perry's first County softball title ever!

The girls began a victorious week by dominating the Center Grove Trojans


Assistant Coach the third. The Lady Falcons their last regular season game, 14 - 12. Perry showed how a Julie Walterman took over for stomped Manual, 11 - 6. The true team comes together by Coach Maureen Tibbetts ladies faced Beech Grove pulling through despite Center Thursday, haltway through the Saturday in what was sure to Grove scoring eight runs in the Center Grove game, untill Sat- be a grudge match. bottom of the 2nd.

r--rrrIrrrIIIIrn also hopeful because next I yea/s lreshmen class looks Sun'fanning Center in Gym I I promising. I M"stq cara According to Girl's Athletic "rsn LAnu & NALLEY GYM,INC. I Director Jan Borradalle, Doyle advance to play in he slrh I will l r*,"Tr.J Semi-state round of competi7216 S. Medison Ave. I ! zo "iris tion by virtue of having beaten 7t14t18 her Regional opponent this I lmorh S 2295

ls^ -

I 3DanI' $ 59.i5 r 6morbr $ 99.95 I r 1-r $179.95

I 2)ffi in'9




forward to pace the team, it is sure the Falcons will miss the point production of HYche.


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past Wednesday afternoon.

I A 3 - 2 victory over the SouthSetdryg:00u-ti0{ipm I port Cardinals topped the Pri&y9:00u-7:30po

*8"[i &u"rti'o-til Ii GYm Cortto ,, :

Though coach Reece is hoping new faces will steP

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Regionals ,";";;Jp"iln;X,ll* Young netter to only two seniors on the team, they ousted Lawrence North in By Kelly Head

County, 8 - 6. Junior Jenny Move over Jennifer Capri- "this yearwas def initely a buil4 Pierle riled the team up when ati, freshman Colleen DoYle ing one,' says Doyle. "Next she pounded a triple. is hot on your trail! Even year should be great!" This year's team was a Sophomore Nicole Tapak though the girls tennis team walked only one batter and was beaten in ttre first round of pleasant surprise in many struck out three. Senior Kelly Sectional play, number one ways. The team wasaided bY Wlnkler held Lawrence North singles player Doyle advanced ttre young players as well as scoreless after she came in to to Regionals by defeating her those who are experienced. pitch in the bottom of the 7th. Rebel opponent. Doyle is op Though Doyle was only a freshTeam defense was strong. timistic because this year's man, she competed against The team sparkled, netters are so young. With topranked seniors because of her number one singles position. Coach Julle Prlest is

and Stacey Cooper.

season for the girls' varsity tennis team. The viaory sealed fte All-Sports trophy for the girls.


I)owntown And All MaJor Shopplng Centers




Photu by tht ytngcr Ptppcagq


May 30, 1990

(Above) The Alice in Wonderland band is about to take a lumble.(Left)With incredibleintensity Beth Estes prepares to burst forward in the Big-Wheel Race,

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(Above) Helplng hands cover Julla Kemle with whipped cream. {Below) The "Upside-Down People" make their grand entrance at the Mini.O Convo.

FOCUS 5.30.90  
FOCUS 5.30.90  

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